She Nailed It!

So I’m a very proud mama – sharing my daughter’s recent theater performance as part of the KSU (Kennesaw State University) Tellers troupe. I can’t stop watching, honestly, because everything about her telling draws me in: the expression, the memories, the emotions, the humor–the incredible ability she has to share her own story.

A little bit of background on Ms. Lauren Marie: She was a storyteller from the age of about3, as we videotaped her retelling and improvising tales of Dorothy and Toto and the Big Bad Wolf. She sat in her sweet little nightgown with the purple flowers. Her hair falling into natural ringlets, with the sides pulled back into a clip and bangs to rest on her forehead. Lauren sat up tall in the kitchen chair, hands resting on the arms, feet alternately swinging and eyes looking beyond the camera into her own remembering and imagination as she told her story. Another time when her dad was filming Cliff or Jordan, Lauren repeatedly wanted to know if the camera was back on her yet, even crying when she had to wait too long. Those are movies that will forever play in my heart.


As she grew up, she became very afraid of anything out of the ordinary – the snowmobile’s motor, cutting trees down in the backyard (they might fall on the house or her dad might get hurt), fireworks. She didn’t like any of it. We knew in middle and high school that she needed to be involved in activities of some sort. She loved people and they loved her, but doing something new scared her. Freshman year she tried out for volleyball after a coaxing from her aunt, grandmother and me just outside the gym. She was terrified. So when Lauren says in this video she DID NOT want to try out for softball – there is no exaggeration!

We’ve watched her in the last 5 or 6 years though, as she feels less fearful of life and even takes risks others wouldn’t dare. This performance by Lauren is so true to who she is NOW, to how boldly she approaches her life and how comfortable she is in her own skin. I’m most blessed of all because I get to be the mother of this amazing human being, this woman who embraces herself wholly as she is, who makes so many people laugh when life feels most difficult, and who carries one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known in her lovely, powerful, petite body.

And when it comes to impersonating her mother, the consensus of many is that ‘she nailed it!’

I love you Lauren Marie…..xoxo

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10 thoughts on “She Nailed It!”

  1. You must be Soooooo So proud of Lauren.. She certainly has a wonderful gift, her sense of humour is fantastic.. And she is most definitely a most wonderful Human Being.. She made me laugh so much.. and no wonder you keep re-watching so would I.. 🙂
    Sending you much love Jackie….She has a wonderful soul.. xxx
    Blessings Sue

  2. She is a natural! I love everything about her, and her performance! You have said it well my love , she is comfortable in herself wholly, she embraces herself wholly! And she should! For she is Holy in her soul being, in her love, in her womanhood! What an honor to be able to share in this experience with you ❤

    1. It’s an amazing thing to witness in Lauren – that she doesn’t really have the ‘usual’ hangups we hear about with young people being gay in our world. She focuses on her desire to love and to make people laugh, and through that she pours herself into who she is. Lauren teaches me so much…and I’m very, very honored not just to be her mom, but to witness the journey of such an amazing woman and young person. xoxo

  3. Oh my God Jackie! Lauren is fabulous!!! She is such a natural!! I see such a bright future for her. She has such charisma. You must be so very proud of her! Whenever I am scared to do something, or embarrassed in the future I’ll think of Lauren’s “it only lasted a DAY” and smile. Love to you sweet one! Jacqui

    1. Jacqui – this feels like such a beautiful love note you’ve written! Every word makes my heart sing, and I know Lauren will love knowing she can inspire you to breathe into the moment and remember her DAY of softball pain. 😉 She told me later, her monologue was really that it only lasted a MINUTE. But when she was mid-performance DAY just came out – and it was funny! It surprised her how funny she really is.

      You know I’m so, so, so proud of her. I’m sort of known in her circles as the mom who is crazy passionate about her daughter, lol. I’ll take that any day.

      Always makes me smile to *see you Jacqui. Sending you love from my heart to yours – always. xo

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