Baring HER Breast

As we work with the breasts, as we love the breasts, as we listen to the breasts, as we begin to engage with the breasts, we activate them, and in turn open our heart and unleash our desires. ~ Lisa Schrader, Awakening Shakti This quote was shared on one of my favorite Facebook communities: Sacred Breast 

I feel it – that sensation that ripples all over my body as a post so intimate as this begins to press its way through my fingertips. I can scarcely get the words out fast enough. The vision, the release my own expression brings every time I take what feels to be a ‘risk’ such as this, kisses every cell of mine more and more awake and into fiery passion. I felt it when I wrote The Sacred Orgasm, and I feel it now.

‘And in turn open our heart and unleash our desires.’ Does it give you pause to read this in relationship to breasts? Whether you are male or female – I’m curious how this statement of breasts as gateways to the heart sits within you? 

Ecstasy by Ines Honfi
Ecstasy by Ines Honfi

It feels like a neon sign blinking out what my soul has known to be true for some time now. I wrote an essay paper on it in 2007, after attending a weeklong sacred intensive. What I understood then was how, for me, my breasts have always been on ‘center stage.’ They came out of nowhere with a GRAND entrance when I was just in 4th grade. And they’ve led me into the heart of my self. I was able to sense how my own beloved feline dying of breast cancer at that very time was part of the entire grace dripping over us. 

There is a deep opening that occurs in us as women – in me as a woman – when we allow ourselves to drop old beliefs, programming and lies around the breast. This isn’t just about rejection of pornography which is the perhaps more popular response. I’m talking about how WE as WOMEN feel about OUR OWN breasts. How we see them, how it feels to carry them on our chest, how it feels to breathe life into and through our breasts. There is a distinct sensation that arises when we do that. For some it’s erotic, others feel courage, perhaps a sense of pride in who we know ourselves to be. Some women hold our ‘wild’ there. And by that, I mean the free flowing, untamed and uncensored spirit of our inner core. And as unique as our breasts are, is the same measure of uniqueness each woman feels in the cells of her body about who she is, about how she loves this world and most intimately – how she loves herself. 

Hold this last bit with you – what does it feel like to listen to, engage with and activate your breasts? Do you know? I know. I know what it feels like with my whole body, but most especially in my breasts. It feels alive and awake, it feels like red, hot pulsing passion for all of what my life is, for all of who I am and every beautiful, beating and raw sensation that flows through my body. This is what I know to be true. Our Sacred Blood as women, as the Divine Feminine flows with an intense power through our breasts, our glorious and magnificent gateway to the heart of who we are. 



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2 thoughts on “Baring HER Breast”

  1. The Breasts are the physical expression of a woman’s subconscious nature, which has been listening to you, your friends, your parents, and others, as to the size you will become, and in the past this would have been thought of, as the will of the Goddess, to suit your nature. Quite often, women are disappointed by their size, as the subconscious can only go on feelings, as it perceives. I came across this piece of poetry some time ago, that seems to supply an answer – ‘I no longer try to change outer things. They are simply a reflection. I change my inner perception and the outer reveals the beauty so long obscured by my own attitude. I concentrate on my inner vision and find my outer view transformed. I find myself attuned to the grandeur of life and in unison with the perfect order of the universe. Daily Word

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