A Message Revealed

I’m seeking God today.  In a very focused, very present space within myself, this is my intent today:  I’m seeking God.  It’s a clear time of transformation in my own life, and perhaps for many of you too.  Our consciousness is always being raised, our old beliefs challenged and emotions drawn to the surface.  All of this supports our own journey, authenticity and soul purpose in living on this Earth. 

And yet, sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of it all.  And it seems there may be purpose even in that.  For if we could make sense of it, wouldn’t we aim to fix it, to help it, to cause it to be what we wish it to become?  The Universe is always shifting, changing, evolving–and so that same energy is alive in our being.  There is a constant flux, transformation, movement into yet another space of our presence and existence. 

In truth–God is always present.  Spirit is ever with us; guiding, comforting, loving.  Never are we alone on this journey.  And in the darkest of moments, we have only to seek the presence of something most Divine, and it’s always there to be found.  As I contemplated what to share here today, feeling in a place of my own uncertainty and emotional upheaval, seeking that Divine reassurance–several male cardinals flew to and fro in the backyard.  Not just one or two, and they didn’t merely land and be still.  They came and went, reminding me of the vibrancy of life, the love of the Divine and the color through which our lives are filtered.  RED–life force, vitality, passion!  The cardinal is my favorite bird, for his bright red feathers make me feel alive, filled with the energy of joyous living and desirous of connecting to my own sense of Life.  And so already, there is God.  Spirit is speaking, loving.  I have only to receive.

Ah, and there it is.  RECEIVE.  It’s not about the seeking for me today, and I’ve just now had that realization.  Today I will RECEIVE the loving, guiding presence of the Divine–in any form she sends my way.  Today I will RECEIVE.  For me, too *Heather this heart whisper is “loud and clear.”  What about for all of you….are you willing, able, choosing to RECEIVE the message meant for you today?  If so…then listen….for it’s there…..in the whispers of your heart….

*See Heather’s comment on From Out of a Deep Sleep


From Out of a Deep Sleep

It feels as though my emotions are turned a bit upside down just now–and I know that’s a positive thing in my personal journey.  While I consider myself to be one who is acutely aware of her feelings and what lives beneath them, these have crept up on me and so bring a heightened state of awareness with them.

A few years ago I was blessed enough to be part of an intimate women’s group of six.  We were very real about our feelings, our emotional wounds and allowed the most raw space of ourselves to be expressed as we healed through it all together.  For me personally, my pain and frustration came at first in groans without words to even articulate what the feelings were.  Eventually there were screams and deep guttural crying left where the deepest hurt had been living for too long.  This time in my life was immensely powerful and healing, although I must say there were many moments of uncertainty, defensive posturing and outright fear at what might come from this place within myself.

Since that time, my journey has found its own balance–my emotions less intense and the pain has healed.  Yet, this last week, I’m aware of another level of transformation that is taking hold of my consciousness.  This time, pain is not as profound, nor is it perhaps the underlying source.  Instead, it feels like emotions that have been quieted as they allowed my spiritual growth to advance.  Perhaps it is an agreement deep within ourselves, when to approach which part of our enlightenment.  This place feels less like healing old wounds and more as though it’s time to just “wake up” a bit more. 

Time to “wake up” to places in my life where I might be living a bit asleep and not fully present in my self.  So many wonderful things have occurred for me, it’s easy to feel “full” in that space and follow its course.  But now, Spirit is shifting the path.  There is a transformation taking shape through the lifting of the veil to see myself even more clearly.  Although there are uncomfortable and sometimes even sad or hurtful places along the way, they’re accompanied by a sense of knowing–“this is good.”  This is exactly where I’m supposed to be.  For as much as intuition, joy, wisdom and sharing are me–sadness, feeling lost and turning inward are me too.  ALL of this is me.  And I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I share this with you friends as a reminder to us all.  EVERY step of our journey is part of who we are, and is meant to be.  As awake as we are at any time in the process of walking this human path, there is always a place in us still to be awakened.  Enlightenment is not a one time occurrence.  It happens continually, in a cycle throughout the course of our lives.  Our choice is to allow it to move us, indeed to move through us. 

In her class on Mysticism, Caroline Myss taught that confusion is a “good” thing.  Having our world turned upside down and feeling uncertain which way to turn, how to move forward and just what we need to take that next step–all of these force us to stop and take inventory of ourselves, where we are, what we truly desire.  And in these most vulnerable places, we turn to the Divine for comfort, support and guidance.  Out of confusion comes transformation.  Transformation shifts the course we are on, allowing our soul to move us forward, tuning us in more and more to the Divine whispers……that come from within the space of the heart…..

Your Words Are Your Prayers

In the most traditional sense to many of us raised in the Western hemisphere–prayer consists of getting on your knees, finding just the right words and the right “way” to ask God for what we need in that moment. All too often the desire to “pray” arises out of the desperate need to have a greater power quickly create miracles on our behalf. But truly, does not this concept of prayer at times feel empty, disconnected and without the loving intimacy of joining together with the Divine? Where is the joy? Absent is any sense of being embraced by one who supports us in becoming our most authentic and empowered selves. Instead, it feels as though we stand in front of The Great and Powerful OZ–hoping to be acknowledged and heard, willing to do anything to earn his assistance.

What I believe to be true is that we are always loved and nurtured by All That Is. The Universe WANTS us to find happiness, joy, passion and delight over the course of our lives. Spirit journeys with us into the darkest of our shadows, and celebrates our Divine light of being as our inner spirit shines and thrives. Through all of these experiences, we remain in the arms of Compassion, carried into the depths of who we truly are, with the Universe ever-present as Guide and Caretaker on the journey.

We are Divine, born of the Divine Mother and Father to this entire Universe. The Divine lives IN us–IS us. And so, all of our words, our thoughts, our actions–each one is its own prayer. Indeed we live in a world Divinely created, and so whether we interact with another person or creature, it’s the heart of the Divine whom we meet and engage. If prayer is “speaking to God”–or in our language–talking to the Divine, then it’s true that every word we utter is prayer.

Spirit is always with us, always available to connect with us in whatever way we allow. It’s not something we have to earn or prepare just right for it to happen. It’s our birthright, naturally a part of who we are and what our life IS. We don’t need to do good deeds, sit in the right pose or say the right words to share in the power of Spirit. Nor are we “entitled” to it–it simply IS. Our only choice–to allow it to be so. Wherever we are, whatever we may be doing, we are in a state of prayer–spiritual prayer. A very different form of praying from any religious standard. This is not to say we don’t all have our own rituals, our own preferences and natural style of dialogue. But there are NONE that are necessary to connect to Spirit. That my friends is GRACE in action.

I would invite you to visit the website of a friend, Virginia Ellenson and her site Labyrinth Journal. Virginia has created a unique way of allowing our words to organically form into prayers, much like the meditative walk into the center of the labyrinth and back out. In her labyrinth writing, words flow and create a form of their own that becomes a beautiful prayer. When your heart most feels the desire to deeply connect and you aren’t sure just what the words are, take a moment to visit the Labyrinth Journal and try Virginia’s practice of writing your prayers. All that is needed from you is to allow the words to flow, and you’ll be amazed at what you find within yourself.

What prayers are in your heart today? For these often offer the most profoundly intimate of connection with the Divine. We hear the truth of ourselves, understand our deepest desires and enter into the sacred space of healing through the heart chakra. And the pathway there, loved ones…..is through the quietest and most gentle whispers of your heart…..

Prayer of Service

My eyes are closed–and my heart wide open.

With a soft and gentle spirit


Asking, imploring to know

What would you have me do?

I am yours–to serve, to love, to pray, to support.

Show me the way, for


My soul’s greatest desire is to love, to connect, to share

And bring together the many across this Planet

In harmony, love, joy and peace.




Available to all.


Quiet mind, open heart.

As the waves wash over the shore,

Let Love sweep over me–through me.

Let her tenderness penetrate my every cell, expanding through all of my being.

Let the fire of her Grace warm my very soul.

Let her tendrils wrap around my body in its entirety.


Quiet mind, open heart.

As the bird sings his song,

Let my voice be freed.

Let its melodic tone be played aloud.

Let the lyric of my inner truth be heard.

Let the singing of my own heartsong bring joy to others.

Let the utterance of peaceful bliss inspire a Spirit of Unity.


Feeling.  Loving.  Seeing.

My eyes are opened within–the veil drawn back.

I see me.  Beautiful, glowing, radiant Being of Light.

I am the essence of Love and Grace.

I am a reflection of Divine Presence.

I AM–enough.  Perfect.  ME.


Alive.  Out loud.

In connection with all of Life.

Listening.  Choosing.  Creating.



Dove Peppermint Bark

Today has passed by all too quickly….and I am just now finding a quiet moment in which to share.  It’s the love note wrapped around my delicious little bite-sized Dove Peppermint Bark that strikes me.  Although the theme is holiday, the message is pure:

“If old acquaintances be forgot, give them a call and remember.”

To me, this reads:  “If you’ve forgotten to honor and love yourself along the way, take time out to remember who you are.”

No one – and I mean no one – has the power to make you feel so loved, so revered and dignified as you do.  The affections, kind words and actions of others can certainly brighten our day.  But isn’t it true, when the day is over, and in fact when the day begins again – that it is YOU who stares back from the mirror.  What we most desire to see in that visage is one who admires the person we have become.  If we but take a moment….perhaps clear the fog from the glass….and really look into the eyes of our beholder…..we can remember.  Remember the essence of our soul, Divinely created, here on this journey to become whole, to learn the lessons life offers us.  See into the core of our being, understanding, open to the goodness that is ours.  When we do, in that very second we find within the integrity and honor in being ourselves.  There is no other love that offers us such beautiful, pure, heartfelt acceptance.

Don’t forget who you are.  Remember to find time to see yourself with clear vision.  And while you are looking….listen too, to the whispers of your heart.