Ultimate Truth

In talking with a dear friend last night, I found myself reconnecting fully to a truth I believe is resonant for us all. Our ultimate truth–the ultimate truth–lies within the voice of our souls. It comes from the Source, however we may name that Source according to our own beliefs. We are always being called to connect, to listen to the melody of our souls mingling with the Divine. It is THE most important space of this Earth journey we are taking. And it is where we will find the answers we seek, if we are open to receive them as they are.

Imagine if you asked the Universe, the Divine:

What do I need to hear?

What is the message in this for me?

How do I find peace in this situation?

What lesson are you sending to my soul?

And then you listened….as your soul called you deeper into the space of your interior castle, into a state of grace in which you felt that overwhelming sense of contentment and trust in All That Is….

There is no greater call…truly…than that of the soul.

The Universe–your soul–is beckoning you deeper and asking you to continue on.

How do you respond?