And Then I Read THIS….

Sitting in the sunshine, I opened the Book of Awakening. Bookmark was still on February 9 & 10. Here’s the entry that caught my attention immediately:

What Life Asks of You

How are you tending to the emerging story of your life? ~ Carol Hegedus and Frances Vaughan

Like so many of us, I seem to be continually challenged not to hide who I am. Over and over, I keep finding myself in situations that require me to be all of who I am in order to make my way through.

Whether breaking a pattern of imbalance with a lifelong friend, or admitting my impatience to listen to my lover, or owning my envy of a colleague, or even confronting the self-centeredness of strangers stealing parking spaces, I find I must be present–even if I say nothing. I find I must not suppress my full nature, or my life doesn’t emerge.

Aside from the feeling of integrity or satisfaction that comes over me when I can fully be myself, I am finding that being who I am–not hiding any of myself–is a necessary threshold that I must meet or my life will not evolve. It is a doorway I must make my way to or nothing happens. My life just stalls.

Tending to our stories means that our lies must open if we are to live in the mystery; our ways of hiding, no matter how subtle, must relax open if we are to be.

*Center yourself and meditate on the emerging story of your life.

*Breathe slowly and consider what your life asks of you so that it can emerge.

*Breathe fully and consider how you can better meet this inner requirement.

I ask you, my friends, how can we doubt that the guidance is always present? There is EVER a Divine synchronicity at work in our lives. Ask–and the answer comes. 


Being Present to the Life You Have

I’ve read it before, but yesterday it jumped out at me:  “Having the life you want by being present to the life you have.” This caption is printed across the bottom of the cover to The Book of Awakening, an offering of daily meditations for awareness.  “Having the life you want by being present to the life you have.”  It has played over and over in my mind.  I’m a firm believer that signs and messages come to us in the most ordinary of ways, every day of our life–and here was a very clear one.

As if that wasn’t enough, I sat down this morning to read some of the “O” magazine that arrived yesterday.  Two more messages came, offering further contemplation and perhaps a sense of peace nestled within.  The first, a woman who shares “Five Things I Know for Sure About Aging.”  Number one–the more we try to look young, the older we feel.  It’s the same message isn’t it?  Be who you are.  Learn to love where you are in life.  From here we naturally want to add: See the good in your life.  But message number three makes clear it’s not all about joy and sunshine:  Embrace the beast within. We are each made up of both beauty and beast.

Bringing these three messages together naturally leads to the spiritual journey (doesn’t everything though?).  One of our greatest challenges here in Earth school is to live empowered, seeking out our own authenticity and living fully in who we are.  As long as we focus on someone else’s life, youth, beauty–then we miss the experience of ourselves.  THIS is the journey my friends.

Being present in the life you have doesn’t mean it’s all peaches and cream.  What it does offer is an honest perspective of who you are, how you feel, what you desire and the deepest, most intimate truths of yourself.  Trying to “look young” or even “stay young” equates to trying to always “be good.”  So unrealistic for a human being–and what IS “being good” anyway?  Aren’t we really here to be the best of ourselves?  Perfectly imperfect?  As for the “beast within”–that’s true for all of us.  Understanding and accepting this removes the necessity of “being good,” does it not?

What I would love for each of us today is to embrace ourselves as living the life we are meant to live, having the challenges meant to strengthen us, aging and maturing with grace and elegance, and being who we truly are–all without apology or regret.  We are Divinely engineered loved ones, by the greatest Architect there is.  The truth of it lives within, waiting for us to awaken to its presence and power.  Listen, for you will hear its voice…..deep within the whispers of your heart……

Meeting the World

From The Book of Awakening, January 28:

Meeting the World

You must meet the outer world with your inner world or existence will crush you.

There is a wind that keeps blowing since the beginning of time, and in every language ever spoken, it continues to whisper, You must meet the outer world with your inner world or existence will crush you.  If inner does not meet outer, our lives will collapse and vanish.  Though we often think that hiding our inwardness will somehow protect or save us, it is quite the opposite.  The heart is very much like a miraculous balloon.  Its lightness comes from staying full.  Meeting the days with our hearts prevents collapse.

This is why ninety-year-old widows remain committed to tending small flowers in spring; why ten-year-olds with very little to eat care for stray kittens, holding them to their skinny chests; why painters going blind paint more; why composers going deaf write great symphonies.  This is why when we think we can’t possibly try again, we let out a sigh that goes back through the centuries, and then, despite all our experience, we inhale and try again.

~ Center yourself and breathe slowly and deeply.

~ As you breathe, feel your lungs fill and empty like a balloon.

~ As you breathe, realize that your heart is filling and emptying itself of an inner air.

~ During your day, let this inner air meet the world whenever you feel overwhelmed.