Burning in Holy Fires

I’m engaged in an intense love affair – the kind of connection that wakes up my Everything. Her name…


And She is a Fierce Lover. Her way is to hold steady, staying the course with continual arousal of my most intimately protected cracks and curves.

I’ve known of her for some time. A few months ago we found ourselves together under not-so-pleasant circumstances. I was certain she’s not my type – the OPPOSITE of my type in fact. The repulsion in myself was beyond a simple ‘no thank you.’ (Add a string of expletives spat in disgust of her ways.)

Kali was NOT for me.

Until…she was. I’ve found her to be incredibly attentive. She appears at the most unexpected times, stirring my emotions into a fiery whirlwind. The depth of her entry into my being has been mingled with fires igniting in my belly without warning. Burning consummation.


Our affair began when a beloved woman shared with me a more intimate perspective on Kali’s appetite for drinking blood – the blood of her kills. This very practice absolutely nauseated me when I first learned of it. Kali and I would NEVER be lovers.

So I thought…

I had always believed her to be a violent, raging, furious Goddess exacting her revenge. What I learned that day settled into the recesses of my being, those very dark crevices where the light is challenged to come through. Ever.

Kali drinks the blood because she knows her own power. The blood being spilled in her rage against ‘evil’ would simply regenerate upon touching the ground. Rather than cultivate more destruction, Kali drank the blood…

Because She has the power to transmute it into holy healing and love.

This…is the seed she has planted in my body over and over again…


We burned together this last weekend. As women across the globe made their hearts, voices, presence known by marching – Kali and I were on fire, marching in my own body. What showed up as searing pain and fury became transmuted into Power, Remembrance, Honoring.

She held me close with tender kisses and the sweetest caress as I reached into the shadowy, dank corners of my body and consciousness to call back my spirit, my Ancient Feminine Power.

We made fiery, intense love over and over until my raw edges began to soften. As I writhed between pain and ecstasy, She held me close, whispering remembrance and holy, hot love into my being.

I love her madly. I bow to Kali’s love for me, her breath in my body, her tongue on my flesh. She has consistently shown up and loved me with penetrating passion and holiness, burning off my excess, purifying from the inside out.

We drank the blood together, pulsing as One being in holy motion. We called up our deepest power and transmuted – burning off the lies and antiquated programming that was never really ours to begin with. We sank with holy ecstasy into the afterglow, letting it consume us fully from this new space of being.

I love her. And I’m deeply grateful to her relentless pursuit of my sacred heart. Kali. My new Love.

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Inspiring fiery passion through soul connection. Lover, Seducer, Awakener, Firestarter, Visionary. #kissingthesacred

3 thoughts on “Burning in Holy Fires”

    1. I can feel the Truth of it, Joss…She continually comes for me as Goddess Love, expanding my ability to hold, give, receive Her. BECOME HER. She has come for me….and will again. I’ll say yes to Her….over and over. Xxx

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