Entering the Castle

I had no idea in 2005 that a course I signed up for called “From Intuition to Mysticism” would transform my life. Not only did I shift entirely in who I was and how I encountered the world, but the course itself changed direction. There would be three weekend classes, and during that first one in March, our teacher Caroline Myss would undergo a total reordering of what she would teach us. St. Teresa of Avila came to be by her side and served as the guide for the remaining course. Rather than teach us about a variety of mystics in history, we instead began to move through the castle of our souls based on Teresa’s book ‘The Interior Castle.’ What resulted from that class is Caroline’s book ‘Entering the Castle.’ I haven’t read it for quite some time, but picking it up this evening, there is so much that calls to me. Although I’ve not been working directly the introspection contained within, I find that all I’ve encountered over the last seven years mirrors much of what speaks to my soul from within each chapter and page. 

We can all pray. We can all move into the space of our interior self, and even more deeply into the castle of our own soul. From within that place, we carry an energy of humility, openness and clarity if we choose to allow its penetration. What called me back into the pages of Entering the Castle is the Entry Prayer that follows–a prayer Caroline shares for us to come to a place of stillness and begin to ‘cross the bridge’ to the castle of our souls. It speaks to me deeply, and I believe there are many of you who will feel its mystical power too. 

‘I cross the bridge into the silent bliss of my Castle. I close the drawbridge and forbid all outside influences from entry into this holy place that is my soul. Here in my Castle, I am alone with God. Under God’s light and companionship I discover the depth and beauty of my soul. I embrace the power of prayer. I open myself to divine guidance. I surrender myself to become a channel of grace, healing, and service as God directs my life.’ 

This is my prayer. Much love. xo 

Intuitive Guidance ~ Caroline Myss

I absolutely love this photo. Beauty, elegance, grace, Divinity–all wrapped into one. Today’s post is short and sweet…..sacred beauty accompanied by Divine wisdom. xo

‘Do not assume that divine guidance flows only when you are in need of help. Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems.
It transcends problems, heartbreaks, and traumas,
flowing through dreams and illuminations.
Whether guidance comes during times of tranquility or trauma, however,
it is up to you to have the courage to acknowledge it.’

~ Caroline Myss ~

Quiet Contemplation

Several times I’ve come to this place and begun writing. And each time, the Flow is absent and the words feel forced and pieced together. Can’t say I know yet if this time will be different, only that I will honor whatever comes through.

To take care of a bit of ‘business,’ I’m very happy to share that the kitchen/breakfast area is now PAINTED and BEAUTIFUL! A transformation has taken place in this area of our home, one that has been much needed for some time now. During my time away from blogging and social media, there has been a very acute connection to energy from a variety of perspectives, as well as a deeper realization of just how sensitive we are, and the way in which we honor who we are in the ordering our lives. 

My dear friend Cat recently shared a video of Caroline Myss speaking on being fearless, the power of Grace, our souls, Divine service–one out of a series of 11. As I sat and listened to each one, there was such deep and profound truth that rang clear in my soul. It was a reconnection, a realization and awakening still in process–one that I can feel such longing for. The ache for Divine connection is one that begs to be satisfied, and yet the irony is that there is nothing on this Earth that can rise to the occasion and do so. I don’t have the answers–and I won’t pretend I do. But I do feel a nearly desperate call for something ‘else,’ without any awareness yet of what that is. 

I also heard Suze Orman talking about how we relate to our money. ‘When we don’t want to look at or deal with something in our finances, it’s only representative of what we don’t want to look at or deal with in ourselves.’ I remember learning this to some extent several years ago when reading ‘The Energy of Money.‘ But as I listened to Suze, something inside my being began to shift, to get it, to awaken to this truth in a whole new way. I feel it, I am reminded of it from within myself on a near daily basis. And once again, I don’t have the answers, nor even a clear guidance on what to do with what I feel–and I won’t pretend I do. But I AM listening, alert and at attention. I am observing the hunger as it impacts even how I manage my money….or delay doing so. 

Back to the painting for a moment. As I began with just a few brush strokes–something immediately felt ‘right.’ Remember in that last post–when I DIDN’T paint? Turns out there was something much more universal at work–even more than I was aware of THAT day. I was going to use a lighter shade, so as not to darken the room. I wasn’t in love with the color–and so my love for painting would have been diminished by having to brush on a color that felt empty, boring, without life. Instead, I chose the shade I first loved, but ruled out due to its richness and the concern of it being ‘too much.’ See where I’m going with this, my friends? A mirror–that is actually being realized as I’m typing. This–a new angle I didn’t see before. It’s the same thing I’ve been trying to do to MYSELF–quiet her/me down…work very hard not to be ‘too much.’ Maintain status quo and don’t by any means stand out from the crowd. 

To be honest, I’m exhausted. It’s a bit unnerving, as I’ve done nothing to BE exhausted from–aside from continually exert enough energy to keep Jackie in that damn box. Ugh. I had no idea, truly, this post was going to end up HERE. Perhaps that’s what has kept me from writing…..the internal digestion of my being is hard at work just trying to stay alive in the midst of such treatment. 

As for the No Comfort Zone Challenge–it’s a daily experience for me. And sometimes trying to see and point out just how I’ve done it each week–already exhausting, too. My life is a practice in getting outside my comfort zone, letting truth weave herself into the fibers of who I am. In that series by Caroline Myss, she said something else that sunk deep into my core: You won’t ever heal as long as you are dishonest with yourself. Honesty–especially the kind that we stir about inside ourselves–is sometimes the greatest discomfort there is. And yet, it brings with it such peace, healing, liberation. 

Thank you all for holding space with and for me. I’m a bit behind in reading your posts…..but I do love connecting with the beautiful energies you are, the perspectives and wisdom you share through your own experiences and the honoring of your own and each other’s journey. We all have a story to share. Realizing the sacredness of it begins within ourselves. 

**To those who have honored me with Blogging Awards….I’ve not forgotten and although I have yet to pay forward the loving grace of being so honored in this way, I’m connecting with new sites that are very deserving of such accolades. More to come. xo

What it Means

Written to the Whispering Energy community & those who are joining together in the Revolution4Evolution. Sent with love to all who honor the light within and take action on behalf of the Divine.

My heart is filled with gratitude. As I consider the energy behind the Revolution4Evolution, there is a sense of connecting with the sacred. Do you realize my friends, that we are pioneers of change? We are on the forefront of revolutionizing how people connect heart-to-heart with intention to bring Divine love & healing into this world. Contemplating the full reality of this truth is humbling, is it not? Opening to the richness that will come through honoring the call of our souls will indeed bring change into our lives and so the lives of those around us.

Consider the deep level of connecting and transforming we will share as we come together thrice weekly not only to hear and experience the wisdom of the world’s leading Sacred Activists, but also to take down our walls as we meet each other eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul. We are being given the opportunity to actively engage and process the ancient, sacred truths and the power they have to reorder our lives. We are being given the gift of soul companionship, spiritual community, networks of grace without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes. We are laying a foundation of change that will expand into the world around us even when we are unaware of its loving spirals. We ARE choosing to step up and be LOVE in ACTION.

Caroline Myss teaches about ‘souls with stamina,’ required to navigate through the challenges our lives will bring on a day to day basis. This journey on which we are embarking together, as ONE is our entrance into the alchemical container which will transform our beings. As we do so, our souls become strengthened, able to move beyond the ‘reptiles’ that desire to enter the interior of the castle that is our deepest sacred space. We will connect to its illuminating glow of grace and Divine love.

Here’s what’s true my friends–we are fully engaging the Divine Feminine, welcoming her to awaken what has for too long been asleep. As we call her into the depths of our beings, we are simultaneously welcoming her to infuse the core of our planet with love and healing. In the words of Kirsten Laulainen, the Revolution4Evolution is indeed the call to all Lightworkers. The time is now. Thank you my friends, for answering.

I’m elated and humbled to be sharing this journey with you. Each of you brings your own unique gift into this space and together we will share and honor who we are, standing tall with confidence and speaking out loud our truths. Thank you for your courage, your commitment and most of all your openness. Looking forward to connecting with each one of you. All my love….xoxo

Revolution4Evolution begins Monday, September 12th. All are invited to join us.

This Day

This day will never come again. ~ Caroline Myss

An enormous amount of truth is contained in this tiny sentence. ‘THIS day will never come again.’ Whatever it is you are experiencing in THIS space of time, honor it and know in your heart you may never again return to this place. For those who may be struggling, the sense of comfort is immensely warming. These struggles, these challenges and the way in which your entire being is working through them–will never come again. Even when we face the shadows in ourselves that are deeply woven into our being and cyclical in fashion–each time we encounter them, they look and feel different somehow. We grow and heal through them, only to reach another layer of potential empowerment through the embrace of who we are.

And should we be in a time of joy and contentment in our lives, we can ease into this truth and allow ourselves to fully be present in the grace of the moment, the experience, the joy. Always there are gifts present to us in seeing ourselves and our lives through a lens of honesty, integrity and the willingness to humbly live our truth. All of life is a gift, all of our experiences are meant to enrich the journey of consciousness we are all taking and sharing together. ‘This day will never come again.’ Open yourself to it, invite its elegance into your being, dance with the melody it plays on your heart.

And here’s what’s true friends, indeed all of life is a gift. So too are WE a gift. As we move closer and closer into the center of our beings, honoring and uplifting the Divine presence we ARE, we stand taller and taller in the ‘I AM’ of ourselves. This theme has proven true in my own life over the last few months. Opening myself to be seen, to be heard and known in ways that previously contained fear and discomfort. Letting go of the worry and allowing each day and each moment’s Divine potential to be the mantra of my soul. It’s so simple, isn’t it? And yet, we complicate it in order to keep ourselves ‘safe’ and ‘protected.’ In reality, we only manage to create a barrier to the crystallized center of our spirit.

‘This day will never come again.’ As you allow this truth to penetrate your mind, your heart, your soul, what are the feelings that accompany its presence? How would you live today if it were never to repeat itself? What are the pieces of your life, of your self, of your IS-ness that would matter enough to honor?

Listen….open yourself to the voice of your heart, letting her music move you. All of your answers, all of your being and beauty live within the sanctuary of who you are. And dear friend….you already ARE…..you have only to see, feel and know it. Take this moment, in this place of time–for it shall never come again–and listen. Let yourself hear the truth of you…..as you tune in to the whispers of your heart……

*As I honor who I AM, I’ve simplified my Facebook fan page to just ‘Jackie.’ My writing will still be shared, as will other avenues of my spirit’s journey. I invite you to join me and shine your light in this space that is ours. Much love…xoxo

Opening Up and Stepping Out

Fears will bind us.  Love will free us.  We know this, we’ve heard it so often as we travel in our circles of connection.  And somehow its reality eludes us until a space of our own inner fear is awakened.  

I’m struck by this truth on this lovely morning, as I contemplate my own journey.  Just a few years ago I recall not wanting to talk about the energy of pure Love I felt so strongly within–out of fear that people would reject it.  Seems so silly now, doesn’t it?  Who would reject LOVE?  And yet, in my own dialogue lived the belief that it was too ‘fluffy,’ too ‘positive’–TOO much!  Looking back now I realize how fearful I was to allow love to flow freely within and without.

Caroline Myss talks about the ego’s fear of humiliation as the chain that holds us in place.  To step fully into the grace of who we are, to allow our spirit to shine as it so naturally desires to, to enter the sacredness of our souls and be at peace with ourselves–we often have to let go of the fear we’ll be humiliated for it.  We have to let go and just trust the Universe holds us in her arms and is always there to catch us, whatever may come.  And here’s what has proven true for me friends: the fear is so much greater than any humiliation that has come.  For in reality, the humiliation enters from my OWN monkey mind.  I was my soul’s greatest enemy in those moments.  It was my own ego that silenced the voice of my spirit.

And here’s what else is true:  to take the risk, to let go, to choose to BE me no matter what may come–incredibly liberating and deeply gratifying.  There is a sense of openness, connection, purity, grace that occurs.  So much so, that I struggle to find the words to define it.  And so I’ll leave it at this:  there is so much love in my heart–in ALL of our hearts–that to contain it closes us off from the sacred journey we are here to travel. 

For in truth, the humiliation transforms into humility of spirit.  We see the greatness of our spirit, and recognize the folly of our ego.  Only when we understand the dance of these two, only when we can fully acknowledge both the shadow and light of our presence do we move forward into empowerment, and one of the greatest gifts offered to us: authenticity.

This is my heart’s desire.  To live authentically, connecting with all of Life, offering the service of my soul to uplift and honor our planet.  This is the seed I choose to nurture.  And the result will be the beautiful, bountiful blossoms of Divine Love.  This is my truth.  I know it’s so because I’m listening and I hear it echoed…in the whispers of my heart…..

“Love Yourself Enough”

I don’t like to be redundant in my writing/messages, but this statement feels as though it’s JUMPING out at me–almost like a mantra.  “Love yourself enough to heal.”  It’s included on the “Forgive Yourself” card in the Wisdom for Healing–50 Lessons in Personal Empowerment deck by Caroline Myss.  But truly…”love yourself enough to heal” can be applied to so many areas of our lives.

Love yourself enough to recognize and confront addictive behaviors.  Love yourself enough to choose to step away from a disempowering relationship.  Love yourself enough to stand in the mirror and see the beauty in you.  Love yourself enough to be still and hear the voice of Spirit.  Love yourself enough to take care of your body, eat healthy and maintain physical well-being.  Love yourself enough to feed your spirit daily.  Love yourself enough to use your mental gifts to empower yourself and others.  Love yourself enough to release what no longer supports your inner growth and contentment.  Love yourself enough…..

And couldn’t we just stop the whole sentence right there?  Love yourself enough.  There really isn’t always a call to add an “ending”–a directive.  So often we (I certainly) wish for the DO to accompany the BE.  Love yourself enough.  Period.  Just be…in the space of loving yourself enough.  Is there any end to where this could take us, truly?  It becomes a “limitless” (in the words of Wayne Dyer) existence.  The possibilities for our soul, our love, our life are endless when we simply make this choice to “love yourself enough.”

So this mantra I will take with me today.  Perhaps….or indeed it is the answer to my own inner seeking of this morning.  This was my message from Spirit….and the one to which I am listening.  “Love yourself enough Jackie.”  For I know in truth it’s the voice of my own inner soul, speaking from that place where my Divine being meets THE Divine Presence.  And I’m listening, as I hear it speak directly…from the whispers of my heart…..

“Love yourself enough.”