Sacred Touch Bodywork

Sessions with Jacqueline are unique to each client and last between 60 and 90 minutes. She and her client together enter a portal of healing rooted in ancient feminine healing practices. The experience becomes a ceremonial ritual of sacred honoring and opening into the internal, energetic and physical frequencies one’s being is ready to engage. Through the process there is a natural and gentle release, purification and unbecoming of what is no longer true. With Kali, Inanna, Isis, the Magdalene and others as channels and guides, she brings deep awakening and transmutation – a beautiful and holy container through which to experience rapid healing and increased intimacy with the Divine in self and others.

Jacqueline’s bodywork is ideal for those who are ready to shift energetic patterns and engage a pure and powerful connection with the Sacred Feminine. If you’re in the process of releasing, desire to sink into a deeper sense of self and are ready to awaken into the beauty of who you came here to be  in this lifetime, the experience of Jacqueline’s touch will unlock those ‘gates’ within your being.

Clients have experienced the following:

  • Shifts in DNA structure and patterning
  • Ancestral healing
  • Activation of personal soul blueprint codes
  • Heightened intuitive knowing
  • Deeper mystical connection
  • Emotional release
  • Dissolution of shame, guilt, fear around personal or inherited sexual trauma
  • High vibration infusion of Goddess love
  • Womb opening and healing
  • Heart expansion
  • Radiating self love
  • Embodiment – acceptance, experience, opening, love – deeper connection to the body’s ecstasy and wisdom
  • Increased and/or awakened flow of Shakti energy
  • Improved intimacy with self and others

Jacqueline will connect with each client by phone prior to scheduling sessions. Contact:
Text or call: 404.915.9811