Miracles & Moments ~ No Comfort Zone Challenge Week 4

I’m loving reading everyone’s movement and opening as we all go through this ‘challenge’ together. Ironic, isn’t it–that we’ve actually NAMED something meant to be part of our every day life journey and experience. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G beyond our own comfort zone and into the space of the sacred. We are consciously choosing to go into the center of ourselves, allow our souls to guide us. For it’s true, friends, that even when we have human language for it and it looks like we are engaging solely on the level of being earthlings, it is indeed our inner voice that beckons and drives us onward, deeper and deeper into who we are.

Twice the call came. First as an ‘oh, yes, that sounds nice’ when Janece shared that she was writing less on her blog, but more in her journal which had been silent for some time. And then last week when Marge shared that her decision to step outside her comfort zone was to change up her morning routine, part of which included writing in her journal. I have books and books of journals from when I wrote every day–so filled with emotion, awe and downloads of ME that I went on for pages in one sitting. And then, something shifted. I stopped writing in my journal so much, eventually writing more and more here, in plain sight.

A ritual I set for myself years ago was to get up early, in the darkness of morning and write. There was something incredibly sacred in that time of day for me. The stillness of a household not yet awakened. Quiet hush over all of nature until that first bird begins her chirping song. The Divine seemed more tangible and alive somehow. So after reading Marge talk about the beauty of the morning hours and the enveloping grace they exude, I decided I would get up early again this last week and write in my journal.

There wasn’t anything profound, in fact it was different than those years ago, in how it fed my soul to commune with the sacred–then & now. At that time, I could say it was as though I was a new recruit to the convent, come in with exuberant passion for this journey, for the connection to something so much greater than I. In this time and place, there is a calm within myself. A settled knowing of who and what I am, and in turn an understanding of the permeating presence of Divine energy throughout my entire day. What I found instead, wasn’t so much the joy of journaling once again, but the pause to whisper ‘Good morning, Ms. Jackie’ and then to allow myself to begin preparing for this day in my home. ‘This’ being any given day. After a space of writing, I felt myself infusing a loving warmth into each task I was doing: making coffee for my husband, feeding the cats, organizing the kitchen in order to make lunches. There was a different kind of sacred hush. Just a quiet knowing, calm, peacefulness. Morning was more like a glow of love greeting me.

It doesn’t sound uncomfortable, though, does it? And in truth, it wasn’t horribly so. But on half of those mornings, as I rolled over to quiet my alarm, I found myself thinking it would be much more comfortable to stay cuddled up next to my husband, in the warm embrace of our bodies resting together. To instead get up and greet the cool air of winter–let me assure you–was not so comfortable. The beauty: downstairs a cozy blanket awaited me. Sacred morning moments.

I love the unexpected–and this week’s experience certainly was that, in a very gentle and nurturing way. Miracles often come to us in the quiet of our interior, and in ways we least expect. Before closing, I’d like to quickly (well, as quickly as possible, we ARE writers after all!) share two notes on miracles and healing. Since our ‘walk-out’ visit to the vet last week, Snuggles’ symptoms of concern stopped completely! If that isn’t a resounding YES! to the truth of my own inner voice, I don’t know what is. I’m still amazed that it was so simple. When he first came to us, Snuggles was dreadfully afraid of humans. We couldn’t ever touch him. It’s been three years now and he will actually talk to me and ask to be loved and touched. He’s still unsure sometimes, but that boy has come a long way. It’s crystal clear that he has come into our lives–my life–to teach TRUST, and last week was one of the biggest lessons yet.

The conflict with my son has also begun to dissolve after my own conscious awareness and choice to just LOVE. Let go and love him. It has served to liberate us both. I have no illusions we’ll be flitting about the clouds with blind happiness for the remainder of our lives, but I do see how choosing to allow ourselves to move THROUGH what we feel, emerge on the other side with an energy of surrender and just give in to the call of our hearts–in my case to LOVE–will reorder our interior truth. I’m grateful for the healing in our home this last week, for the trust and love we are allowing to flourish as we grow together.

I’m actually quite clear on what next week’s challenge is for myself. Paint. I have inner visions of fluid strokes, colors, energies coming together on the ‘canvas.’ Voices of doubt have kept me from exploring, and I’m feeling very succinctly the call to honor my inner creativity. So I’ll be letting go in a whole new way as I explore the art of painting….however it may come to be over the next week. As a prompt and added inspiration for myself, I’ve attached a photo of the mug I painted to honor my 40th birthday. How on earth I’ve let nearly two months go by without letting this creativity express herself, I cannot say. Next week….that changes!


Savoring the Moment

Sometimes it’s easy to take your own accomplishments for granted. So any time you’ve created something from the heart, whether it be a poem, an article, a painting and so on, pause for a moment. Take that moment to reflect back on the amount of thought, effort, time and heart that went into the creation of what you’ve done. By doing this, you’ll be able to savor within that moment, that feeling of accomplishment that you’ve earned as a result of your efforts. Your moments of accomplishments are moments of replenishment, so capitalize on those moments because much positive energy within is to be gained from savoring those moments. ~ Friends for Soul

This post I read today really spoke to me on so many levels. As I’ve contemplated what to share in this space, the words shared by Friends for Soul seemed to cry out with a sacredness that begged to be passed on to all of you. There is much wisdom, truth and grace in this short message, but let us move through it at a slower pace, allowing each gift to really sink into our being.

First of all, too often we don’t ‘see’ who we are, the abilities we have been given, the ways in which we are blessed to touch the world. Because whatever our specific skills may be, we consider them to be given to all, failing to see the beauty of our authentic being. Even if there is another who can ‘do what you do’–it’s not with your spirit, your energy, your passion and your unique way of doing it. There is not another who is like you and has come into this lifetime to live your purpose. When we fully embrace this, we begin to honor who we are and hold our gifts as sacred.

I then love the practice of stepping back to see and savor your creation. This is actually welcoming the energy of your heart to be infused into your being, your creation, your offering to the world. And here’s what’s true friends, we are all here to offer something to the world–no matter how ‘simple’ or ‘quiet’ it may seem, or how ‘great’ or ‘grandiose’ it appears. Each one of us is here with the grace of the Universe available to us as we live out our truth and allow ourselves to be used on behalf of the Divine. How else do we do this except to connect to the passion of our hearts, the sacredness of our souls and the brilliance of our beings?

And finally–at least ‘finally’ in this moment–is the message that our ability to honor, embrace and SEE fully the creations of our hearts and souls becomes the source of ‘replenishment’ to our inner core. As we more and more connect to this space, we more and more allow ourselves to create from the energy of loving presence, to be channels of love, vessels of light shared around the globe.

There is such reverence in this practice. And it breeds a sense of purpose, of Divine service and awareness we are sanctuaries of the Universe here to positively uplift and impact our world. As each of us allows ourselves to be as such, we become those points of light, creating a web of loving consciousness that spans the globe.

Thank you Friends for Soul…for your inspiration and heart connection today. xo


Soul Networking

What I love most about this journey is difficult to define I realize, as the words begin to flow through my thoughts. For there are so many sentences, thoughts, truths that could begin with ‘what I love most’ or ‘my heart’s greatest desire.’ There are so many, and for me part of the journey has been to learn to allow myself to move through them at will and not become too attached to one particular step along the way.

And yet, the consistency has been the passion for soul networking. Ah yes, my friends, don’t you believe we all are drawn to the true essence of one’s soul and desire to interact from that space? It does feel for me that finally I’m finding so many places and ways in which to do this–from friends met on FB, to bloggers with whom I’ve connected through my writing, to my beloved family, to other soul companions met through classes, training, etc. Perhaps I could go on and on here describing how we come to connect to others on a soul level.

As I’ve gone through the last few months of what feels to be rapid change in my interior life–it’s been manifesting outwardly as well. One question that continues to come to mind is ‘how can I be of service?’ So many different ways we ask this question of the Universe, aren’t there? ‘What is my purpose? How do I use my gifts in a way that uplifts? Where do I channel the soul energy I feel from within? And HOW?’ Familiar aren’t they?

Here’s the beauty shared with me by a dear friend yesterday: NOW is the present. We can’t become caught up in whether or not this is the plan for years to come. What a relief this feels to my entire being! I can live in the NOW and allow ALL of my heart’s desires to speak, to shine, to share, to love, to serve, to give, be open and receive back all the grace and beauty reflected and surrounding me! Can you feel the releasing energy of this dear friends?

So I’ve gone on a bit more than I expected, but truly, that is the beauty of writing and sharing from one’s heart. Sharing, that does seem to be the ‘hub’ of it all in this phase of my journey. It begins with SOULSHARE, offered together with Jeanette Amlie of Blue Earth Awakening. This is a series through which we enter the sacred space of soul and honor the words, healing and gifts found there. And then the very dear Sharon Hooper and I have begun a fun new venture together, sharing conversations from the heart on our newly designed site Sharon & Jackie. (And it’s been an absolutely delightful process creating these new sites!) We welcome you to join us there and please do share your own thoughts and feelings along with us.

And for me…I love to honor and share the light I see and feel in others. So I’ll begin a series here on this blog called ‘Soul Networking’ in which these beautiful souls will be highlighted and ‘shared’ with you. We never know quite what will touch another. These ‘Networks of Grace’ bring beauty to the world in their own unique ways.

In closing, I thank you for joining me here. For opening YOUR heart and sharing the love that grows and stirs from within. We are truly a community of soul, willing to listen to and honor those whispers emanating from the sacred space of our hearts. With love, I honor each one of you.

Stepping Out

Today’s note is just a short reminder:  take risks in your life.  Whether it’s with your work, your play, your health, your spirit–get out of your “box” and DO that “thing” you’ve been contemplating.  Allow yourself to put your energy full behind your desires and move forward.  Obstacles will come–but don’t stop.  Use your own brand of creativity to maneuver over, around or through them.  We truly have no idea how our choices will turn out–though we do have the option to listen to the inner voice that whispers to us our heart’s greatest desires.

And so–let’s go my friends!  We’re “stepping out” and moving into the space of our authenticity.  We’re choosing to connect to the “high voltage” of who we are and what our passion asks of us.  We’re entering a field of grace, leaving behind leave our comfort to embrace the exhilaration of walking forward on the high wire of Spirit.  It starts with the smallest of choices….one…and then the next.  Take note of how you feel as you begin, as you take the baby steps, then the bunny hops and eventually the giant leaps forward into….YOU!

Consider this today–where can you “step out” of your everyday, comfy-cozy routine?  Not sure?  You know what to do then.  Sit in the stillness of Spirit……and listen…..for the answer is in the whispers of your heart……