Jacqueline ~ A Personal Note

My intention in writing here as I do is to invite each of us – including myself – to engage our sexuality through a sacred lens. It feels we’ve done this through our thoughts for some time, and we are in present time allowing ourselves to do so through our bodies, through ‘out loud’ expressions that have for too long been considered taboo.

For me, there are posts made here that are my own way of processing through what I feel is truth in my body, and then sharing that truth without the filters of making sure everyone who reads it feels okay about the sensations aroused in their own bodies. With every word I write, there is a liberation of my own voice taking place, an unfiltered honesty that is palpable and has been at the heart of my interior hunger for most of my life.

I experience life through a lens of the sensual, and yes the very sexual. From childhood years, there was a fixation on boys and sexuality. It was always ‘wrong’ in my world and the older I became, the less that felt ‘right’ to me. This space serves in many ways as my own unveiling, and I believe the loosening of chains to which we have bound ourselves through lifetimes of silence, rejection and punishment. It’s our time to release the restrictions originating from within our very own selves.

This is part of my purpose here, now – to awaken the sensual stirrings in our bodies as a portal to the sacred in our souls; to remember the holy power offered to us through our sexuality. The ecstasy is ours to claim. We have only to say yes. ~  Jacqueline

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Jacqueline L. Robinson is a fiery visionary of the heart. She has recently come to understand her intense soul desire to lead others in reclaiming their own voice, body love and sensual nature as the Sacred Feminine. She shares her heart and passion through Kissing the Sacred on Facebook and is presently in the process of writing her first book. 
Sacred erotic awakening is the current calling in her life, and she follows the intimate voice of her heart in understanding each ‘next step.’ Jacqueline has studied mysticism with Andrew Harvey and Caroline Myss, attended mystery school at Chartres Cathedral in France, as well as taken an intensive course in mediumship with world renowned medium Lisa Williams. In 2012, she began creating private women’s retreats and virtual groups to break through the patriarchal barriers and integrate an expansive and holy, sensual way of being. A New England native, Jacqueline now savors life in Atlanta with her husband and three grown children.

Contact: jackie@jackielrobinson.com

The following poem was written in response to a beloved friend asking ‘who are you?’ I closed my eyes, felt into who I am, and these are the words that followed….

I am born of beauty, of love and grace
With a voice powerful enough to wake mountains.
I am love, seduction and sultry heat
Capable of stirring the juices of our senses.

I am Jacqueline, Queen of Hearts. My fire ignites my passion and sets flame to those of others. I honor my heart first, letting her be the compass that guides every next step.

I am a lover, giving all I am to my own self first and then to those I most love. My love has no bounds and is wide open to come and settle into my being in any way she most desires. She carries a depth of presence intense with dripping holiness, infusing that into every soul she touches, every cell of flesh mingled with her own. She is a fierce lover, Sacred Prostitute whose body is in every way a divine temple of mystical awakening.

I am a mother whose heart is full with adoration for her babies. As my love is poured upon them, teardrops fall in release of what is held too tight for breath, fears dissolve into love, hearts open with the beauty of one’s pure light. This is the way I love. Madly.

I am a writer at heart, with so much yet to say to myself and the world in which I walk with grace. Words are my mistress, saturated with so much purity and sensuality, one can’t help but become entranced upon feeling them. I am an author, even now as my first book begins to fill my womb space.

I am a rebel, unwilling to succumb to anything that displeases or torments my own heart. Conviction is my bedfellow, and together we make wild, passionate love to this world.

 I am a mystic, walking the path of her own soul’s voice. She is the intimate companion to whom I am in constant surrender. She is the ‘captain of my ship’ – the whispers in my feminine body that compel me to walk blindly into the mist of my truth.

 I am a woman on fire with the hunger for more. My love knows no bounds and breeds only more fire and seduction. This is who I am. A lover of me. And of you. xxx