Captivating Beauty

It seems for women especially the mere mention of ‘beauty’ carries so many triggers. We move through times of believing it doesn’t or shouldn’t matter at all. In other moments it feels to be what matters the most. Upon seeing our reflection in the mirror we sometimes believe the physical beauty of ourselves is the total sum of our value. And there are occasions when we catch a glimpse of our reflection and sink deep into the essence of our true beauty, understanding and seeing at once how it glimmers through our skin to reveal the most intimate and sacred parts of who we are.

‘Beauty’ and the desire for it, the nurturing of it has for many women become a dirty word. I wonder how this relates for our male counterparts? How does beauty compute in the interior of the man’s sensual nature?

I myself shunned my own physical beauty in its entirety for several years. There were very real and painful life circumstances that led me to such total feminine abandonment of myself, and yet I believed it to be the most kind thing I could do. Interestingly, even as I share this conversation with you now I can hear some of the old rumblings that lead women to feeling guilt and shame over the ways we love and adorn ourselves.

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There’s a natural desire to feel our full feminine sensuality. We do so through the feel of the clothes we choose to place against our skin. Through the fragrances we allow to seep into and through our pores. We each carry our own natural, very sweet scent for those who are close enough to breathe us in deeply. Our hair is for many of us an expression and carrier of our soul’s magic. The colors and styles we wear serve as indicators of our inner truth, our present mood and as a statement of how we engage this world.

With all the rage against the very overstated beauty industry, we have perhaps forgotten the nuance of what our true beauty is. It’s not merely on the inside as so many would have us to believe. When we pause and truly take in the essence of a woman, allowing that in fact her appearance–the ways in which she presents and holds herself–is an exterior, visual statement of her inner essence, we gain a pure sense of her true beauty. For beauty flows through her pores, spilling over into the outer layer of her human body. Beauty, dear loves, is not merely ‘spiritual,’ but very, very physical as well.

It’s in our natural programming to become drawn to beauty in all her forms. Yes, we each have our own unique taste and desire when it comes to our attractions, but it remains true we all carry and respond to the allure of beauty herself.

It took a few years for me to feel her nudging once again, to welcome beauty into my life beyond the esoteric and yes, very ‘safe’ manifestation of her presence. The more I saw and felt my true self, the more I remembered who I am and invited the sensation of all the beauty that is me. We do great harm to our being when we lock beauty into one way of walking in this world. It would do us well to become unraveled in her presence, to expand and petition Beauty herself to penetrate our senses, announcing her arrival and desire to be seen, felt and heard on every level of all we are. I sense she has much to arouse in us yet.


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11 thoughts on “Captivating Beauty”

  1. Love your thoughts on this. I have and inner dialogue lately regarding beauty, the suppression of women and the explosion of obesity….thoughts I need to allow to simmer a while till they can be expressed in a way that matters. And

    1. I’m very interested to read, to hear these thoughts, these deep feelings that have come to you, through you. As you well know, every woman has a story to share, an ancient wisdom wound within the telling of it. We need to hear the voice of women, we need to speak as women, to love, to laugh hard with one another, to weep aloud or silently. Each of these are touchstones of our own beauty. So many factors in the allowing, the welcoming, the inviting of it. xx

  2. Just love your thoughts & this is a diamond among pearls. Women are beauty, as well as men, but women are the summit to the male base camp.
    Every women, each in their own way, have beauty to exhibit, to feed their & the male soul. They don’t need approval because the beauty is inherent in all.
    They do themselves a disservice by demeaning, silencing, ignoring their beauty, (apologies Jacqueline) for their beauty is their strength.

    1. I love how you express this Brian, and was especially paused and have read several times ‘women are the summit to the male base camp.’ There’s so much ‘politically correct’ conversation around this – even our own ‘deprogramming’ as women moves us away from ourselves at times rather than deeper within. Beauty, it feels, has become a touchy conversation amongst ourselves, within ourselves. We wrestle with feeling beautiful in our bodies because we’ve ‘transcended’ ourselves into believing it isn’t about that. In reality beauty exists in EVERY body of our beings – emotional, spiritual, psychological, and OF COURSE physical. We are the very virtue of beauty – especially the feminine presence.

      And you are so right – it’s a great disservice. It’s an absolute act of treasonous betrayal to all we are at the core of our selves. For me personally, one I believed was necessary in order to be healthy on the inside. And then….I remembered. I AM beauty. She lives in me to be expressed in every way i desire. She is indeed, my strength. xx

    1. I do, Beauty Star that you are. This sensation of demeaning, silencing, ignoring our beauty in favor of making a statement, in favor of ‘spirituality’ has GOT to stop. I love what you bring into our world in the name of beauty. xxxx

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