Forgiveness is a Prayer

And on it goes, this delicate dance forgiveness is sharing with me. I don’t pretend to understand yet what it’s all about, but just reminding myself of these words can shift the energy within my being: 

Forgiveness is a prayer.

When I say these words, something moves inside my being. Forgiveness is the message, yes. But not as something to give or to get. It’s a prayer shared between my soul and the Divine….

Open me.

Guide me to those places within still seeking release.

Allow my heart to open, expanding with the fullness of your presence.

Draw out from me all that barricades your love.

Leave me.

Empty, wanting, willing to surrender all to you.

Void of suffering caused by my own illusions.

Baring all the armor believed to protect.

Love me.

Fill me up again with the burning fire of Who You Are.

Let your sweetness seep into every pore of my being.

Pour over me with showers of Divine Oneness.

Use me.

As a vessel of Light in this world.

With complete abandon, in service to your call.

At your will, until I am left empty once again…

Ready to be filled.

This is my prayer. Forgive.

Forgive what stands between you and me.

Forgive as in dissolve it, heal it, remove it.

Forgive as in mold me to your desires.

Forgive as in ‘let go and let God.’

Forgive as in SURRENDER.