Resurrecting Venus

‘There’s never nothing going on.’ ~ Socrates, Peaceful Warrior

As part of all that is shifting in my interior life, I feel called to return to the practice of keeping a Sacred Journal. Irish Mystic Poet John O’Donohue speaking on the subject of Beauty, described this practice as having a beautiful journal in which to keep the golden threads of our lives, the most precious moments that do not need to be explained or described, only to be felt and cherished. Sera Beak talks of her Red Journal in which she engages with the ultra passionate RED of her own Red Lady. I sensed a piece of myself, of my longing, in each of these. And in addition, am at a time when there feels to be so much stirring, coming in, moving up and out that there are droplets and waves of beauty and passion in so many of life’s moments.

My Sacred Journal

With this in mind, I pulled out a journal from years ago – six years ago. The cover is leather, embossed with the scene from Botticelli’s ‘La Primavera,’ including the Three Graces, and Venus as its center focal point. While there’s much discussion around just what Botticelli intended to convey, one can really never know, and as with most beautiful and sensual art, the interpretation is up to the observer. Here’s what came to/for me:

Venus – Goddess of Love

Three Graces – Chastity, Beauty, Love

Cupid ~ Shooting his arrows of Love

Springtime ~ Season of Love and Fertility


While there is certainly so much more happening in this painting, there is for me a clear theme of Love, Beauty, Grace. And these are the energies that stir change in my life. A dear friend shared a passage from one of her books with me this morning. The first sentence struck me immediately and still sits within my awareness:

‘Let your longing lead you, not defeat you.’

It feels like for so long, my longing, that desire to feel more, to love more, to sink deeper and deeper into the beauty of what it is to surrender fully into the energies of love, of passion, of beauty and grace–for so long that longing has taken on an ugliness. The desire has been quieted, squelched to ashes, with barely a smolder left in its wake. We are not meant to quiet what is most natural in us. And those who would turn it into ugliness (including our own selves) lack understanding of the beauty in its presence. The veil is lifting, dear ones, and we are each in our own ways coming to a much purer, more Divine and intimate understanding of who we are. The very passion that has been with me since I was a child, the longing to merge and connect with others is what is meant to lead me into my own truth, my beautiful, sensual, radiant self and my sacred purpose in this life.

In painting Venus, Botticelli resurrected subject matter that had not been explored for nearly 1000 years.

I’m opening her pages once again. This time ready to pour myself out without judgment and with a greater sense of who I am. This time the energy is less about navigating my wounds in search of wholeness and more about letting myself be in the presence of Love and Beauty. The Three Graces have filled my senses yet again. They have secrets to share. Venus is alive and well–and SHE is ready to be fully integrated into our contemporary world. And I am Her willing partner, ready to welcome Her into every fiber of my being. 

‘You cannot forge a relationship with the living Goddess by living in the past. Be with Her now.’ ~ Peter Grey, The Red Goddess



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4 thoughts on “Resurrecting Venus”

    1. Thank you my dear friend, Art. How are you? I feel certain you had a lovely Valentine’s with your sweetheart….so much love you have to give. Always brings a smile to my face to *see you. xo

  1. What a beautiful gift you are giving yourself and us , as well, as I sense that from this journal will pour forth Heart Whispers meant for us as well. I love the women in this painting, they are so sensual and have a wondrous flowing energy. a part of me feels the need to say “welcome back Beloved One”.

    1. And so much of me understands fully what that whisper is – ‘welcome back Beloved One.’ In so many ways, I know this whisper. I’m looking forward to recording my golden threads, there seem to be so many just now. Thank you, dear Joss. xo

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