Beautiful Truth of the Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy. Some of us feel it more than others–I am certainly one of those women. I’ve been thinking about it recently, as I’ve told myself I’m being jealous and looked within to discover why. What I’m recognizing is that jealousy is not about wanting to BE someone else or have what they have, it’s about an old sting of lack in ourselves, and specifically not yet having a clear understanding of who we are. When we know who we are, we fall in love with ourselves. We can’t imagine being someone or something else because we are so enamored with all that we already ARE.

And just to be clear, I’m not talking about admiring someone else. I’m talking about jealousy in the way we’ve experienced it as a ‘bad word’ to define how we feel–especially as women toward one another. You rarely hear of a woman truly being jealous of a man, do you? No, most often this is one of those emotions made ugly by way of the patriarchal influence that is now dissolving itself away through the presence of the authentic Divine Feminine.

green wallz.moon.pkWhat I can truly see now, is that jealousy is not ugly. It’s an aspect of our ability to Love, our DESIRE to Love. To love ourselves, to love others, to be in love with all that falls into our lives. To move deep into the space of the heart and FEEL LOVE. Now let’s look from another angle at that ‘green eyed’ monster…..

GREEN. Green is the color of the heart chakra, the color of healing, of life, renewal, rebirth, of our Mother Earth. Green is the color of LOVE. And so, what if jealousy is really a desire for Love? What if we began to FEEL in ourselves that when a pang of ‘jealousy’ strikes, it is merely the whisper of Love reminding us who She is, of who WE are with HER? What if that instant shot of what we consider to be unhappiness is in her reality a beckoning of Love Herself, calling us, pulling us ever more deeply into ourselves, into our beautiful, radiant selves and the gorgeous stream of Love that lives within?

What if, my friends? What if all we have bought and allowed as truth no longer resonates as our reality? What if we opened ourselves to a whole new dictionary and language of being and all these labels have it wrong? What if? Then I would be one powerhouse of pure, GREEN, radiating, gorgeous, pulsing, pour-all-over-you LOVE! And I daresay, so would you.

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Truth of the Green Eyed Monster”

  1. Jealousy is masked DESIRE, to really tap into our truest desires is so much more vulnerable. I don’t care anymore, I am vulnerable, I want to give and receive love. Beyond my safe boundaries…I want more LOVE!

    1. We ARE vulnerable – so why continue to pretend we’ve got it all together, everything is great and we aren’t all longing to FEEL Love? Boundaries? What boundaries? Day by day they are dissolving, melting away and we are left with the raw, real truth of ourselves. And realize how beautiful it is. 😉 xoxo

  2. Powerhouse message about ‘jealousy’ my dear passionate, articulate, insightful, abSOULute friend. xoxo You have given me more true illumination here. Really and truly ~ Thank you!

    AND…. YOU ARE “one powerhouse of pure, GREEN, radiating, gorgeous, pulsing, pour-all-over-you LOVE!” Love you. xo

    1. It struck me suddenly over this last week. I grew up feeling jealous of my sister, so much that it hurt sometimes. No matter what, it just seemed I could never measure up. So this is one ‘ugly’ emotion I know all too well. When I felt this sensation, this REALITY of what jealousy truly holds in her heart for us, I nearly fell on the floor in recognition of Divine Truth. If we could support one another with the energy of LOVE rather than giving power to ‘jealousy’ and all it brings, our world, our relationships as women would surely evolve with rapid pace.

      Love you, my courageous friend. XOXO

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