Finding Her Way Back

I lost her…..


Carefree, living with wild abandon

Without a care of what lies beyond in the shadows

She once ran free

Unaware of what it could mean to be ‘liberated’


There was no book of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’

No expectations of how to be

She already knew who she was

No need to ‘peel the layers’


But little by little she slipped away

… ‘don’t do this’ or ‘stop that’

Disapproval in the eyes of others

Sending her fire deep into hiding


Bit by bit her body became the enemy

Impulses to move with abandon beat into submission

Heat of her passion drowned out

Covered in shame, guilt, fear


She lost herself then

And all too soon she was gone

Replaced by this glorious model of perfection

So pleased to impress the ones who ‘mattered’


Ugly words, whispering, accusations

Seeping deep into her cells

Redefining her sense of her self

Quietly draining every last bit of resistance


But the story goes on….


Georgia O'Keefe, Red Canna
Georgia O’Keefe, Red Canna

She’s breathing again, calling her self back

Remembering the essence of who she is

Drawing Life Force deep into her soul

Beckoning Earth, Fire, Wind and Water


To WAKE HER UP, to stir her senses

She is WOMAN

Sensual, voluptuous, Feminine

Strong in her power


No longer a young maiden

Cheapened by the opinions of others

She stands with her head high

Body erect, beloved and regal


Finding her way back

Reclaiming all of who she is

Ferocious rebel yell

From the fire in her belly


The language of love–

She understands now

Takes many forms

Claims many hearts


Love finds her own way

Carving a path unique to her quest

Void of approval, yet rich with grace

Asking only that we open to her probing entry


She lost herself once

And for far too long

But the signs are all there

Soliciting return, imploring reply


And so comes her answer

Steeped in sweet surrender

And a quieting of all she has been told…..


‘Yes….yes. Yes I am here, open, willing, answering to LOVE.’




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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

23 thoughts on “Finding Her Way Back”

  1. that your whispers have traveled far…( or that was what my heart was thinking as I read your beautiful words you have painted with broad strokes yet in soft textures…

    1. Oh my dear LadyBlueRose… heart smiles to see you. Time for my heart to have more space in which to express. Thank you for holding that space. Reading your comments today felt so warm and loving. xoxo

    1. Kelley – returning home is indeed a perfect way to put it, for that’s what it is, isn’t it? It feels as though sometimes we leave yet again, only to make our way back–each time sweeter than the last. xoxo

      1. Laurie – thank you. I believe it does go on – for each one of us. Spiraling as we continually grow more and more into our most authentic selves. Your posts inspire me – I love the short, beautiful simplicity of them. xoxo

  2. You have given birth to her again Jackie, you have reclaimed her in her fullness which is YOU my amazing sister ❤ Stepping into such truth through the doorway of vulnerability is the most honorable gift you can give to YOU…Keith and I are so here with you, sharing these same sentiments, this same desire, this same love and we will continue to shine this shadowed light until there is no longer a shadow to hide from ❤ I LOVE YOU

    1. Our conversations last spring were such an integral part of this journey for me – thank you. I know no matter how great or little our conversations may be in present time, our spirits are connected and WE are no longer hiding. Sending love to you always, sweet friend. XOXO

    1. Ironically, my dear lovely friend, I could feel the vulnerability and exposure even as I wrote these words. They speak to all I was experiencing on an emotional level, and yet there is still a level of ‘safety’ to them. How sad that we fear to express our full truth….and yet how beautiful that we are giving her voice layer by layer. Love you, my friend. Thank you so much for being an ever present source of loving support on this journey. XOXOXO

      1. i found nothing “sad” about this my sweet – nothing but love – all authentic – all acceptance – all love xxx
        There is a broad continuum of softness and strength
        and You are all of those aspects of a HEART and more – we are not in boxes – we are all our feelings – all at once – in The Now 🙂 You know ? xxxx This is what i gathered, and maybe projected onto your piece …..
        But To be full on You – or me – or anyone – Broad spectrum – 🙂 nothing to shy away from – nothing to peel away anymore – i don’t think at least –
        i am whom i am
        You are whom You are
        what could be more beautiful than being 100% you all the time –
        nothing –

        1. Nothing. 🙂 How lovely. You ‘read’ me beautifully. I like what you said… more peeling. And I’ll add–no more apologizing for being who we are. Powerful words: I am who I am. Love you. Xoxo

          1. Jackie love xxx There’s nothing left but the core – and the core is the heart xxxx what is there my sweet xo >?
            You tell me – from the heart everything comes – i am confident in this – don’t ask me how 🙂 i just know that – getting to the core is done – you did that last year – 2012 – it’s done ……………….. 2013 has so much more fluidity and sheer will and calm .,………. Or so it seems from where i sit – thinking of you 🙂 xxxx
            “I am – because You are ” who said that – i have no idea – i have been re reading all of Blake’s work ………….. i will drop you a line on facebook tomorrow 🙂 something i found – that you might like – ………..
            Love –
            YOU ARE
            YOU ARE
            YOU ARE
            in the now
            Right now
            absolutely PURE YOU XXXX
            EVERYTHING XO

            love you xo

  3. I read this, thinking ‘this is me’ and it’s my sister, my mother, my aunts and best friends. More than a poem–a mantra, for wounded souls.

    1. Domica – thank you. Your words speak to the truth of what I was expressing here. This is each one of us – and no longer do our wounds and the opinions of others define us. The word ‘warrior’ never appealed to me, and yet I can’t help but feel we are Feminine Warriors, reclaiming all that is truly ours. I so appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. xoxo

    1. Thank you for once again *seeing me. This was written out of tears and a release of what no longer is true. A beautiful unfolding that reaches out to each one of us. Namaste’ sweet friend. Namaste’. xo

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