Around the Globe ~ Giving Back

We all have blessings come into our lives. And we are each given the means by which to be of service in a way that means the most to us personally. These are some sites and organizations I’ve found along the way that may offer you the opportunity to give in a way that feels right for you.

Free Rice – I personally LOVE this page!  Play a fun word game while contributing grains of rice to countries around the globe.  “Each right answer donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.”

Kiva – This organization has found an ingenious way to use your dollars to help struggling entrepreneurs across the planet.  All of them are working towards earning a living for their family and creating a life for themselves.  The unique thing about Kiva is that you only loan your dollars.  Once the recipient has their business up and running, they pay back the loan.  You can then either collect your dollars, or loan them to another Kiva entrepreneur.  What a beautiful way to invest in the empowerment of others!

Tabby’s Place – This is an organization close to my own heart. Tabby’s Place was founded by Jonathan Rosenburg after losing his beloved cat Tabby to untreatable cancer. The event was pivotal in his life, causing Mr. Rosenburg to question where he was going in his journey and how to honor Tabby going forward. The result of his inner search is Tabby’s Place. Established in 1999, the cat sanctuary is home to many loving as well as special needs cats. The accommodations are breathtaking, but the love these little felines receive here will warm your heart.

Angel’s Gate – Another loving and compassionate organization committed to the animal kingdom.  Angel’s Gate is a hospice and animal shelter caring for animals with long-term illness/disabilities and special needs.  Dedicated to providing a life of gentle care and comfort, Angel’s Gate offers these creatures physical therapy, medical attention and nursing support.

Earthfire Institute – ‘Earthfire Institute is a place to experience the profound connection between all life.’ One of the things I love most about this animal sanctuary is the compassionate care they give to the animals who grace their presence. Sue and Jean are intimately connected to these sacred beings, offering a dignified and gentle way of life as each needs. The stories and videos of these amazing creatures leaves me smiling and teary eyed at times. 

The Gentle Barn – A place where animals of all kind are offered refuge, healing and sanctuary. There is a clear honoring of Life in how lovingly the staff and volunteers care for the many cows, chickens, ducks and other animals in their care. Sponsor animals who speak to your heart for as little as $10/month.