A Decluttered Soul

As I listened today to Shelly Wilson and Sera Beak sharing a discussion, there was a very pronounced heart whisper–or perhaps more than a whisper–that came through loud and clear:


Yes, we all (mostly) know about the energetic benefits of decluttering our homes, cleaning out closets, drawers and other such spaces on a regular occasion. This is good for our physical and mental well-being, but also signifies making room for something new to come into your life and not holding onto ‘stuff’ no longer needed. Okay, I get that and it seems like it’s a bit of old news by now. We all understand.

This was different though. Sera was talking about making room for the soul to talk to us.

Declutter the Soul

Personally, I’m realizing–or remembering–some pretty significant things about myself, that are very true to my soul, to who I am and what I bring into and receive from this lifetime. As the path continues and I take each step, there are pieces that seem to be naturally ‘shedding’ and just falling away. It’s not even painful – it just IS. And as it’s happening, it’s so obvious there’s no chance of second guessing.

A Decluttered Soul

Thanks to Pinterest's Rebecca Minkoff for her gorgeous note.
Thanks to Pinterest’s Rebecca Minkoff for her gorgeous note.

That’s what I want.

I want to create space for my soul to breathe, to flush and flourish.

I want to give her elation in every ecstatic moment and quiet reverence for every tear shed.

I want to spread before her a gorgeous buffet of passions as she soothes her fiery appetite.

I want to dislodge antiquated beliefs in favor of her residence within the walls of my own glistening castle.

I want to lie beside her as together we make love with the Sacred.

These are the whispers of my heart…..

A Decluttered Soul.


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10 thoughts on “A Decluttered Soul”

  1. what a wonderful post….
    I have been decluttering but had not thought of the Soul…
    as things, people, thoughts fall away , I don’t feel sad…I was glad
    to see you say that…for I was told I was cold and unemotional to not be sad…
    there are times I am, but most of the time no….so I felt it was time for that thing or
    person to go…
    Thank you…I enjoyed this and I will be reconstructing my thoughts on uncluttering to add the Soul to it….
    Take Care….You Matter….

    1. Oh MaryRose – you shared so vulnerably. Thank you. My love, you are not cold and unemotional because your heart knows when to move on, to answer the call of something MORE and to step forward into that. This is a myth about women, one we are dispelling as we talk openly about it. As we let ourselves be seen and say out loud – ‘I was not sad to let go.’ You are so lovely. Thank you….xoxo

  2. It does seem old news for us, but for some it has not quite yet entered into the deeper meaning of it all. For some are still looking on the surface of this knowing. For myself it is all connected..the letting go of , the making room for…the breaking of the dam of lies and old stories that much of my own worth was built upon. I too like you my amazing sister, have gained some great remembrance along my journey. It now looks so different to me, it feels so different to me…it feels authentic now..not practiced. The “suffering” of growth I have gone through is not about what has happened so much as it is about what I was holding onto from the experience. What was I not willing to let go of…and why… it was in the shedding of those things that my soul began to breathe with deep deep inhale again. Just today , as I was walking my baby boy Tala, my newest baby of 4 legs 😉 , I took the time to be present in the walk, let go of work for a moment and went within and asked , what am I holding onto still…what can I let go of now…how can I allow my sacred feminine , my sacred divine to feel today at an even deeper level…what can I touch and be touched by, ultimately , what can I make sacred love WITH today…because for me, it is not just limited to a partner, it is connecting with the whole…for that is part of our soul is our divine feminine… this is when my soul makes love with the soul of all living things! The buffet you speak of! To quench and be quenched simultaneously… experiencing that orgasm of connection and fire…feeling life in every cell of my being, hearing my soul sing from the fullness of her being pleased, and hear to song of all that I have given this joy to as well…. I sit here writing to you fully satisfied !!
    I Love YOU dear beautiful amazing soul sister!

    1. I agree with Graceful Ground, yes it does seem old news to most of us, but it’s one thing to know and another to actually experience it – to live it! I always used to know about the importance of purifying the soul and respecting and loving oneself completely. To respect one’s intuition and to simply ‘ create space for my soul to breathe, to flush and flourish’, as you beautifully described. Yet I never made it a point to silence the ‘critical’ voice within that disliked most of my being. Yet I suppressed my inner most glorious being, so I could please my surroundings and be what society wanted me to be. However, with God’s mercy and light, I am now finally experiencing this, I am finally letting go of that which doesn’t serve me (not just by thinking I should, but by actually taking action). And moreover, I am finally allowing the Feminine energy to rise within! Something I believe we should all do, as living in a masculine energetic society, we are all often forced to silence the feminine energy within us.

      Thank you so much for sharing this and thank you Graceful ground for sharing your words of wisdom as well.

      Much love and light.

      1. A very dear friend recently shared something I hadn’t heard before: rather than just removing what we wish to release, turn our attention instead into ‘putting in’ what we wish to experience. She called it Crowding Out – and SHE is Joss Burnel. Something clicked in me when I read that. When we are so focused on letting go, we again miss the moments of beauty that await us RIGHT NOW. It remains a challenge to take pause and listen to the heart’s whispers RIGHT NOW. She will bring to us exactly what we need. She always knows–as do our hearts. I’m learning so much – WE are learning so much together as we continue taking steps and falling into Her. Thank you for sharing your story here. As we do this, we expand our circle and She is ever more present with us and beyond. Love to you, my friend. xo

        1. Wow that’s beautiful and something I needed to hear. Thank you so much dearest one.

          Much love and light,

    2. “The “suffering” of growth I have gone through is not about what has happened so much as it is about what I was holding onto from the experience.” This so resonated with me. Sometimes I have processed, healed and let go of the experience while still holding on to feelings from the experience. Letting go of it all, stepping into today with an open, cleared out heart. ah, yes, there SHE is!

      1. Our world changes when we understand, in the depths of our entire being and especially our bodies, what it means to let go. To really release all that is attached. I read recently this is not only true of the unpleasant experiences, but even so with the most ecstatic ones. If we hold on to that as our only reality, we miss all the glory, growth, love and beauty still laid before us. An open, cleared out heart. Yes, there SHE is. Beloved Joss. Thank you for your presence in my life. Deeply treasured. xo

    3. ‘What can I make sacred love with today?’ This stood out to me as though in bold, Lynn. There is a richness in that question, a sensual connection with the Divine Feminine in ways we are not used to acknowledging, feeling, embracing. For too long we have feared our ability as women, as people to connect with Her in this way. We have taken on shame, suffering around our longing to become one with Her. No more. We are awakened now. Wide awake, hearts splayed open and ready to welcome Her. Thank you for giving your heart here. I *see you my Beloved companion. I love you. xoxo

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