Healing A Mother’s Heart

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

Letting go. Releasing. Transformation. Shifting. Rebirth. Such familiar words, aren’t they? And yet, we can’t quite grasp the reality of each one unless we are personally in the midst of our own life change. That is exactly where I find myself.

Emotions run deep as I am realizing just what it’s like to be a mom who is ‘letting go’ of her growing children. In truth, they aren’t even ‘children’ anymore, but young adults moving quickly into the space of becoming fully independent. Only recently have I become aware of the process required to ‘let go’ of these magnificent beings for whom I have taken total responsibility on so many levels for the entirety of their life. And it’s not even that it’s simply about them not ‘needing’ their mom, in fact it’s likely very little about that. I’m not certain I can yet say all of what it’s about, only that there is a very healing process in coming to this space and sharing these inner movements of my being.

Photo by Gabriela Staebler

It’s an old cliche’ isn’t it–that we will love our children only to grow them up and watch them leave. It’s not the physical leaving so much as the emotional disconnect that occurs along side that. We’ve raised our children to have significant freedoms in choosing how they wish to think, act, believe and interact with their daily lives. As they enter the world of young adulthood, they are now ready to wholly take on that freedom in a much different way. And we are left with sideline seats as they step into the wholeness of who they are–at least who they are in this place of life.

And so what I find grieving within is that loss of being their MOM who can cuddle up on the couch, who can squeeze them tight at any moment, who can share her concerns and still be able to protect them. This is not something my spirit–my heart–knows how to navigate. In this place all there is for me to do is love, even when loving mom back isn’t ‘cool’ anymore. How does a mom move away from these sweet ‘children’ being her babies still? I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know, is that it is indeed time to let go; time to allow these three of my greatest loves to step forward into their own journeys as young adults; time to trust that while Earth mom is fading into the background for a bit, their Divine Mother will always be with them.

The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi

The beauty of this space is that while my heart breaks, my mind understands there is something magical blossoming simultaneously. This is a new chapter of my life too. One in which I focus once again on the wife I am, on the individual I am, on the purpose and joys that my heart will follow next. Thank you for sharing, my friends. Love to each…xo


Murphy’s Law

Questions in my spirit today, all focused on the energy, emotion and power of love: How do you love? And in what way do you allow it to move through you? Where do you become ‘Love in Action’ following the pure essence of Divine love in your heart? What moves you to FEEL love? And do YOU feel loved? So many questions, offering to us a deeper understanding of what love truly IS, how we interact with it and welcome or dismiss its stream of soul connection in our lives.

Gary Zukav, author of Seat of the Soul, has another book titled Heart of the Soul,  focused on emotional awareness. Just a few chapters in it’s clear to see the words and truths being shared have the power to reorder one’s interior relationship with love. We are all blessed with a tremendous capacity to connect to the energy of loving vibrations through our soul truth, requiring us to honor and FEEL our emotions. As we move from fear and pain into love and trust, we not only become more healthy within our emotional system, but we are able to channel that positive energy into the world around us, connecting to our soul’s true alignment with the Divine Universe and welcoming abundance to surround us in whatever way our contract offers. The key my friends, is FEELING.

So many tactics we have to avoid it: work, food, addictions, false optimism. Zukav covers all of these in his book and very clearly outlines how each of them becomes a barrier to our emotional truth. Fear and pain lives within us all, but we don’t have to operate from that space. Through honest analysis of our true emotions, we effectively transmute the fear and pain into love and trust. Seeing clearly allows us to step into our Divine personal power, to claim the soul purpose that is already ours, and to live embracing who we are on all levels.

Our emotions are perhaps the greatest barometer to understanding what our inner truth is. Allowing ourselves the ‘time-out’ moment to ask: what am I FEELING about this? Or how am I feeling today? The space of time in which it takes to connect to our inner climate offers to us an oasis of healing and honoring who we are.

Murphy’s law: Love is all you need. As I began to write this post, focused on the energy of LOVE, Murphy made his presence known. Sitting at my feet, those big eyes of his looking up and filled with a very pure desire to simply…LOVE.