Sacred Sensuality

Sensual feminineSensuality. Ecstasy. Pleasure. Sexuality. Voluptuous. Alluring. Mesmerizing. Passionate. 

I’m curious what each of these words makes you feel. Uncomfortable–even subtly for a moment? Perhaps only in that we are speaking them openly. For in truth, some part of each one of us relates to and is drawn to these words and to all they represent. It’s the nature of who we are. Yes–as human beings, but also as these spiritual beings come here to experience all this life has to offer us. Somewhere along the way, we’ve taken on that our sexuality is meant to be expressed only in private. We aren’t supposed to be sexy or flirty. Pursuing our pleasures has been portrayed as sinful, against what is true and pure. We’ve come to believe that if in fact we want to become enlightened, to really connect with our own perception of ‘god’ then we must curb our appetites, else we are searching for something that is ‘missing’ in our lives. If we love food too much, love sex too much, love being filled with our most carnal passions–then we have strayed from the rigid laws of what it is to be Christian or even spiritual.

This topic has long plagued me personally. I’ve come here on many occasions to write about it, only to abandon mid-post because I just couldn’t get myself comfortable enough to crack the window and begin the conversation. And yet – I feel I have so much to share, so much to say about it. I feel we each do. We have experiences that have molded our beliefs, our behaviors, but we also have a deep, deep desire to talk openly about who we are and what we love about this life, about each other, in a way that is so open and vulnerable it feels contrary to our ‘safe’ zone.

What I can see from here is that I have been terrified of being seen, of saying I am a woman and I have a deep, deep longing to connect. I am sexual in every bone of my body and I no longer want to pretend I am not, or keep that quiet and hidden. I love to feel the heightened state of being that comes with feeling sexy about myself–just because I do, not because it’s in the ‘right’ place of the marriage bedroom. I want to let every impulse flow freely, to feel every ounce of my feminine energy, intuiting it’s part of being spiritual rather than a weight of my humanity. No more.

This is the tip of the iceberg, my friends. So much I want to talk with you about: sacred sexuality, healthy perception of oneself, feminine beauty and grace, divine sensuality. These are not mere ‘human’ feelings or cravings, but are driven by something much deeper. We LONG to connect with the sacred, to merge with the Divine. We are aching to feel that fire in the most intimate physical space of our bodies. And if we turn off the feelings and desires of our physical bodies, that impacts the energetic and emotional bodies as well. They are one, there is no separation between each layer of who we are. We are given physical pleasures as part of the Divine human/soul/spirit journey. The separation is only illusion. And it’s time to start talking about it, to start feeling into it, allowing the allure of who we are to penetrate every cell of our knowing, our feeling, our connecting and intuiting. This is the sacred marriage: masculine/feminine, human/spirit, body/soul. We are here to experience it in its fullness. No more censoring.

This, my friends, is just the start of a very long conversation….and I invite you to share your thoughts.

When a woman is in touch with her unbounded ecstasy, her infinite capacity for love and her clairvoyant potential, she will be ripe and ready to give birth to a world where life overflows with joy, dance, song, love and beauty. I see such a world on the horizon. It will happen as soon as a critical mass of women wake up to the power of the divine feminine. ~ Tantra and the Divine Feminine by Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita



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17 thoughts on “Sacred Sensuality”

  1. seriously , for real ….. 🙂 take a look within omg …… Oh My Goddess ……….
    Lock and Load …..
    abolish the old
    newness every single day
    To the beginning of the beginning .
    🙂 xxx all love xxx C xx

  2. A wonderful post, and so many are taught from a young age to feel ashamed of their own bodies… I was no different… and being as thin as stick in my youth I never liked my own body… You may be surprised or not to know it was only in the last few years I came to Love ME for me, with all of my senses and we do so much damage to our younger generations with this programming of our own sexuality..

    In this time of the Feminine Energies returning, We are opening up once again to Love, caring and it all begins with SELF….

    Wishing you a wonderful and Sensuous New Year.. 🙂 with many blessings being sent your way


    1. It’s been true for me, too Sue…coming to love myself just over these last few years. I remember sitting in a women’s group about 5 years ago and as we talked about loving ourselves, not being able to even grasp what that meant. Love was so conditioned to something outside of me, as something that was desperately needed to be physically present in order to be real. Having that belief and restraint greatly impacts our ability to love, to be love and to be loved.

      Yes, they are returning, the Sacred Feminine presence and her vibration being fully and vibrantly felt. The area of our sexuality is ready to feel the heat of Divine light shining over it and we are conscious and desirous enough to allow it. Love is her base, and the more deeply we understand that, the more intimately and fully we feel her.

      Lovely to reconnect with you. May we all have a Sensuous 2014. xoxo

  3. I’ve kept this open in my browser, since you posted it and have returned to it a number of times, to read, to contemplate, to absorb what it is here that speaks to me so profoundly. “if we turn off the feelings and desires of our physical bodies, that impacts the energetic and emotional bodies as well.”
    Perhaps this was the most insidious control brought into our world by organized religion – this teaching that we are sinners, that the body is sinful – that we, that our body, must be subdued in order for us to experience the presence of the Divine. And it hasn’t worked very well, has it? No matter what, of the body, we ignored or subdued, we still felt lacking, felt being “less than”. it’s time for a new way, a returning to the old ways and this conversation is opening doors and windows and allowing the light to pour through! Namate beloved Jackie, Namaste.

    1. Yes, I even remember being taught to ignore feelings because they would lead you astray. How counterintuitive to who we are as beings, and especially as wise women who are guided by the truth that emanates through our bodies. Sinners. It’s an ugly word and concept, isn’t it? I once heard Caroline Myss teach that the act of sin is knowing with full consciousness something you are about to do is wrong and harmful to yourself (and subsequently always touches someone else, too) — and doing it anyway. Very different from just feeling into who we are and allowing ourselves to be led by that.

      Yes, a returning to the old ways….to the ancient wisdom ways of knowing. That we are. Thank you for being one who lights my way through this journey. xoxo

  4. a beautiful post that resonates strongly – i know i am waking up to the power of the feminine, revealed in its many unique forms, and once this fire has been ignited, it is unstoppable. it is wonderful to connect with other women who are feeling it too. it is time for a completely new Way. here’s to 2014 being a year full of more beautiful and passionate insights. thank you, aleya

    1. Aleya, thank you! Thank you for understanding, experiencing, sharing here. It’s taken me some time to speak so openly about myself – always easy to share about the Sacred Feminine, but to put personal truths, feelings with it – is a very vulnerable space. To be received so beautifully and reminded that there are many of us who are opening to new ways of being is such a comfort. We do not walk alone…and I love how this vast space of global exchange can so easily enforce that truth. Love to you…xoxo

  5. My Sensual Soul Sister, How very far you have come!!! How truly joy filled I am to share these thoughts with you and these moments of cracking the safe open WIDER with you!
    This is the utter truth of who we are and why we are here…. the 8 words you started with for me are the 8 chakras of our sexual body, our sexual soul being. We each posses these qualities these feelings these desires. Our male counterparts as well! Everything around us is ” Sensuality. Ecstasy. Pleasure. Sexuality. Voluptuous. Alluring. Mesmerizing. Passionate. ” Not just we in human form…look at plants and animals, the oceans and the sands, the mountains and the trees, the sun and the moon. I feel the touch of each…the trees penetrating their roots into the soils of the ground…making love to Pachamama and she taking them in deeper and deeper into her womb…
    The ocean lapping up onto the sands teasing and pleasing each grain fulfilling its desires and pleasure to the utmost degree…we would we lock ourselves away from such divine things as we do? Man made that is why…the thought of the amount of power that a woman holds let alone when she is in her center fulfilled in every way whether with someone else or of her own hand, scares man…yes SCARES man. That is why the whole shift took place to begin with…men knew that women held this sacredness and could handle all things , making them in the human mans mind ” above them” and they could not have such a thing. If you read the stories of the goddesses and the women of old, you will see the thread of common male thought in each one. Mary Magdalene is my love, my own souls love…she was called a whore a prostitute… Yeshua knew her , her soul, her truth, and her gifts. She was nothing of the sort in a negative way…. nor are WE… we are in the beginning stages of connecting to our sensuousness, our true sexuality, bringing into balance our masculine and feminine energies , which every being holds, I know for me connecting with and bringing into balance both sides has opened me up in ways I never thought existed…I want each of our sisters and brothers to feel this feeling of wholeness and openness of pleasure and value of SELF LOVE in every way possible…expanding our senses and experiences deeper and wider then we ever thought possible!
    I Love you Jackie and will continue to spread this message and do this work along side of you my amazing soul sister ❤

    In Love and Joy,

    1. My dearest Lynn, your words are always a beacon of liberation for me when it comes to this space within myself. Considering those 8 words as the 8 chakras or our sexual/sensual body is an extraordinary way to experience and see ourselves. I desire to continue allowing this expression to unfold, and even after posting found myself second-guessing, concerned perhaps my words might cheapen the sacredness of this conversation. We have let go of so much, so much that lived clear in our awareness, and now we are moving into the subtle bodies, as you so beautifully perceived. I’m looking forward to exploring this more with you as we create collaboration through Sacred Circle Retreats. There is so much yet to open. I love you…thank you for walking by my side. xoxo

  6. When you are open and honest I believe it helps pave the way for others to be so too. You are so very raw when you speak your truth and that is divine. I know your early writings were so very authentic and raw which enabled people to grow and connect in unrestricted ways. I am pleased there are no more barriers and that you are opening up to show the world it’s okay to be a sexual being as a full and welcome part of BEing. I know we will learn alongside you. Any help and guidance to integrate is fully accepted, no matter how hard the challenge. I know it is a challenge for me also. I love all that you are. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for leading the way. May 2014 be a year of authenticity without fear or regret. ❤ I love all that you are. Once more…. I love all that you are. ❤

    1. Thank you for this Anna. I believe and can feel that writing about open and beautiful connection to our sexuality, our humanity and pleasures helps me to continue releasing old programming and dissolving barriers. I love that we have this gift of sharing, learning and transforming together. Thank you for *seeing me so clearly…..for *seeing us. Because we are One…in this together. And thank you for your unconditional love and support. Always. I love you Anna…xoxp

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