How Do I Say?

This post from December 2011 crossed my path just now and struck me how poignantly I was feeling the strands of growth in my life. Sharing it again because rather than feeling pain as I read it, I feel the grace and beauty of breaking the shell and liberating my self. As we do this for ourselves, we do it for all of Life. May your spirit be freed from any shackles you’ve consciously or unconsciously placed there. May you look within and find beauty even in the darkest of corners–for all they ask of you is to feel the warmth and light of your attention, even for a moment. May you embrace the purity that is you, glitter and bling aside. May you revel in your own divinity. xoxo

Jacqueline L. Robinson

How do I say
‘I’m not feeling loved
I’m missing myself
Can’t quite see me?’

How do I feel
Emptiness in my heart
To which I’ve become accustomed?

How do I heal
Pain buried so deep
I forgot it was there?

How do I let go
Long enough
Open enough
Deep enough
To feel all that is there?

What are the words?
Why is there fear?
How do I just let it be?

How do I say
‘I’m not ok’
Honoring the pause that follows?

How do I enter
Sacred space of surrender,
As tears softly fall from my heart?

So the question becomes:

How do I not?

Pain is my teacher
Advocate, guide.
Fear is my courage
Strength, catalyst for change.
Anxiety is the messenger
Of things to come.

How do I not
Embrace each of these?

Why must they be the antagonist
In this human charade–

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