Pierced by Love

My first vision of pure, holy love was witnessing mystic Andrew Harvey as he passionately spoke of the Sacred Feminine. I believe that was my introduction to ‘HER’ as well. My whole body felt his fire, the Sacred Heart energy so very new to me – and yet, not. Feeling the passion and ardent love Andrew has for Her awakened something very potent inside my being. That was nearly 10 years ago. Since that time, I’ve carried the sensation and vision of the Sacred Heart in my being, knowing that mystical, burning fire smolders and flames within me, too.

There’s a very distinct difference between what we have for so long *known and are now truly sinking into and FEELING on a whole new level. I wrote about an emptiness over two weeks ago. The energy has amped up since that time, with the last two weeks feeling like a continual state of what I was perceiving as sadness. Last night, a deeper awareness crept into my being, and I understood this is not sadness, but a Sacred Tenderness. A piercing of my heart over and over again.

Bernini's St. Teresa in Ecstasy
Bernini’s St. Teresa in Ecstasy

Perhaps St. Teresa of Avila describes it best with her words in St. Teresa of Avila: The Book of My Life:

I saw an angel in bodily form standing very close to me on my left side…

The angel was not large; he was quite small and very beautiful. His face was so lit up by flame that I thought he must belong to the highest order of angels, who are made entirely of fire. He didn’t tell me his name…

I saw that he held a great golden spear. The end of the iron tip seemed to be on fire. Then the angel plunged the flaming spear through my heart again and again until it penetrated my innermost core. 

When he withdrew it, I felt like he was carrying the deepest part of me away with him. He left me utterly consumed with the love of God. The pain was so intense that it made me moan. The sweetness this anguish carries with it is so bountiful that I could never wish for it to cease. The soul will not be content with anything less than God. 

I’ve known of this, heard of this, read of this. I’m now experiencing this. Tears that come even when there isn’t a circumstance in life to prompt them. Love that expands so huge in my heart I am broken with its sensation. Several of the women in my circles – and a few men, too – are sharing awareness of an expansion that is occurring in present time. Each feels it differently. Some are increasing their psychic abilities, others are sinking deeper into their gift of loving unconditionally. For me, it’s the fire of passion that stirs deep within. The sensation of falling in love – deep, passionate love – over and over again. My greatest gift for myself and others is more and more becoming speaking my heart, openly, without apology and without fear of how I may be perceived. Sacred Love. The Sacred Heart. Tenderness that runs so deep, it’s as Teresa felt it to be – a piercing over and over again that penetrates to the very core.

I’m curious how you may be experiencing this opening in your own energy and frequency. Would love to hear your stories here or over on Facebook – Kissing the Sacred.

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2 thoughts on “Pierced by Love”

  1. Every week I listen to Colette Baron Reid’s energy updates. The last couple of months, she’s been talking about embracing the void…that space between who we were, and who we are becoming. She’s said a number of times that it’s vitally important to keep – unattached – about how our new being comes into form. She said it’s not like anything we’ve ever personally experienced before…in our past (collectively and individually). I think that is where I am right now….just moving in the Void without labelling my experiences or myself in too much detail. Honestly, while I know who I AM better than ever before, I also know that I am in deep transformation. My BFF (59) and I (57) were talking about this over the weekend – she having recently lost her mom and herself a grandmother, and me dealing with my mom, and also a grandmother. We love more deeply than we ever have. We are more accepting. More patient. We also spend more time than we are comfortable with thinking about our own mortality. But we move with the discomfort, not against it…feeling it out like a tender spot in our mouths that our tongues just can’t keep away from.
    So while I’m in this rather shaped-yet-shapeless Void, I think what I am opening more to than anything else is deepening the journey into heart to discover what (or who) might be there.

    1. I love the way you see the canvas of life, my friend. Your comments always give me pause, as though I need time to absorb them before replying. You allow so much of yourself to be shared in each one. ‘If we move with the discomfort, not against it’ – that really stood out to me and has become a very big part of my own experience these last few weeks. I’m more and more tapping in to what I carry within to be able to run my tongue over the rough spot and not need it to become something smooth. Thank you for this, for allowing me to see and feel your connection and wisdom in the void so clearly and purely. xoxo

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