Prayer of Service

My eyes are closed–and my heart wide open.

With a soft and gentle spirit


Asking, imploring to know

What would you have me do?

I am yours–to serve, to love, to pray, to support.

Show me the way, for


My soul’s greatest desire is to love, to connect, to share

And bring together the many across this Planet

In harmony, love, joy and peace.




Available to all.


Quiet mind, open heart.

As the waves wash over the shore,

Let Love sweep over me–through me.

Let her tenderness penetrate my every cell, expanding through all of my being.

Let the fire of her Grace warm my very soul.

Let her tendrils wrap around my body in its entirety.


Quiet mind, open heart.

As the bird sings his song,

Let my voice be freed.

Let its melodic tone be played aloud.

Let the lyric of my inner truth be heard.

Let the singing of my own heartsong bring joy to others.

Let the utterance of peaceful bliss inspire a Spirit of Unity.


Feeling.  Loving.  Seeing.

My eyes are opened within–the veil drawn back.

I see me.  Beautiful, glowing, radiant Being of Light.

I am the essence of Love and Grace.

I am a reflection of Divine Presence.

I AM–enough.  Perfect.  ME.


Alive.  Out loud.

In connection with all of Life.

Listening.  Choosing.  Creating.




Thriving Beauty

“Thriving Beauty”

You can sense her movement, flowing outward.  Love thrives in the pulse of her heart. She whispers sacredness into your soul and offers tantalizing delights to your senses.  What do you feel as you gaze upon her Thriving Beauty?

Follow Your Heartsong

There are times I feel strongly the desire to express through writing, but the words escape me. This morning I decided to pick up an old journal from the middle of 2007 and seek out some of the poetry I had written a few years ago. Reading those lyrics that seem such a short time ago in my life, I was instantly aware of how far I’ve come and how much has been released over the last 3 1/2 years of this journey. The shift within myself was immediate, bringing about a clearer perspective on who I am TODAY. Uncertainties, doubts, worries about where I am on my present path vanished as I began to read the words of a woman who had no voice. Searching desperately she implored God, her soul, her self to step into the light, into authenticity.

“What’s there in my soul, hiding out in the dark? Flames would burst into fire – just give me one spark. Let me just get a glimpse of this delicate space. Step out of the shadows, show me your face. Something within is calling to me – I can’t quite hear its voice; it’s barely a whisper yet it feels like a scream. Crying out in great pain, begging me for its ease. ‘You’re not making sense’ comes my reply. Though your lips move, neither words nor sound can escape. What is keeping you mute, can’t you see, don’t you know? Why can’t you break free from this master of your soul? You want to, I see desperation in your eyes. The message seems clear – this is now ‘do or die.'”

As I look back upon the growing pains of developing my own voice, becoming an authentic expression of who I truly am inside–I can both feel her pain and at the same time feel the love that has grown in its place.  This woman had to want it.  She had to need it, desperate enough to risk all her comforts to find it.

And through her eyes, I can now see how much I have healed the holes in my spirit.  She has a voice now–and sings beautifully her heartsong.

Don’t judge where you are in your journey.  Allow yourself to feel what you feel, experiencing what you must in order to release old wounds and burdens.  Beneath all of that breathes a vibrant, extraordinary spirit, just waiting for your permission to BE.

We each have our own heartsong.  Its sweet sounds can be heard when we honor who we are in this very moment and take the time to listen… the whispers of our hearts…..

Love Whispers to Me

~ The Choice to Love ~

Love – because I choose to.

I want to.

It’s me.


I love you because that’s who I am.

My heart tells me so.

Love is not equal


Asked for.


Love is free

Always accessible

Available to all.


There are no rules

No requirements

To love.


I can love any time of day

Anyone I choose

Anywhere I am.


I AM love

And I have only to connect to its presence.


Loving isn’t always about the other person.

I love—

For me.


My heart wants to love

My spirit is love

My soul knows love intimately.


I am love.

I choose love.


Loving is for me.

My heart needs it

And even wants it.


My soul feels whole when I am loving.

My spirit sings

My self smiles.


Whatever I can do today

Whatever I can’t do tomorrow

I can ALWAYS love.


~  Love Calls to Me  ~

Love waits for me behind the door

Welcoming, inviting me into her warm embrace

As I step through the threshold.


She is always there

Chanting silently

“Choose me, choose me.”


She will wait with patience and understanding

She will wait while I decide.


Will I choose love?

How can I possibly find my way to her through the mine field

Of fear, disempowerment, hurt, wounds, expectations?


How do I maneuver these obstacles

Stay the course

And meet her on the other side?


It seems so difficult

But then all at once becomes clear.


She is there

Shining, glowing, warm, radiant

Offering joy, peace, connection.


And so I begin with the choosing.

I choose love.


And one step at a time

I walk toward her.

Feeling love’s heat enter again

Into my heart.


With each step forward

She expands into my being.

Filling every cell

Every finger, every toe.


Tears of release flow gently down.

There goes my anger

And then my fear

Hot streams of my pain and pride run down my face.


And I keep walking

Looking up

Realizing how close to her full, beautiful presence I have come.


My heart is soft


Opening up fully to her.


I reach out my hand to touch her

Her gentle arms open to me.

We connect

A warm and deep embrace.


And when I open my eyes to look again

Her form is gone.

Yet I feel her so completely in my entire being.

She is with me still.


AS me.

We are one.

Love and I.

United—joined in grace.


I am relaxed now.

My heartbeat speaks the language of her

Of me

Of love.


We are one now.

Love and I.

I am love.


~  by Jackie L. Robinson  2.16.11  ~



Nature Song


Butterflies dance by
Leaves gently blow;
My own heart cries out
Longing with them to go.

“I want to be free!”
Comes the call meant for me.
“I want to fly high,
Through the sky and just BE!”

The sun shines brightly,
Burning light into my heart;
Drawing me ever so near–
Lest my song should depart.

Mockingbird sings loudly his notes
To all who can hear;
Caring not whom he mimics
In his place, without fear.

Calm floats through the trees
As though whispering peace;
Breathing life into all who dare
Engage such release.

Adorned with grace and elegance
The mourning dove rests–
Then gathers delicate pieces
To feather her nest.

The cardinals too
Join this heartsong parade;
Love is openly shared
From their perch in the shade.

I am blessed to be here
In the sanctuary of our Mother.
And my prayer now to you–
“Let my heart speak to others.”

Jackie L. Robinson ~ 12.10.06