Willing to Surrender, Opening to What IS

Just read this on Oriah Mountain Dreamer‘s Facebook page…and it was exactly what I needed at this moment. 

Willing to experience aloneness,
I discover connection everywhere;
Turning to face my fear,
I meet the warrior who lives within;
Opening to my loss,
I gain the embrace of the universe;
Surrendering into emptiness,
I find fullness without end.
Each condition I flee from pursues me,
Each condition I welcome transforms me
And becomes itself transformed
Into its radiant jewel-like essence.
I bow to the one who has made it so,
Who has crafted this Master Game;
To play it is purest delight – 
To honor its form, true devotion. 

~Jennifer Paine Welwood, “Unconditional”
Keep walking


Crawling into the Darkness

Darkness–womb–child–black–Divine Feminine.  These are the words, emotions, feelings that are at dance with one another inside myself. The question begs: Why is it that we fear darkness–always wanting to shine the light on it–when we began our lives in the quiet shadows of our mother’s womb? We are accustomed to the darkness, to Her sacredness, Her comfort, soothing–Her Love.

We meet our truest selves in the darkness at times. Fears come out of hiding and allow us to feel them in full force. Beliefs are tested and in some cases dissolved to reveal our truth. The darkness can be where our greatest potential for connecting to All That Is really lies.

I’m choosing to crawl into it–as I would crawl into the arms, onto the lap of the Divine Mother. To be held, to be comforted, loved, rocked into the stillness of my soul. She is there–to hold me, to soothe and quiet the worries, fears, pains, to heal the traumas that send my human self into upheaval.

It’s a place we can all go, and in truth, we often do. Close your eyes, feel the power of the black backdrop that is there behind your lids. Behind the veil you become one with the sacred, connected to and able to feel the depths of your soul. In utter darkness. Absent of fear in Her presence, filled up only with loving energy. Calling forth the voice of your soul to express in whatever way it will. The sacred union of your soul with All That Is.

I’m crawling into it…..the womb of the Divine Feminine–hearing only her heartbeat surrounding me. Surrendering into Her Grace–trusting that all is well. Taking each step one at a time. No need to shine a flashlight and see ahead–faith occurs in THIS moment, not the certainty of my future.

The images attached to this post are of the Chartrés Black Madonna. It was while sitting with her in the cathedral nearly 6 years ago that she whispered her message to me: ‘healing.’ And it was in the wooden pew of the chapel that held Her beautifully sacred statuesque presence that I first connected with the power of the Divine Mother. Her open arms are a continual source of comfort to me as well as an invitation to return to the state of reverent peace she evokes.