Ever Present Reminders

We do in fact connect to our inner truth, our soul’s guidance through the whispers of our hearts. And they do keep coming, even if we ‘miss one’ along the way. But I’d like to focus today on another way that we are always being reminded of who we are and our ability to choose to live authentically.

People and situations will enter our lives on a daily basis, bringing to us the opportunity to reassess what we believe to be true–both from the perspective of our ingrained, tribal beliefs as well as from the reality of our life as it is today. What we have grown up believing as true may not be ‘true’ from this perspective as grown, conscious adults. Too often we continue living in our childhood realities, allowing what was ‘true’ then to color our present.

For example: when we were children, many of us felt ‘bad’ if we upset our parents or other authority figures in our lives. As adults, this can translate into being very cautious about letting ourselves speak out loud, be seen in the fullness of who we are–for fear of upsetting someone we care about or with whom we feel a connection. We revert back to that childhood feeling that we’ve made a mistake and must not upset them. When in reality, we are grown adults with the ability to assess what is true for us today, to tap in to our own inner voice and choose from that space. And that space, my friends, is only about us and our relationship to the Divine.

Our choices as mature, conscious human beings are meant to be guided by our own intuitive knowing and guidance, our personal standard of ethics and the compass of our integrity. This is how we step fully into our power. As long as it’s about someone else’s opinion of our choices, we are always giving our power away, robbing ourselves of our true, beautiful identity as Divine beings.

We have them every day: ‘ever present reminders’ of who we are. They are in the whispers of our hearts and the most ‘ordinary’ moments of our lives.

Love to all..xoxo