Evolving Through Time

I’m remembering today the grace of this journey, as our daughter Lauren graduates.  We begin with the innocence of birth, step into the “illusions” of this world, and along the way, we discover pieces of ourselves perhaps “left behind”–but in truth, they were “always there.”  This is a a time of transformation in Lauren’s life–letting go of these years as a “child” and moving forward into adulthood and setting about on this next chapter of her journey. 

Isn’t that the way?  We are continually growing, changing, evolving, connecting and learning so much about ourselves and this world around us.  Embrace it friends, each step you take is the most important of your life.  This moment, NOW, is what matters most in your journey.  The rest is behind you….or further out in front of you.  Your power is alive within you NOW.

Remember who you are…in THIS moment.  And if you need to look for a little help in doing so, just turn inward and listen….for your heart always sees you clearly….and will whisper the truth of Spirit to you….