Emotions Gone Wild

I had an AHA! moment for myself this morning–the kind in which something your mind already is aware of sinks much more deeply into your soul *knowing and a light switch turns on.  When it first came out, we watched Michael Jackson’s “This is It” documentary and were very moved by his talent, spirit and loving presence.  Flipping through the channels this morning, it happened to be on and so we began to watch it again.  It’s been some time since I last saw it, and all over again the chills ran down my spine as I listened to his intensity, felt his passion and experienced the sense of awe and compassion he carries for all of Life and our Planet. 

It hit me in that moment.  He has so much emotion inside of him, and he communicates it beautifully and truly in a very Divine sense through his voice and his artistry.  His emotion is intricately connected to the passion projecting out of him.  Can’t this be true for all of us?

THAT was the AHA!  Sometimes there’s too much focus on working through it, be conscious of not letting our emotions get out of hand, and even getting “over it.”  But sometimes being IN it is where the genius occurs.  THAT is the very place where we surrender ourselves to the Divine power that waits patiently until we can open that door and welcome Her into our intimate space.  Emotions–whether they be heartbreak and sadness or immense joy–and being IN the moment of that emotion, are what offer to us the doorway into our own true passion.  When we embrace what we feel fully and allow it to breathe inside us, something is triggered, drawing us more and more into the sacred space of who we are in relation to our soul. 

Feel what you feel.  Be who you are.  Express the passion that lives inside you.  Let it be felt, heard, seen, known.  In whatever way is right for you.  We ALL have it.  It’s a gift waiting for each of us to accept as our own.  And inside that beautifully wrapped package lives the GRACE to step into it all–our pain, our passion, our power.  We are Divine, every one of us.  To embrace that space of who we are, we have only to let down our guard, tune in to our spirits and listen…..to the whispers of our hearts…..