Language of the Body

Censorship perpetuates shame, which in turn fosters ignorance. And ignorance prevents change. So it’s a very dangerous trajectory to shy away from the language of the body.  ~ Dr. William Masters, ‘Masters of Sex’

As a young girl I knew what it was to feel the truth burning in my body, even as from the pulpit our pastor taught it was wrong, even sinful, to trust our feelings – the very FEELINGS that originate and emanate from our bodies. Much like in the movie Footloose I was raised in the belief that the body will always betray you through its lusty desires and abandoned surrender into temptation. And anything that wasn’t deemed pure was considered to be temptation. That is – pure through the eyes of some presupposed ‘law’ that is fully outside oneself rather than originating from our strongest Source – within.

Burning-Man-Day-1 (897 of 1210)-X3
Burning Man, Day 1 by Trey Ratcliff

The language of the body. For me it’s complex, multi-layered with seduction, sensuality, purity, wisdom, grace and ancient intelligence. My body beautifully guides me into the spaces where I feel potent, passionate love – the kind that links both hearts and bodies alike. My body is my greatest authority on what is healthy for me. I have only to check in when eating food to feel whether it will settle well or not. My body knows when I need more rest and when movement and flow are what will most benefit my overall well being. My body is a clear indicator of what is called for in order to sink deeper into the wildness that continually calls to me, the nakedness I – and I believe so many of us if not all, desire to walk through this life wearing.

Censorship perpetuates shame. Feel the truth in that. When we censor what we feel in our bodies to only that which is ‘acceptable,’ we shut down a part of who we truly are. Our truth lives deep in our bodies, in our hearts, our souls, our gut instincts – all of which are housed within our physical bodies in some way. Each is connected to a greater network of mystical knowledge and presence, and yet we individually here on this planet carry that same intelligence and engage in dialogue with it through our own BODIES. This, this is the language of the body. It lives and breathes in every cell, every heart beat, every orgasmic moment, every zenlike experience. It can be wild and raging as a lioness and equally soft and gentle as whisper.

Time to release our shame by dropping the censorship – of who we are, what we feel, how we express ourselves and all that we carry in the beautiful holy sanctuary that is our body. It’s time to step fully into the language of our bodies; to understand there is a living, breathing Entity that we are, and we ALONE contain the highest intelligence of what is needed, of what is ‘right’ and acceptable for our own personal journey on this planet. There is no greater authority to guide us. We are it. We are the Divine, sovereign Voice of what is true, what is authentic, what is beautiful in our lives, in our selves. There is no greater knowledge or higher authority. And it’s time we really sink into that reality and operate from a new place of holding ourselves in such high regard.


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2 thoughts on “Language of the Body”

  1. Our bod has so m of wisdom to share with us. Listen! She will tell you what you need whether food or movement, whether sex or rest. All you need to know is housed within this amazing network on cells, stop ignoring your body.

  2. iT’S WAY TIME …… hello x lock and load …………………personally done with all that stuff ……
    hello hello hello …………….
    we live in our bodies , we Love in our bodies …………….
    there are not separate from US ……
    Love xx C

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