Sexuality. This is Your Conscience.

These were the words accompanying this image, linking it to a post apparently no longer visible. The words and image alone stirred something inside myself. Sexuality has a conscience? What does that look like or mean?

What it felt like inside me, this sensual pairing of words and visual imagery, was yet another layer of liberating the censorship and darkening of our sexuality. It felt like setting her free, letting her breathe and dance and become drunk on her own self, lost in the ecstatic bliss of falling into love with being love, making love, becoming love. Too many barriers to doing so. Too much judgment and labeling of what is right and what is wrong. Overload of illusion and lies.

golden shoes


It’s changing though, shifting course with rapid and fiery pace. Are you experiencing it? Perhaps it’s especially potent for me, having stuffed, quieted and barely recognized my own sexuality all these years. We came into this life knowing one another very well. As I’ve shared here before, I have always loved the idea of sex, the sensual connection we feel in our bodies when in touch with something erotic. And really – that can be absolutely anything.

What if the ‘conscience’ of sexuality is symbolized in this image? It evokes a luxury of presence, a confidence, richness, deep sense of being. We might imagine a woman that knows who she is, feeling beautifully and radiantly comfortable in her own skin. For me, the image pulls forth a full body response. The rest of her story draws me and her presence is alluring.

This is how I want to walk through this life. Ever on the verge of being penetrated by the mystical, drenching in sacredness all around me. It’s more and more what my entire being is waking up to, re-membering. The conditioning has very little hold anymore. So what I know in this moment, is that if my sexuality has a conscience, it runs crystal clear, always holy and sometimes very, very red hot.

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8 thoughts on “Sexuality. This is Your Conscience.”

  1. I’m so happy for you, that you are experiencing this liberation. 🙂 It’s something that every woman, well…young girl, really…should be taught straight up. There’s always a balance as a parent, I guess, about what and how much to say to our girls about sex. My own upbringing was considerably different than the way I brought up my daughter. Hopefully, she builds on that when it comes to my grandson – the idea that sex is a wonderful thing to enjoy mindfully.

    I’ve never considered the idea of my sexuality having a conscience of it’s own. I believe every cell contains a part of the whole, and so even the idea of “sexual” energy isn’t part of my personal philosophy. I believe energy just IS, and where it flows (through our heart, our clits, our hands) is just a matter of our physical chemistry (hormones play a huge part) and our conscious awareness/intent.

    I’m a recovered sex addict. So liberating myself sexually has never been an issue! LOL “Control”, now that was a biggy…How and when and with whom I had sex with…and more importantly…WHY… and that’s where conscious came in for me. That’s where the recovery lay.

    By definition, a conscious is our inner guide into what is “right” and what is “wrong”. When it comes to sex, that can be a tricky distinction. For example, in the Christian church, I was taught that masterbation was ‘wrong’. What a joke! Because even little babies will touch themselves to bring pleasure and comfort. I was a young girl in the “Free Love” 60s, and so one night stands, “love the one your with”, was a very prevalent message. One I engaged in. The problem was, society STILL hasn’t got to the point where they look at women the same way they look at men. Let’s say a guy has 100 sexual partners. What a STUD! Sowing his oats and all that. But let a woman say she’s had 100 sexual partners, and what is the immediate “knee jerk” response? Judgement.

    So we have to move through all this religious and cultural bullshit to get to the Truth. This image, with that word, invokes a feeling of frivolousness to me…sort of a reflection of the lighter side of sex. The fun, flirty side. If I were to “guess”, the conscious of this woman’s sexuality would be saying, “Yeah, this is good…this is pretty…look, I’m pretty and sexy”….a study in self awareness and self appreciation.

    I would not pick up on the darker side of sex from this photo at all.

    1. I love the way you allow yourself to move with what comes through you. I can feel this woman as very sexy, feeling her full sensuality, not apologizing for it, letting her whole self become filled with the fire of it and sitting in its essence with purity and pride.

      And I couldn’t agree more – about how we engage the conversation – the ENERGY of our sexuality, our sensuality, our bodies and all that comes with it as women – with our daughters. I’ve been especially mindful of this with our youngest, who is so beautiful and built with a stunning body. I don’t want her to think if she dresses a certain way, speaks a certain way, acts a certain way – she’s all those nasty labels we as women (and men do it too) place on ourselves and each other. She loves her short shorts and so what? That makes her ‘too much?’ I’m very conscious of how we talk about it, of her knowing she can choose anything she wants and there will at times be a significant reaction to doing so when it goes against the ‘norm.’

      ‘A study in awareness and self appreciation’ – we could all use a little more of that, couldn’t we? xo

      1. I think self awareness and appreciation could be a lifelong practice for some of us…until we get it right. LOL :(pointing to myself here…) 🙂 Seriously, though, you are very kind. I’m so sorry if I went off on a tangent. It happens sometimes when I’m awake in the wee hours with only my own thoughts and crickets for company. And this is a subject that I’m particularly….sensitive….to. At one time I was that sexy woman you described. In fact, my identity was so wrapped up in my sexuality that when I hit the Change and everything sort of disappeared, I went through a real challenging period. Who was I, if I no longer navigated and negotiated and interpreted life through that particular lens? I remember a boyfriend (I was almost 40) telling me that I used my body like a weapon. Interestingly enough, that wasn’t necessarily a compliment! LOL After that came a very sad period in my life and the sex addiction took a much darker turn, (involving, initially, the internet. Oh, what a slippery slope it can be) I ended up hurting not only myself but the people closest to me, including my children. It was a marriage counselor we were seeing that diagnosed me as a sex addict…and while I did the 12 Step program for awhile, it was actually working in group with a Zen bodhisattva that I actually became well. It may sound funny, but sometimes I’m glad that menopause brought such a dramatic change in my libido. It’s freed me dramatically in many way. Oh, and all the best with your daughter. I’ve seen her and she’s just gorgeous. Kinda glad I don’t have to go through the “short short” period again….unfortunately, not everyone is as enlightened and non-judgmental as we would like and my own daughter had some heavy prices to pay for expressing her liberation in that manner. Be well, Jackie!

  2. my heart no longer whispers ❤ It yells to You …….. You are a blazing volcano and tornado of love , obliterating all that is OLD in pattern , ushering in the new . always the new , with every breath , every nanosecond ………….. You are more than You could ever have imagined ….
    and breathe , love on …………. There is Only one Jackie . She knows what she knows and will not back away anymore ……….
    Love , Your Catherine

    1. It’s amazing to me, my Catherine, that every time I feel I’m opening a door that was intended to remain closed, it feels so ‘risque.’ And then I look back and see it was but a mere crack. Inside me, it’s like lightning bolts, breaking down barriers that have been part of who I am for much too long. I know you see, you feel, you honor all of this, and it lifts me up even more. Nope, no backing away anymore. The volcano will do as she will. And I will keep saying yes. Love you. xoxo

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