Coming ‘Home’

I wrote recently about the heartbreak of letting go of our children as they grow into the young adults they are meant to become. And I thank each of you for your loving response and warm wishes, as well as for being there to listen and witness my experience. There is something that eases the difficult moments of our lives when we are able to share it with others in a very open and honest way.

There is yet another deep symbolism in this new chapter of our lives, as today I will be going to pick our daughter up from college so she can come home for the weekend. It’s been near two months since she was here last. College life, new friends and experiences called out to her and she was captured fully by the ‘newness’ of being out on her own. As I think about her returning today and the energy surrounding it for us all, I am reminded of what it means for us all to ‘come home.’

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And so while we call this Earth and various points around her surface our ‘home,’ it’s not the houses, the cities, the furniture or our location that bring to us inner peace. The sense of being in a space where we most belong comes from within. We feel it when we allow ourselves to connect to the soul of who we are, to the embrace and loving guidance of our Divine Mother and Father. We are most ‘at home’ when we remember who we are and see ourselves as Divine beings–just because we ARE.

This will be true for our daughter when she comes home this weekend as well. She’ll feel this to be a place where there is food, shelter, love and nourishment for her being–on many levels. Something within her will be returning to her own sense of who she is, grounding and centering her once again so she can return to her Earth home as herself. Isn’t that what ‘home’ means to us all my friends?

Sending love to each of you….xoxo


Soaking up the Sun

Always there’s activity in Nature outside my office windows, overlooking the back yard. In this moment two birds sit quietly soaking up the a lovely brown thrasher and the other our ever present companion the robin. Each is in their own space of being, neither seeking to force something into existence. And as I contemplated what was in my heart, they became pure reflections of my own state of being.

Brown Thrasher






There’s a lull–a pause, a breath–indeed a heartbeat of time in which it appears as though nothing really is happening.  Reminds me of Socrates in the movie ‘Peaceful Warrior’ teaching Dan:  “There’s never nothing going on.”  And so even while it appears time stands still in this place of my own journey, there is a tremendous amount of inner transformation taking shape.  

I’m merely…’soaking up the sun.’  This is a space in which I am allowing the light to penetrate my spirit and the call of my soul to be felt.  The words aren’t yet clear, but the feeling, the *knowing is certain.  There’s a stirring….of something beyond my own comprehension.  And so it is entirely in the hands of Divine wisdom to guide its unfolding.  For there is very little human action I can find to assist its manifestation.  

Soaking up the sun, allowing its warmth, its love and the grace of its brilliance to envelop my entire being.  Pausing, taking breath and choosing to be still long enough to let it penetrate, rather than flail around in vain attempts to force it into a vessel of being–not its own.  There’s a calm in this place, surrender.  There’s an opening taking shape, creating the way for the presence of Divine being to enter.  And this is exactly where I choose to be…soaking up the sun, welcoming All That Is to use me at will.  The soul needs service.  And I’m going to be still long enough to answer the call.  

The beauty of this place is that even though there is not an earthly direction in which to travel, there is always the deeper connection to my spirit that brings a sense of peace.  So when the heat reaches a temperature that feels unbearable, and when the stillness becomes so silent it feels no longer tolerable…I have only to be still yet another moment and listen….for it is then I feel the all-encompassing embrace of love….in the whispers of my heart…..