Letting the Whispers Be Heard

Sometimes they come so unexpected and in the most unique of ways. I’ve found myself today filled with emotions I wasn’t even aware were welling up inside of me. And I wonder my friends, is this experience familiar to you as well? We go along in life, feeling actually quite happy and contented, even excited at the possibilities. And then suddenly, amidst a seemingly ‘ordinary’ conversation as we begin to share our thoughts or feelings, a rush of tears envelops the words.

It’s not that I’m sad, unhappy or feeling hurt necessarily. What I’m learning as I observe myself and others whom I’ve seen go through this is that when we TALK our feelings out loud, we give power to them. And so it’s certainly true too, that it’s not only the tearful emotional responses that come, but also the empowered sense of being that comes with being onself OUT LOUD.

One of the most beautiful things about writing here and being with all of you is that there are times a smile comes across my face as the AHA! moment creeps in. I was feeling the need to post today about my own emotions surfacing, and only now am fully putting together in a very real way–meaning beyond just the mental realization or the ‘thought process’–that this is another example of the truth flowing into my life from so many directions: I AM Jackie. And as I allow her to speak and feel OUT LOUD on any subject matter–be it through the sacredness of SOULSHARE or the everyday conversation shared with my sister–something stirs within and awakens yet another space of my authentic self. And here’s what’s the greatest gift in this: as I allow this for myself, the very same is offered and awakened in others; often without my ever knowing it to be so.

Oh dear friends…I wonder…do you know how deeply our conversations reach into my being? I know you are here with me. I feel your presence, your love, your AHA!’s being awakened and shared in your own life circles. A most incredible truth is that as I began this post, it was about allowing our emotions to be felt, however it is they make their presence known. As I move through this space with you, we close on a wholly different note, for I am feeling the power of coming together here as ONE. And a very real, very pure and sacred energy pervades our gathering.

And so I thank you. With gratitude in my heart, I thank you for allowing me to share so fully, so openly, so vocally what is my truth….and in some way, to allow me to *see you too. We are witness to one another’s voice and so too, we hold space for the love and connection of our hearts, ‘letting the whispers be heard.’ xo

Traveling Deeper into Authenticity

We are as Dorothy: following the ‘yellow brick road’ only to learn we ‘had the power all the time.’

It feels as though the transformation process is moving at a rapid pace just now. And as I am observing the journey of others, it’s clear this is not true just for me. I believe strongly that we are in a very crucial time of evolution; a space in which our choices carry enormous impact. Making even the smallest decision in our lives seems to release a chain of events that is so much more tangible than ever before.

The deeper we journey into the very soul of our authentic selves, the more our lights shine, the greater the energy we are manifesting. No longer is it just shifting quietly inside us, but the vibrancy of it is animating in a rather wild and miraculous way in our outer lives as well. The two have become intricately intertwined. Where once living a spiritual life meant meditating, burning incense, taking time to be in ‘quiet’–we are now being called to ACT on behalf of our inner truth. The quiet meditation is still part of our practice, but it is no longer enough. CHANGE requires ACTION. And these actions are not merely good deeds.

This energy emanates from the very depths of our souls–the place where our passion lives and breathes, with the brilliance of the perfect diamond. As we encounter enormous acts of inhumanity around the globe, we must turn to something equally as powerful to shift the energy. Prayer is always one of our greatest tools, and I do believe prayer has the power to align us with Universal will. Yet, there must be those of us who are willing to act on the beliefs that fuel our prayers and stand up, speak out and carry the torch on behalf of our planet–OUT LOUD.

As with everything there is a balance, and in no way do I intend to say that everyone must become an activist, taking up a cause and leaving behind our lives in its favor. There are those for whom a quiet inner life is their calling. And I do feel certain they too must live outwardly what they believe as truth in their souls. There are others who stand at the forefront of the movement for change, compassion, ‘Love in Action.’ But what must be true for all of us–however we live our lives–is that we will be asked to stand true in our beliefs, on whatever scale connects to our energies. And when that call comes, we must answer with authentic presence.

For me, the desire to be authentic is reordering so much of how I have lived. OUT LOUD sometimes feels uncomfortable. I can no longer simply keep people happy with quiet resignation of who I am. This is ‘Love in Action.’ And it moves beyond just myself and into a passion to share that love, honoring and allowing others to be their own version of Divine LOVE.

I invite you to travel deeper into your own authenticity and really explore what this all means for you. How do you stand tall in the ‘I AM’ presence that is our sacred being? And what must change in order for you to honor your own personal, inner soul calling? Are you willing to let go of the safety that comes from acquiescing to false truths within yourself? Our time is NOW, my friends. Each one of us is being called. The journey looks different on everyone, but its underlying truth remains the same: I AM a Divine being filled with sacred essence and have been gifted with the grace to live my truth.

Much love.

Opening Up and Stepping Out

Fears will bind us.  Love will free us.  We know this, we’ve heard it so often as we travel in our circles of connection.  And somehow its reality eludes us until a space of our own inner fear is awakened.  

I’m struck by this truth on this lovely morning, as I contemplate my own journey.  Just a few years ago I recall not wanting to talk about the energy of pure Love I felt so strongly within–out of fear that people would reject it.  Seems so silly now, doesn’t it?  Who would reject LOVE?  And yet, in my own dialogue lived the belief that it was too ‘fluffy,’ too ‘positive’–TOO much!  Looking back now I realize how fearful I was to allow love to flow freely within and without.

Caroline Myss talks about the ego’s fear of humiliation as the chain that holds us in place.  To step fully into the grace of who we are, to allow our spirit to shine as it so naturally desires to, to enter the sacredness of our souls and be at peace with ourselves–we often have to let go of the fear we’ll be humiliated for it.  We have to let go and just trust the Universe holds us in her arms and is always there to catch us, whatever may come.  And here’s what has proven true for me friends: the fear is so much greater than any humiliation that has come.  For in reality, the humiliation enters from my OWN monkey mind.  I was my soul’s greatest enemy in those moments.  It was my own ego that silenced the voice of my spirit.

And here’s what else is true:  to take the risk, to let go, to choose to BE me no matter what may come–incredibly liberating and deeply gratifying.  There is a sense of openness, connection, purity, grace that occurs.  So much so, that I struggle to find the words to define it.  And so I’ll leave it at this:  there is so much love in my heart–in ALL of our hearts–that to contain it closes us off from the sacred journey we are here to travel. 

For in truth, the humiliation transforms into humility of spirit.  We see the greatness of our spirit, and recognize the folly of our ego.  Only when we understand the dance of these two, only when we can fully acknowledge both the shadow and light of our presence do we move forward into empowerment, and one of the greatest gifts offered to us: authenticity.

This is my heart’s desire.  To live authentically, connecting with all of Life, offering the service of my soul to uplift and honor our planet.  This is the seed I choose to nurture.  And the result will be the beautiful, bountiful blossoms of Divine Love.  This is my truth.  I know it’s so because I’m listening and I hear it echoed…in the whispers of my heart…..

Reconnecting Through Lessons Learned

Life is funny sometimes, isn’t it?  Just when we are feeling full of all it has to offer us, we may be knocked from the mountain top in the space of a heartbeat.  And not only does the fall hurt, the cuts and scrapes along the way bring their own pain and wounding.

But here’s what’s true friends:  every experience in our lives, sometimes most especially the uncomfortable ones, offers to us the opportunity to reconnect and grow stronger in who we are.  The truth is that so often we find the purest essence of Spirit as we are experiencing some of our lowest places.  Is that not the beauty of this journey?  Just as we are feeling our hearts ripped open, and a hopelessness in doing anything to make it different, we are reminded that our inner life is what matters the most.  We are offered the loving arms of comfort from the Divine.  And if we are allowing it, Grace is penetrating our every cell.  And in this place–there is nothing TO do, except to simply  “allow.”

Just realizing these truths, feeling the love of the Universe weave herself through the pain of our emotions, brings comfort and healing and awakens us once again to the yearning from within.  We find ourselves stirred to continue this path with purpose, to reconnect to All That Is and strengthen our ability to be authentic.  We are blessed beyond measure….and we have only to be still long enough to realize it.  So take your time today, loved ones, to be still…and to listen…..to your own heartbeat….and the whispers of loving truth you find there….

The One Thing

It’s always there, in the background of our thoughts, in the space of our consciousness where we are aware of it but can still move it to the corners and instead focus on what’s right in front of us, neglecting The One Thing.  Sometimes it’s nagging, constantly playing round and round like an old record.  Other times we are successful enough to keep it in the shadows and not allow its presence up front.

The One Thing.  It’s not always unpleasant–in fact sometimes it’s quite alluring and filled with intrigue.  We might even have a strong desire to follow its path.  But fear, anxiety, the unknown, being too busy–all of these get in the way.

Consider this:  what if The One Thing is that one choice, one action, one movement to spring your spirit into true joy?  So often The One Thing is something we want very much, but feel disconnected to, blocking out our innermost voice.  Intuition speaks to us sometimes through what feels like “nagging.”  And somehow, our first inclination can be to ignore it, fooling ourselves into believing some falsehood about what it would mean should we choose to follow along.

And part of the “fooling” that we do to ourselves is to believe we aren’t “good enough” for whatever it is we desire.  The One Thing becomes a pipe dream rather than a reality into which we move one step at a time.  When we slow down, take time to consider with full consciousness what The One Thing truly is and allow ourselves to connect to it with our heart, our mind, our spirit and even our body–we just might realize how much we desire to reach for it. And so perhaps the key is to simply slow down.  Listen.  Understand.  Trust.  All of these play a role in connecting to your own One Thing–and subsequently, your own spirit.

In reality, The One Thing can become the piece that moves us full into our purpose.  Each step leads to another, and before long the voice of Spirit is filling your being with direction and inspiration.  And you find yourself standing tall in the midst of your greatest dreams….no longer seen as fantasy.

We’ve all heard it:  “the heart does not lie.”  Embrace your hearts whispers by slowing down long enough today to listen….for it is there you will find the path to your greatest self……



This piece seems to flow so beautifully.  There is a natural Eloquence to her movement and indeed her very presence.  She speaks without uttering a word.  Her message is one of being true, finding fluidity in the authenticity of oneself.  She is Eloquence, communicated through the language of simply “just being.”

“I Say Yes When I Mean No”

From The Book of Awakening for today, January 16:

I say yes when I mean no and the wrinkle grows.  ~ Naomi Shihab Nye

There have been many times that I said yes when I meant no, afraid of displeasing others, and even more afraid of being viewed as selfish.  I think the first time I decided to get married, I said yes when I meant no.  Young and inexperienced in being myself, I agreed to be a fish out of water for as long as I could, so as not to hurt or disappoint or displease.  Not surprisingly, it all ended badly.

And how many times, once trained in self-sacrifice, do we have the opposite conversation with ourselves; our passion for life saying yes, yes, yes and our practical guardedness saying, don’t be foolish, be realistic, don’t leave yourself unprotected.  But long enough on the journey, and we come to realize an even deeper aspect of all this:  that those who truly love us will never knowingly ask us to be other than we are.

The unwavering truth is that when we agree to any demand, request or condition that is contrary to our soul’s nature, the cost is that precious life force is drained off our core.  Despite the seeming rewards of compliance, our souls grow weary by engaging in activities that are inherently against their nature.

When we leave the crowded streets and watch any piece of nature doing what it does – tree, moose, snake or lightning – it becomes clear that the very energy of life IS the spirit released by things being what they are.  And those of us committed to love must accept that care is the inner river flooding its banks.  Yet if the soul’s river can’t be fed by its source, there will be no care.

~ Sit quietly and meditate on the last time you said yes when you meant no.

~ Breathe steadily and surface, if you can, why you didn’t say no.

~ Breathe deeply and identify the cost of not saying what you meant.

~ Inhale slowly and invite your spirit to speak directly the next time you are asked to be other than you are.