Entering the Castle

I had no idea in 2005 that a course I signed up for called “From Intuition to Mysticism” would transform my life. Not only did I shift entirely in who I was and how I encountered the world, but the course itself changed direction. There would be three weekend classes, and during that first one in March, our teacher Caroline Myss would undergo a total reordering of what she would teach us. St. Teresa of Avila came to be by her side and served as the guide for the remaining course. Rather than teach us about a variety of mystics in history, we instead began to move through the castle of our souls based on Teresa’s book ‘The Interior Castle.’ What resulted from that class is Caroline’s book ‘Entering the Castle.’ I haven’t read it for quite some time, but picking it up this evening, there is so much that calls to me. Although I’ve not been working directly the introspection contained within, I find that all I’ve encountered over the last seven years mirrors much of what speaks to my soul from within each chapter and page. 

We can all pray. We can all move into the space of our interior self, and even more deeply into the castle of our own soul. From within that place, we carry an energy of humility, openness and clarity if we choose to allow its penetration. What called me back into the pages of Entering the Castle is the Entry Prayer that follows–a prayer Caroline shares for us to come to a place of stillness and begin to ‘cross the bridge’ to the castle of our souls. It speaks to me deeply, and I believe there are many of you who will feel its mystical power too. 

‘I cross the bridge into the silent bliss of my Castle. I close the drawbridge and forbid all outside influences from entry into this holy place that is my soul. Here in my Castle, I am alone with God. Under God’s light and companionship I discover the depth and beauty of my soul. I embrace the power of prayer. I open myself to divine guidance. I surrender myself to become a channel of grace, healing, and service as God directs my life.’ 

This is my prayer. Much love. xo 


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6 thoughts on “Entering the Castle”

  1. It is a beautiful prayer and one of the bits of grace and wisdom that drew me to this book. There is a part of me that longs to be in a monastery, living a simple, uncomplicated life. But it’s not where I’ve been called so the key is entering the castle and finding all of love and grace, beauty and wisdom within. Namasté

  2. Just a quick note J xxxxx
    feeling your heart happy for a long time now …..
    and i am happy for you – it was about time right xx
    maybe it’s projection – but what beauty you are mirroring outwards ………… >><<< inside to outside . you are full on grace and i love you
    i am in the best place i have ever been in my life xo
    and that's all xx
    🙂 my love to you and fam xx
    your Cat xoxoxoxoxxo

    1. You always make my heart smile. I love you and the connection we share. Thank you. And I feel your joy…just popped over to your site…it’s been a while….and your joy and BIG heart flow out beautifully. So many people drawn to your radiant love.

      Glad you are well, sweet friend. I’m sending you all my love….and feeling all you’ve sent my way too.

      ‘Your’ J.

      1. Indeed “My J ” xxx lol xo
        I always know when it’s you on Sacred Retreats on twitter – amazing amazing huh xx
        C.Myss is brilliant – But what is even more brilliant is how you broken all the barriers down this year ………..
        “No comfort zone ” remember 🙂
        well xxx anyways ……No comfort has become all comfort – just what i feel – because we come from comfort – no matter what god – or source we believe in ……………. We come from Love xo
        Love xo
        Your Cat xo

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