Understanding the Attraction

We come to this life–and if you believe in reincarnation or past lives, all our lives–with a contract, a chart, a purpose to our journey here.  If you have chosen to believe this as true, then it must also be true that what comes into our lives is meant to, and can ultimately enhance our union with Spirit and one another as well as connect us more intimately to who we are.

Continuing on this premise then, every experience in our lives is “good.”  At times we can easily concur, but in those moments even when what we are feeling or facing doesn’t feel so “good” anymore, the truth remains.  As much as we can attract the more enjoyable aspects of living on this Earth into our lives, we also attract the less pleasant experiences to assist us in becoming more authentic.  Taking time out to understand the attraction is a necessary tool in achieving this.

We each have a core belief system–attained in part by the energy we naturally carry as well as through our experiences and even the upbringing and tribal cultures we experienced as a child and continue to experience as adults.  It can at times be difficult not to “take on” what is true for others–indeed the majority in some cases–around us.  And even more complex is the reality of realizing we have beliefs buried within that have yet to make themselves clear to us–until the “bumps” of life catapult one of them directly to the forefront.

While it may not seem so, it’s so very beneficial to take time out of your confusion, pain or frustration to understand WHY you attracted this situation, person, feeling into your life.  It’s equally as important to do this when the “good” enters our lives, however the times that life feels a bit more difficult somehow offer to us a wealth of insight if we allow it.  It’s unnatural to want to go within during these times, but the spirit begs for us to do just that.  While in the space of our innermost being, we can connect to what is true “behind the eyes.”  Shifting into this very real perspective is moving into the process of transformation–spiritual alchemy.

Whatever it is in your life–ask yourself–why did I attract this particular situation here, now?  What underlying belief is driving its presence?  Do you not feel enough on your own?  Are you missing your true joy?  Is change too unbearable for you to move into something new in your life and so the old holds you in its clutches?  Did you think this person, place, idea would make you something more than you are?  Where have you lost sight of your dreams, hopes, desires and your true self?  If you are able to pinpoint some of these answers, you will quickly realize the belief you’ve carried all this time, weaving itself so forcefully into your life, only to assist you in letting go of what is no longer true for you.

We can easily get caught up in the Rat Race when our goal is to live fully in the Heart.  The pathway there is to be still….and to listen……to the whispers of your heart…..for you will hear your truth if you do…..


You Already Know Who You Are

I believe it’s true that we come to this life with the full knowing of who we are.  Inside our being lives connection to our chart, which holds all the details of our spirit’s journey here.  I also believe the lessons we are here to learn, the people we will meet along the way and the purpose of our presence in this time of history have all been decided upon well before we actually arrived.

We come here with the knowledge in our soul of who we truly are.  But part of the journey is to become immersed in this world that is Earth school.  It’s very clear that as children begin school some of their “innocence” which is their very pure connection to Spirit starts to fade a bit, and the social ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s take affect.  All through our school years and into our early adult years, we are influenced by what the world expects from us, what others think, who we “should” be and what we “should” be doing.

But take a moment and consider this:  we have come here as ourselves – lost ourselves in these expectations – only to work our way into remembering who we are yet again.  When life offers us an opportunity, and we are dissatisfied enough in Earth school to reach out and take it, the reconnection begins its transformation.  The things that were so important once in our lives lose their luster.  Fame, success, fortune all leave us empty.  The soul knows its way back.

You already know who you are.  Every fiber of your being carries the memory of why you are here.  These memories are not like Earth memories.  They are not clear in the mind.  They are *crystal* clear in your heart and soul.  There is not another on this planet who shares this knowing about you.  Why then, do we allow others opinions and beliefs to shift our course?

Yes, lovelies, you already know who you are.  Doesn’t just that statement make your heart sing?  Can you feel your spirit smiling upon repeating it to yourself?  Transition what you allow to impact you – or perhaps just how you allow it to do so.  Hold onto what you know is true today, in the recesses of your heart.  Try this – find a quiet place today and ask yourself what you know for sure about you.  Be still, filter out the background noises in your mind, and listen…..

Listen…..for it is the whispers of your heart that are your truth…..

We Are the Change

Here we are!  It’s 2011 and we’ve made it!  Our world consciousness is shifting….and we are alive to be an active part of the movement.  How absolutely invigorating!  I urge you to see yourself clearly, with full open eyes.  Understand the importance you bring to this time in history, the value of your gifts and talents, the most perfect hologram of love….this being that is YOU.

I’m a firm believer in our spiritual “charts” (astrological) and “contracts” (archetypal).  We were active participants in designing each, determining what course was most conducive to our soul’s journey in this life.   Together with our Master, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones, we looked into this time of history and chose to be right here, right now!  We orchestrated who we are, what we’ve brought and how we will navigate our way through seeing, knowing, loving ourselves and the world around us.  Doesn’t that reality send a spine-tingling awakening call to your spirit?!

The challenges and triumphs that move us along the highs and lows of our lives, these were meant to be a part of our Earth School.  What we experience here molds us into a perfectly imperfect spirit-human being who can affect change.  We EACH have a contribution to the consciousness on our planet.  The smallest thoughts of love and kindness, to ourselves or to others can make a difference.  Truly….we know this already, do we not?

I really love Gandhi’s quote:  “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  Well, loved ones….we are the change.  YOU are the change.  Embrace the privilege to be so.  See this era in our Earth’s timeline for just what it is….a tremendous shift in spiritual and self awareness.  Feel within yourself the power of that, the beauty of being alive RIGHT NOW.  And then, take a moment to yourself and breathe deeply into your heart, feeling GRACE envelop you in her warmth.  She is ever with you, lighting your way as you take each step forward in your soul’s voyage here.

And in the presence of grace…..listen…..for your heart whispers to you words that only you can hear.