Letting the Whispers Be Heard

Sometimes they come so unexpected and in the most unique of ways. I’ve found myself today filled with emotions I wasn’t even aware were welling up inside of me. And I wonder my friends, is this experience familiar to you as well? We go along in life, feeling actually quite happy and contented, even excited at the possibilities. And then suddenly, amidst a seemingly ‘ordinary’ conversation as we begin to share our thoughts or feelings, a rush of tears envelops the words.

It’s not that I’m sad, unhappy or feeling hurt necessarily. What I’m learning as I observe myself and others whom I’ve seen go through this is that when we TALK our feelings out loud, we give power to them. And so it’s certainly true too, that it’s not only the tearful emotional responses that come, but also the empowered sense of being that comes with being onself OUT LOUD.

One of the most beautiful things about writing here and being with all of you is that there are times a smile comes across my face as the AHA! moment creeps in. I was feeling the need to post today about my own emotions surfacing, and only now am fully putting together in a very real way–meaning beyond just the mental realization or the ‘thought process’–that this is another example of the truth flowing into my life from so many directions: I AM Jackie. And as I allow her to speak and feel OUT LOUD on any subject matter–be it through the sacredness of SOULSHARE or the everyday conversation shared with my sister–something stirs within and awakens yet another space of my authentic self. And here’s what’s the greatest gift in this: as I allow this for myself, the very same is offered and awakened in others; often without my ever knowing it to be so.

Oh dear friends…I wonder…do you know how deeply our conversations reach into my being? I know you are here with me. I feel your presence, your love, your AHA!’s being awakened and shared in your own life circles. A most incredible truth is that as I began this post, it was about allowing our emotions to be felt, however it is they make their presence known. As I move through this space with you, we close on a wholly different note, for I am feeling the power of coming together here as ONE. And a very real, very pure and sacred energy pervades our gathering.

And so I thank you. With gratitude in my heart, I thank you for allowing me to share so fully, so openly, so vocally what is my truth….and in some way, to allow me to *see you too. We are witness to one another’s voice and so too, we hold space for the love and connection of our hearts, ‘letting the whispers be heard.’ xo

Changing Your Altitude

A few years ago, I joined several women in reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth and in doing so became very conscious of the way our ego shifts our perspective and quiets our spirit.  It’s the kind of book that you can pick up at any time, open to any page and connect to a thought/idea that becomes a lens through which you observe yourself for a period of time.  The content is so simple and easy to absorb–there’s an underlying powerful transformational quality about it.  Although you wouldn’t think it to be so, Eckhart begins by saying not everyone will connect to this book.  And I believe that to be due to our “readiness” to change, to *see ourselves and our survivor energies more clearly.

I recently came across his previous book The Power of Now, and find his writing to be similarly presented.  My sense is that we will share many conversations about the material of Eckhart Tolle, so rich as it is.  And so that is where we begin today, with a piece that stood out to me last night.  Something we all “know,” but not in such clarity.  On the subject of emotion as related to our minds:

“Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet.  It is the body’s reaction to your mind–or you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body.  For example, an attack thought or a hostile thought will create a buildup of energy in the body that we call anger.  The body is getting ready to fight.  The thought that you are being threatened, physically or psychologically, causes the body to contract, and this is the physical side of fear.” 

Take a moment to really consider this, let its absolute truth sink into your consciousness.  Our thoughts create our emotional reaction.  Our beliefs, our past hurts (referred to in this book as the “pain-body”)–what we have taken on as our reality.  THIS is our trigger to emotional reaction.  My friends, do you yet grasp the high altitude of spiritual electricity in this?  Can you see how YOU have the authority, the potential, the final “say-so” over how you feel, how you respond, who you ARE?  This is a key place in determining what your world looks like, feels like – IS.  Simply taking time to understand your feelings–feel them fully, and also be an observer to what they tell you–shifts your place in the cosmos.  MOVES YOU!  The level of power, transformation – ALCHEMY – in this truth is beyond words!  It’s like being hit by lightning and awaking to a new self. 

What if you could change your presence in this way?  Claim your own self power to choose, to be?  There’s so much language about being the “captain of your ship” and determining your own destiny.  My friends–do you understand this is yours to have?  There’s so much to be said on this, perhaps it will take many posts here to fully grasp the reality in this one small paragraph.  For it carries an absolute Universal truth for us all:  thought creates reality.  We’ve all heard it, but Eckhart Tolle offers it to us in doses we can understand, receive and work with in our lives. 

As you observe yourself in your emotions–look beyond what you feel.  What do you BELIEVE to be true behind the emotion, what thought is driving your body to react in this way?  Allowing yourself to explore this one question begins to diminish the power of the thought/belief.  If you are fully present to this task, you will engage the process of transformation in a way that will shift your entire world.  Are you ready for such change to enter your life? 

This message feels more than a whisper today my friends.  Instead we are hearing through a megaphone, loud and clear.  But of late, the question seems to be:  are you listening?  And whether you are certain of your ability to do so, or perhaps would rather not–in that space, where your deepest inner truth and desire to grow on this quest for our Divine self…..that my friends is where you will hear……your heart whisper to you of her purest and most intimate desires…..

Wrapped in Love

Connecting to love is easy when we are emotionally happy, secure and feeling good about ourselves.  But what about the times when we are hurt, angry or fearful?  How do we connect to love then?

I’m reminded of Brian Weiss’s quote recently posted here, which reminds us to respond with love.  As you might imagine, this may not encompass the glamorized romantic version of love.  And yet, we do have within us the capacity to remain calm and patient while speaking our feelings and offering understanding.  It IS possible.  And as someone who feels wholly every ounce of my emotions, I can tell you that it has taken some time to cultivate this practice.

The ability to listen to another when you are not feeling the love flowing comes from self awareness, knowing who you are and taking the space to let yourself feel what is inside of you.  And sometimes the difficulty in being able to listen, learn and love is a direct reflection of not understanding your own emotions.  Subsequently, your hurt, anger, fear overtake the situation and love is absent.

And so my friends, does this not come back around to what we have already talked about in previous posts – and what we all know within ourselves to be true?  The LOVE must first be for YOU.  It takes a conscious effort to sit inside of yourself, with time out from the situation or the chaos that swirls around you, and listen to how you feel first.  We share love most beautifully when we are experiencing it from within.  When there is room for love in your heart, it becomes as a beam of light, shining wherever you go.

So this I would ask you today – see yourself, all of the darkest places and all of the most brilliant places in their magnificence.  Look with open eyes into the space of who you are.  See your entire being wrapped in love.  And then you will be able to offer the same to others, as a centered, confident and loving point of light.

Notice how the key elements to this practice -“Continue to listen, to learn and to love, even if someone else is angry, hurt or fearful” -begin with listening.  And so, that too is your work for today – should you choose it – practice listening.  Begin with you…..by listening to the whispers of your own heart……