An Unexpected Call

It was an odd day yesterday. As I shared with my intimate circle of women, there was a restless energy creeping up all around me, actually from inside. My resident ‘screaming woman’ began to make her presence known, signaling something was for sure out of balance from the depths of my being.

My dear, beloved soul friend Joss suggested a bit of music and a practice of moving my body–DANCE. The resistance was immediate, my inner Wild Woman beckoned me, but that old familiar quicksand holding me in place. I’m blessed to have had a beautiful space in which to voice all that I was feeling, to process it, to allow it and to move through it. She had her way with me, this Wild Woman Divine Feminine, and together we lit candles and prepared to dance.

This type of being with myself hasn’t been part of my life in quite this way, so as you might imagine, felt a bit uncomfortable in places. The music, my mind began to focus on finding the right music. Something sensual that inspired a release and letting go, that allowed my body to take over and my thinking self to sink into the background. Ray Lamontagne–my sister loves his style, ‘soulful’ she calls it–ok for a moment, but no, the energy just wasn’t moving, my thoughts remained at the forefront. I tried several other options that seemed as though they should have done the ‘trick’–whirling dervish music, my favorite Jimmy Buffet and a couple other styles. Nothing. Frustration began to set in, and of course that intellect was pleased with the outcome. ‘Told you so.’

dancePausing, I stopped to check in with what I’ve always loved. What used to inspire me to get up and move? What were the songs I would love to sing out loud and just had to feel the rhythm of their energy? Madonna. Always a love of mine. It seemed silly, but ok, I gave it a try. The Madonnna-ish radio station on my tablet began with a Gloria Estafan song and my body knew just what to do. She moved in ways I didn’t expect–not a sultry, sensual unleashing, but a Wild Woman-feel-every-beat-and-just-let-go response. I was quite taken aback and just let myself go with it, tensions melting away.

The AHA! moment that came was this: it wasn’t about allowing my body–giving her permission–to be sexy. It was about dissolving restrictions to just simply moving to the rhythm because of her fear she might be perceived as ‘too sexy,’ too much of all those ugly words we’ve heard said about a beautiful, alluring woman. It wasn’t about whether I was that or not, but about transcending those old patterns and just FEELING into it. It was quite welcomed to just move, to just be, to allow and to not have a care of how it looked or might be perceived.

For too long we’ve held these fears tight to our heartspace, suffocating our spirits, clogging up the intuitive channels of our body’s language and wisdom. It was such a beautiful experience, very different from what I would have ‘written’ for myself. Some of my learned yoga poses (there is much to this occurring, too much to share here) even came into play and felt magnificently empowering in every cell.

This is the spirit, the energy, the call of the Wild Woman. To be and honor who we are. We’ve restricted ourselves and then written a story about who we are that we can’t possibly live up to, mostly because it’s not our authentic truth. My commitment to 2014 is to release the untruths about myself–from within–and to integrate the authentic pieces of who I am even more.

I’d love to hear your Wild Woman stories – whether you are male or female, because this goes beyond gender specifications. Whether from your own experience or something you’ve witnessed. And I’d love for you to consider how you might honor the Wild Spirit you carry within the entirety of your being. She presents differently on each one of us, and yet at the core, She is the very same Presence we are each tuning in to.

I’m reminded of my own commitment to Dance Out of Control….

“living eulogy.
she danced.
she sang. she took.
she gave.
she loved.
she created.
she dissented. she enlivened.
she saw. she grew. she sweated.
she changed.
she learned. she laughed.
she shed her skin.
she bled on the pages of her days,
she walked through walls,
she lived with intention.”
― Mary Anne Radmacher

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12 thoughts on “An Unexpected Call”

  1. I love the phrase – Live with Intention – it is the best way to honor our existence, isn’t it? And it’s so easy to hide the wild woman and take her out when the coast is clear – but then we forget she is hidden away. Excellent post. I think my wild woman comes alive when I listen to Cindy Lauper, Lady Antebellum and Madonna!

    1. Marge! Hello my luv – how are you? I’ve been meaning to get over to your space and catch up. I’ll be there soon…

      No more hiding the Wild Woman for us – I think that began back in 2012 with our No Comfort Zone commitments. I know something very much shifted for me because of that, and has been ever since.

      It was unexpected that it would have been Madonna that brought her out – and that’s why it’s so important that we give ourselves room to try this or that, to explore and let our own inner voice – or dance – come to play. Love Cindy Lauper too – and the one Lady Antebellum song I know!

  2. Love this. It has taken years to awaken and allow my inner Wild Woman to dance her magic. Now she is an integrated part of my life, though she still pushes for more and more freedom, space to fly with abandon. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It does seem we need to come back to ourselves in some way as to allow her freedom to be. There is a process of liberation I witness in myself and the women of my circles. And yet, as you say, there is a pushing to let go even more with each unveiling. We are saying yes, now, no longer afraid of who we are, who we are meant to be, who we were born to be. We are saying yes and letting Her ‘dance her magic.’ I love that. Thank you, my friend. xo

  3. When we allow the energy to flow, without agenda, without censure, magic happens. Listening to our heart, there is no right way or wrong way, there is simply being. We get caught up in thinking and judgement and logic when what our soul longs for is simply being. The more we learn to ask “what do I need?” and hear the answer in simple freedom, the more we hear the whispers of the Divine. The wild woman seems sometimes out of control but that is simply old stories. I have danced naked under the fool moon, I have opened my heart to visions of those who came before, I have journaled and drank wine and each of those have allowed by precious soul to grow and heal. It is about me, not about anyone else, just me honouring my journey. Let us dance and sing and weep and howl and leave behind the insanity of what others my think if they knew. Women have been subdued for generations it is time to soar, to be immersed in love and consumed be spirit.

  4. Oh Jackie! There is something about “wild woman” and being all “that” at our core; Feeling it all, however She shows up. LOL I think of the movie line, “Release the Kracken”. Our wildness reserved and restrained offers only glimpses of potential. Released tentacles unfurled, She is there to stir up the waters, rock the boat and even capsize it. It is there that we are free floating OF the ocean, able to dive to the depths, BE suspended in a sea of fluid support and back float gazing at the stars. Set a drift, liberated from the very tiny dinghy and fully a part of it ALL as opposed to apart from it ALL.

    1. Yes–however she shows up! Isn’t that a key? I see it from here. You are the second or third woman in my circle to talk of the waters, the deep and the letting go. And so we are, each one, but in unison. As we liberate ourselves, we extend that energy to others. Just by being. Love you. Xo

  5. Its been a while since my wild woman called, but I do catch a glimpse of her now and again as I pass by a mirror and I give her a wink now and again, 🙂

    I started out my New year acquainting her again with her Qi-Gong Master, as I put on my CD and sensuously moved with my breath.. I laughed as I wobbled over from the ‘Stalk position’ of one leg held in balance in the air, to fall and hit my leg on my bedroom chair… She caught a glimpse of the sensuous one laughing with a gleam in her eye from the mirror, She no doubt would have told me I would have been better off putting on Greece Lightning and do a John Travolta 🙂 or maybe as she saw my body turn this way and that she perhaps thought ‘Lets Twist Again’ would have been more appropriate .. Hehe! at any rate… We Both Had FUN!..

    Happy New Year Jackie,,, Love and Blessings to you xx

    1. Oh Sue, lol, we had the ‘bird’ pose in one of our classes–both legs resting on elbows. It was *not good, lol. But it didn’t matter, there’s something uplifting in the practice. Beauty is… we can wobble AND ‘twist,’ and STILL feel our inner Wild Woman. I sense we’re all reclaiming her in whole new ways. 😉 💕 Love to you… xo

  6. beautiful Jackie. You would love my new friend, Bonita. Retired Army, defense contractor and ….belly dancer. I just love that! She’ll be teaching a class at an event for me this Spring. Wouldn’t that be fun?! Come join us!

    1. That sounds HEAVENLY Jacqui. You are amazing, because with the first Latin-inspired song that played, I felt as though I could have been belly dancing and am contemplating a class! You’ re quite in tune, my dear friend. 💕💕

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