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Caroline Myss Daily Message

“Illness can be a teacher, companion, or challenge-but not a punishment.


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Shifting Energy

Perhaps others of you saw this link this morning – for 2011 horoscopes on Yahoo’s homepage.  Typically I’ll read some of these and can “take it or leave it” – but today I was really drawn to and felt connected with many of the astrological readings for my sign.  What a year it’s going to be!!  If you have any interest in fun astrology – to be taken lightly or more seriously, check out this page:  2011 Horoscopes .  I would love to hear any feedback you might have after reading the outlook for your own sign and what 2011 will bring you.

This is an incredible time of year!  We are on the threshold of what is yet to come.  Stepping into a new year allows us to step into fresh, new energy in our lives.  We can pause and look ahead, contemplating what we wish for ourselves in this new space.  I’m not one for resolutions, but I do very much believe that we can co-create what we desire to be part of our journey, any time of year.  And yet…..there is something exciting about tomorrow being 2011!

Doesn’t it feel as if the new year awaits us with open arms?  Asking us how we see ourselves now…and going forward.  There are so many realms in which we could check in with ourselves…how will we love?  What kind of work will allow us to most creatively use the talents and abilities we have been given?  Where would we like to orchestrate change?  In what areas of our life are we so blessed, we must remember to practice gratitude?  How can we live a life that practices what we believe in and feel most passionate about?

Each of these questions holds its own power.  As you contemplate even one of them, you call to your inner self and the Universal energy that guides your path.  Along with or in place of your resolutions this year, check in with your soul’s compass.  See where you might be drawn to go, what calling you hear from within.  Invite an energy shift into the course of your daily life.

Are you in tune with your spirit’s voice?  Perhaps this is the perfect time to be still long enough to hear what your heart might whisper to you.

Love Cliche’

As I sat down and contemplated what to share here this morning….so many thoughts came through all at once.  Taking a moment to pause….and ask “what does my heart whisper to me?”……there was one clear answer.  It came in the form of a cliche’….of love.

A lyrical gift to us from the Beatles, “all you need is love” begins the dialogue.  Isn’t that true, tho?  When we are feeling fully loved, there is very little that can cause us discontent.  I believe we often KNOW we are loved, but there’s a difference between “knowing” and “feeling.”  Imagine it for a moment….what it FEELS like to be loved.  It’s like the arms of Spirit enfolding you, holding you close and filling you up with its electrifying radiance.  The feeling of love…what a beautiful thing…when we take time and allow ourselves to bathe in its light.  And when we take that moment to remember what love really feels like, on a very conscious level, do we not know….that “love is all you need?”

So for today, perhaps find a quiet space of time – however small or great – in which to allow yourself to become completely embraced by love’s warm acceptance and grace.  And then, let the love flow outward from you wherever it will.  For it’s true that when we are feeling wrapped in the arms of loving gentleness, we naturally offer that same gift to others.  After all…..isn’t a desire for love the whisper of many hearts?

Moving Forward

There’s so much in our world today that we expect to “move forward.”  Whether it be fast food, drive through dry cleaning or express checkout….we are constantly “on the move.”

For me today, there’s a different connotation to “moving forward.”  I love writing, especially when it comes from the heart.  As I sit here with you…I imagine us opening up together over a steaming hot cup of tea….with delightful little cookies to nibble on.  There is nothing pressing us to move quickly….no need for instant gratification.

Where we travel together is a state of being.  Moving forward is stepping into the whole of ourselves, seeing ourselves for who we truly are and with gentleness allowing ourselves to be just that.  There’s no pressure here, no expectations.  Just an easy space of contemplation….openness…..connection to something that compels us to open ourselves to the depth of the Spirit that exists within us.

Within that Spirit lives love, joy, compassion, peace.  These are the true desires of our heart….what we all, in our own way, strive toward.  And so that….my friends… how I am moving forward.  Taking this time, in this space, to listen to the whispers of my own heart.  Perhaps you can hear yours too….

xo – J