Omnipresent: The Sacred Feminine Balance

She comes in as a gentle hush – settling herself ever deeper into our being, drawing upon the ancient strands of feminine magic and wisdom. There is a pulse of all life being awakened in each one of us. We are holy carriers of the Divine Feminine, and she is here, now, whispering into the recesses of our sacred hearts. ~ Jacqueline, Omnipresent


Omnipresent: The Sacred Feminine Balance is a compilation of stories and wisdom shared through the hearts of eight female authors. I’m absolutely delighted to be a part of this circle of women, both as a contributor and as a witness to the words and heart of each woman. There’s a fierce awakening of the Sacred Feminine on our planet, especially as more and more female voices are speaking aloud the truths we have known for so long.  Huge thank you to Lloyd Matthew Thompson and Starfield Press for the invitation to open my own heart and be present with you in this way. Follow the links below to order your copy in whatever format you love most. And….dear friends….thank you. xx

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Sink into yourself with an understanding that whatever is alive and at work in your being becomes infused with divine power when you allow your heart to feel your attention. A softening occurs, dissolving away old, dead layers of what is no longer yours or true, while at the same time creating space for the concentrated juice of all you truly are and feel to be expressed through your bodies in powerful ways. Love becomes intensified, sharpened, clear and unburdened by guilt, fear, expectations of others. Your interior world is reordered and some expression of your self forever altered. This, the pure holiness of your Divine Feminine, awaits you here, through the portal of your Sacred Heart. ~ Jacqueline, Omnipresent