Subconscious Movement ~ NoCZ Week 2

 Sometimes I just have to laugh out loud – seriously – LOL. 

Just yesterday I posted that I didn’t have clear direction for this week’s No Comfort Zone Challenge – there wasn’t anything in particular I felt guided to focus on directly. Yes, there’s a list of things to ‘check off’ – but none that were relative in that moment. Surprisingly, I’m still amazed and left in awe with the ways of the Universe and how quickly our lives can ‘spin on a dime.’ 

The list – yes. On the list are several health related ‘do’s’ that I’ve been putting off–one of which is to reconnect with a chiropractor for neck pain. Other little signs have indicated it’s getting worse, and I need to be proactive instead of sit still uncertain of how to address it. 

After reading Marge’s post It Came to Me in a Flash yesterday, I found myself pondering again a commitment I’ve made to work in trade with a woman who has created a very profound process of connecting even more deeply to who we are.  It intrigued me from the first time I heard about it – and the trade works well for both of us. My role is to assist her in expanding the public awareness of the process, through a presence in social media especially and other outlets as well. We were both elated to find one another and begin. 

Until. The holidays came, my life felt over full and I needed to take a step back. I put off our work together and something has ever since felt ‘uneasy’ about it all. I’ve really considered and asked myself if this means it’s not in alignment with where I am. I’ve also stopped and sat full with the awareness that sometimes what is so good for us seems to stir our subconscious resistance into action. Unsure which of the two were my truth, I’ve decided to move forward with the process, to get started and allow it to unfold. Should things become clear, then I’ll act on what I know. For now, I know (knew) to at least be honest with her and give it some time.

We began today, Ahna and me. It was day one of the Opening Energy process. There was a tremendous amount of ‘discomfort’ if you consider the uncertainty and unsettled feeling inside myself. I really, truly had no idea just what to expect. My energy felt unsure, unconvinced, but still open. 

Within 10 minutes it was shifting. We talked about what I was feeling and the honesty of sharing my truth was refreshing. I read yesterday in my book The Expected One that we have only to ‘ask’ for what we want and then it will show up. Granted it doesn’t always happen that quickly or simply, but at times, it does. Just a few more minutes into our conversation today, and Ahna asked if I’m experiencing any pain. I described what I’m feeling (which she was already intuitively connected to) and she went on to recommend a particular type of chiropractic care that feels very much in alignment with what I’m desiring. 

TWO answers my friends. Both in response to my own movement OUT of the comfort zone. Neither of these are steps I was excited to take initially, but both feel so very healing and loving toward myself. So I’m revising what I said yesterday – I DO know what this week’s movement is on my No Comfort Zone Challenge: 

1. Even when the path is not clear or comfortable – take a step. Honor the commitment to Ahna and begin the process. Trust the answers I need are already here. CHECK. 

2. Call the local chiropractor who I feel is in alignment with the treatment I need – make an appointment and get the program STARTED. (Sort of ‘check’ – I called, they’re not open today. So I’ll call again tomorrow.)

These steps were not driven by what my mind decided was best. There was an invisible Flow happening beneath the surface. What is clear once again is that when we consciously choose to listen to our guidance – even the ‘small’ guidance that feels flat, boring, insignificant – we open the channel to the Divine even more. Taking one tiny step moves us forward in giant measure on this journey. Remember my friends, we are spirits in EARTH school. Earth life applies to us all. We can’t just feed the soul, we must honor the mind and care for the body as well. xo