Sacred Merging

Love waits for me behind the door

Welcoming, inviting me into Her warm embrace.


She is always there

Chanting silently “Choose me, choose me.”


She will wait. With patience and understanding

She will wait while I decide.


Will I choose love?

How can I possibly find my way to Her

Through mine fields of fear, disempowerment

Wounds and expectations?


It seems difficult but all at once becomes clear.

She is there–shining, glowing, warm, radiant;

Offering joy, peace, connection.


And so I begin. 

I begin with the choosing.

I choose Love.


One pace at a time

I walk toward Her,

Feeling Love’s heat

Enter again into my heart.


With each step forward

She expands into my being,

Awakening and warming every cell. 


Tears of release flow gently down;

There goes my anger and then my fear. 

Hot streams of pain and pride

Wash over my face.


I keep walking, moving in to Her.

Looking up, realizing how close 

To Her full beautiful presence

I have come. 


My heart is soft, pliable.

Opening up fully to Her.

I reach my hand to touch Her

Feeling her arms gently open to me.


We connect.

A warm and deep embrace.

I open my eyes to look again–

Her form is gone.


Yet, I feel her so completely in my entire being. 

She is with me still–as ME.

We are ONE, Love and I.

United–joined in Grace.


I am relaxed now, eased into myself.

My heartbeat speaks the language of Her…

Of me…

Of Love.


We are one now–

Love and I.


~ Jackie L. Robinson, February 16, 2011

*Originally posted under “Love Whispers to Me” 2.17.11. While reading back in some of my journals recently, this piece really struck me. Much has been healed over the last year and a half, and yet, I can still feel the power of the choice to merge with love. 









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12 thoughts on “Sacred Merging”

    1. I’m with you, totally. It’s not that sappy ‘love’ that we see in movies. And it’s not the New Age version of ‘love and light.’ It’s in the depths of your soul, Divine, explosive and ever expanding LOVE. She burns with the fire of passion and heats us with flaming GRACE.


          1. I love You Too Sweet J xx
            saw my first double rainbow ever tonight !
            what a sunset – !!!!!!! like i have never seen – all purple and orange – then turned to my right and there were 2 rainbows ! i had to check for sure – ! i took pics and yes !!!!!!!!!!!! TWO 🙂
            every moment is a true miracle 🙂
            Love You —————-

          2. YES ! exactly 🙂 xx
            have a beautiful night miss Georgia 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo
            🙂 🙂 🙂
            i can tell wonderful things are happening with You ….:)
            i just can
            tons of calm energy here 🙂
            Calming and Graceful – like a beautiful swan ! gliding on water 🙂
            So Glad to see you tonight 🙂
            I see you on twitter but to feel your words jump off the page – RATHER – glide – on the page ……
            Really Lovely xoxoxoxox
            I love You !
            Grace always xo

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