She ebbs and flows – deeply, gently, fluently in and out of our heartspace. Her presence draws us further still into the blackened and intense depths of what it is to love, to be loved, to become her very essence. We are meant to give ourselves completely to her, and yet every barrier we have constructed through time and space gives us pause. Feel her stirring us into remembering, into becoming spread wide open to receive her, penetrated to the core by her unraveling essence. In those beautiful, ecstatic, glorious moments we become catapulted into another reality, a very different way of being. Our response is to pull back. Beneath our layers there breathes a programmed fear of Love’s pure and potent Life Force. We fear the void of her absence. In her natural (and sometimes messy) ebb and flow there are spaces in which we feel she has left us – naked, alone, bewildered at the chasm she leaves in her wake.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi 

Love is not only the burning, stirring, blissful state of passion and expression – she remains present in the void. In fact – She IS the void. She pulls us close as we enter into that seeming state of emptiness, of lack, of loneliness that leaves us longing for her return yet again. She is there, ever so gently rocking us, caressing and kissing our most tender places and remembering us into opening to her once again. As the very power of unbecoming, holy love breaks us wide open, pouring the dripping honey of her warmth into every barren crack and dry crevice. In the quiet, the stillness and illusory absence of her – she is there, stroking, breathing, loving us into her embrace. This is her deepest desire – to become one with you, to sensually move together through each ebb and flow. Let her come and devour you, satiating her hunger and yours in whatever way she will.