Perfume of Seduction

Awakening sweeping our planet, our universe, our hearts

Expansion, so fully as to break us wide open

Loving with abandon, letting ourselves be taken

Intoxicated by the Perfume of Seduction



As we each claim our role

Lovers, friends, sisters

Drawn together in sacred communion


We long to feel its pulse

Breathing in the musky scent

Bathing in ecstasy over and over again

Feeling Her waves wash over us


The eyes no longer see what’s true

Soul leading the charge, Heart carrying the torch

Flames consume us, burning, burning

Setting the Sacred Heart on fire


We have so longed for this,

Hungrily anticipating Love’s entry

Laid bare on Her altar

Yearning to unite with our Beloved


We see Her now, and feel Her even more so

She seeps into every remaining crack

Soothing as a balm that heals

Stimulating our deepest desires


With heightened longing, release and joy we exclaim

Yes, Yes, YES

Take me into your Temple

Your Sanctuary, Holiest of Holies


Let us come together as one

Merging, rising to heights of blissful rapture

Over and over again


Awakened now

Deep in the chambers of our Heartspace

Dripping in the juices of Divine grace


We are awakened and will sleep no more

Passed through a doorway that no longer exists

Deeper and deeper into the Mist

Broken wide open and left wanting


Ignited we now remain

Flames of the Sacred

Burning, burning, burning

Waiting for our next encounter

With Love’s Embrace


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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

8 thoughts on “Perfume of Seduction”

  1. Thank you very much, I’am really glad that I’m following you. I’m still figuring out. Just wanted to say that you are an awesome blogger, Inspiring and May you inspire more readers essentially perfectly ok. greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

  2. It seems to me that we are ushering in a time of dancing with and sinking into love – that love who bathes us in delight and overwhelms us with passion and joy. How jubilant your poem makes me feel

    1. Indeed, my friend, we are. We are each giving Her voice, expressing through the energies that have come with us to do this work. A time of dancing and sinking into love…..isn’t that a beautiful call into the sacred? xoxo

  3. Beautiful intoxicating poem that holds us all in its seductive power of Love… We are indeed joining as ONE in the rhythms of life as we feel the pull of our hearts as we allow ourselves to dance to the beat of our Earth Mothers Pulse…

    Wonderful post Jackie… 🙂

    1. I do believe there are so many of us feeling this just now, Sue. Each in our own unique ways, but we are more and more tuning in – I love how you put it – to ‘our Earth Mothers Pulse.’ It’s a glorious thing to experience Her from the many ways she touches us, each one. Thank you for your presence..and that lovely, warm energy you bring into this space and so many others. xo

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