How Do You Bleed?

I feel there is something unexplored in women that only a woman can understand. ~ Georgia O’Keefe

This quote crossed my awareness last night, and because I love Georgia O’Keefe so much, it gave me pause. I brought it into some of my sacred circles of women to explore a bit more. What I’ve found within myself is a deep well of connection to what remains unexplored in us. Perhaps it’s our own Creative Force that we keep quiet, subdued, manageable lest we be seen as crazy, out there, or gone over the edge. We’ve lived through lifetimes of being laughed at, tormented and even considered ‘hysterical’ just because of how deeply and passionately we feel.

As I have let myself FEEL into what this stirs in my own body and remembrance, I sense that what is unexplored in women may look different on each one of us. And yet, at it’s core is quite possibly the same. We are naturally designed with a womb of creation. From that womb, we nurture and give life. What allows us to do so is connected to a monthly bleeding and shedding of our uterine walls to continually prepare for that Life. If we consider that what is unexplored in each of us is the passion, the Force that whispers to us, that speaks to us in the most loving and sensitive ways, and at times in a fiery and fierce voice of pulsing sensation–then would not the ‘unexplored’ in each of us be our own Sacred Blood?

pink and red

There is so much here, I feel I can’t quite grasp how to express it. Our Creative Force, our passion, our longing, our deepest soul feeling and purpose – live in our physical and feminine BLOOD. The obvious menstrual blood aside, just envision for a moment the feeling of blood pumping through your body and the sensations that can impact that flow. When we feel most intensely something as true in our entire being, whether it’s fear, passion, desire, excitement, heartache – you can FEEL that in your heart, in the very way your blood moves through you. You can SENSE that you are alive, even in the moments you may not wish to be so.

Stepping deeper into it – how we FEEL and experience Life, how we Create and Offer ourselves to this world – is that not how we BLEED? Both symbolically and quite literally? And yet, one of the last things women are talking about and inviting into their lives is their flow, conversation about how sacred it is that we DO have a Flow of Blood. We’ve forgotten the sacredness of what this means to us. We’ve lost the precious care of ourselves as Creators of Life. We no longer see our ability to BLEED as something precious, to be honored.

There are ancient practices of women holding ceremony and allowing their blood to seep into the earth beneath them. These women understood their bodies harbored something so holy and powerful as to cherish and honor it. WE recognized the power of our ability to bleed and to bring life and healing through our blood.

And so what this quote has brought to me is this question: How do YOU bleed? Whether you look through the lens of your Creative Force, your Passion, and/or your Physical Body and the actual cycle of menstruation. As a woman who carries ancient sacred lineage, how do you bleed? And with whom will you explore this aspect of being Woman?


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7 thoughts on “How Do You Bleed?”

  1. How do I bleed…. with great sensitivity and thoughtfulness. My body always gives me lots of warning signs and signals so I never end up staining clothes or sheets. She starts to get stronger spasms in my lower back and that’s when I know, to reach down into my cunt and look for my first blood. When I find her, I go to the bathroom with my Diva Cup. I part my vulva lovingly, gently, and insert my cup deep into my vagina. She collects for 12 hours and I release my blood in the shower, with fascination, sometimes spilling her onto my legs first to watch her run freely, swirling pink down the drain. On day three coming into four, she stops for a full 24 hours. I get a small break, and remove my cup. At the first sign of blood, 24-36 hours later, I replace my cup, and catch the last 3-4 days of the precious blood, leaving my body slowly, lightly, and with great care. xxx

  2. I’m so glad you are talking about this. I have been thinking about this for some time now. I’m 32 and really just over the past few months I’ve been drawn to look deeper into the sacredness of my blood. I’ve been discussing it with other women too. It’s synchronicity that got me to read your post as I often have too many emails to read them all. Very well said and I hope this will make more women and men aware of this sacred and creative blood we carry.

    1. I’ve been sitting with this, and your comment, for the last several days, dear Sabrina. There feels to be so much here that is calling to us, wanting to be seen, to be honored and loved into our awareness. Just after posting this, I experienced a deep healing around our bleeding, our relationship to all being offered to us as women in embracing this potent energy we carry. We’re ten years apart in age, and yet, it seems we are each innately seeking a purer and more sacred connection to who we are in relation to our ability to bleed and to hold such creative power. Thank you for sharing here. Thank you for having a moment to not only read this post, but to type in the comments as well. I so very much appreciate your presence and thoughts. xo

  3. “We’ve lost the precious care of ourselves as Creators of Life,” and the sacredness and honor of this role in the world. I see this powerfully in the secular world we live in, in the young women who starve the life giving blood out of themselves and scorn the gift of motherhood, laying it aside like it was just another “career” path. On the other side of the coin I see women everywhere, recognizing that something is missing and stretching, yearning, seeking to find just what that is. It may just be there, in the awakening of the divine within each of us. Beautiful, thought provoking post. Thank you.

    1. So much healing we are experiencing around this part of being women. The most beautiful thing we can remember is that for each woman whose awakening we witness, there are ten more we don’t see. We are all yearning in some way, and the more we listen to that inner voice and respond to what SHE brings to us, the more we bring that healing into ourselves and so the world around us. I feel and sense so much more to be explored in this conversation. Love to you, dear friend. xo

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