Jacqueline L. Robinson

Reading The DaVinci Code in 2004 served as a very deep call into the Sacred Feminine for Jacqueline. Since that time she has immersed herself in the study and awakening of ancient feminine mysteries, and through an intimate connection with St. Teresa of Avila began to understand on a deeper, mystical level the sensations that have rippled through her body with ecstasy since she was a young girl. Over the last 13 years, Jacqueline has been in a continual state of initiation, revealing more and more of the wisdom, oracle and powerful healing carried within our bodies. EMBODIMENT is her practice – and after several years of working with women as both guide and participant, virtually and in physical space, one-onone as well as in group settings – she brings her ‘work’ into yet another evolution of being.

Through her innate gift for sacred touch bodywork, divine feminine practice and deep  healing, Jacqueline is a powerful force of soul expansion. Channeling the Goddess, she creates and becomes a Divine Feminine Womb portal to remove the debris of inherited patterning and unlock dormant internal coding dating  back to the Temples of Isis. Her dharma has become dynamically activated through the experiences and awakenings of her own body, emotions and  heart – allowing her to bring the richness of her wisdom, surrender and Life Force to those she engages.

With acknowledgment, embrace and transmutation of every layer that is ‘not ours,’ we expand into the depths of our own Divine signature and truth. In the process of our deep awakening, there is a continual death and rebirth of the self, of the Goddess within. She is here, now – beckoning us deeper into the Void of her Cosmic Womb. We are ready. This is our time. Just say yes. ~ Jacqueline L. Robinson

Contact: jackie@jackielrobinson.com