Woman’s Wildest Sexuality

“In the sacred, the obscene, the sexual, there is always a wild laugh waiting, a short passage of silent laughter, or crone-nasty laughter, or the wheeze that is a laugh, or the laugh that is wild and animal, or the trill that is like a run on the musical scale. Laughter is a hidden side of women’s sexuality; it is physical, elemental, passionate, vitalizing, and therefore arousing. It is a kind of sexuality that does not have a goal, as does genital arousal. It is a sexuality of joy, just for the moment, a true sensual love that flies free and lives and dies and lives again on its own energy. It is sacred because it is so healing. It is sensual for it awakens the body and the emotions. It is sexual because it is exiting and causes waves of pleasure. It is not one-dimensional, for laughter is something one shares with oneself as well as with many others. It is a woman’s wildest sexuality.” — Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

 Marilyn laughing

I love this quote because we don’t always consider our laughter a part of our sensual energies, something that is wild and sexy about us. And yet, the expression of our most raw emotions including laughter is the beautiful fluid presence of the Divine Feminine. I’m curious, when you read the post above, what reaction you feel within yourself–are you open and feeling the radiant glow of your inner fires? Let us welcome in the true sensual love and sacredness of joy and laughter in our lives as we move into 2014. May we each expand into the beauty, grace and sensuality of who we are and savor every moment of our lives in a whole new way. Much love to you…xoxo


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10 thoughts on “Woman’s Wildest Sexuality”

  1. This made me feel really sad because it made me so aware of how hard I have been working, how tired I am and how little a space a give myself for laughter and joy! It is true though, when I or anyone of my beautiful female friends truly laughs it ignites such innate and beautiful pleasure! It is truly releasing and authentic! Thank you for such a beautiful post and making me see I need to come back into alignment with that side of myself, I’m going to go have a sleep so I can bring back my vitality to laugh again!!

    Lots of love have a beautiful new year!!

  2. Holy Moly Canoly – Bang on lady xxxxxxx
    when we “feel” the love we are – have inside us – which mirrors itself naturally in our outside world x we soar – it’s all inside – that beauty , and laughter is a wild freedom we so often forget …………………. PS i have been laughing like a maniac since Christmas eve …..
    Happy New Year xo MUAH MUAH MUAH XO
    laughter and Love xo C

    1. Lol…’ bang on lady’….I love that and guess what? It made me LAUGH! So you’re passing it on, the maniacal laughing! Wild and sexy… inner beauty finding her way to the surface. Keep laughing, beautiful. It’s contagious. Love you….xxxxxxoooooo

      1. bang bang sugar xxxxxx
        especially through the dead of winter do we meed to laff like crazy …Maybe it helps with Vitamin d production in the body ? lol
        who knows ………
        all i know is that living in Northern climates – Like i do ….hello arctic Cat 🙂
        laughing maniacally generates warmth on the inside and slowly makes itself know on the outside ……..
        to Laughter , To Zanieness and to Freedom of expression forever xxxxx
        xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Love you toooooo xx

  3. What can be more genuine, sexy and sensual than laughter than flows from our deepest place…. oh the joy of it all…… Thank you for sharing dear one!! Blessings for the New Year for the newness of each and every authentic moment. ❤

    1. This is something I know you embody so well, dear Sandra! Your joy of spirit and easy laughter… Baba Yoga in light form. Oh indeed, the joy of it all. Looking forward to our upcoming time. Xoxo

    1. LOVED your post, Laurie…thank you for sharing it here. There is magic everywhere, I believe we all experience it, perhaps in our own ways, and for some it remains unconscious. Simple, slow moments that nourish our souls…yes, please, I’d love some of that. xoxo

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