Feeling Blessed

I’m not sure what to write today, only that I wish to be here and share. Generally I check in with my heart to see what lives there. Today, it just made me feel like smiling when I looked within. Our home is glistening with preparations for family that arrives today. Homemade holiday cookies are sitting here on the counter, bright and delicious on their Santa cookie plate. Yesterday was spent with my sisters and daughter baking them–‘laughing all the way.’ Although our lives are moving to the beat of a different drum during this time of year, there is something that feels alive and invigorated with the energy and rhythm of it all.

A sense of ONEness with our family, with loved ones present and past, with our holiday traditions steeped in the history of our family going back generations–these are the treasures that warm my heart. It feels important to honor who we are and where we’ve come from. Although the language may be different, the reality is that we are being offered this time of year to really let ourselves be seen, to love and allow love to enter our hearts. Walls come down as we fill with the warmth of connection.

I’m setting my intention to even more so honor my heart whispers this holiday season. With gratitude in my heart for all that has come since I embarked on this chapter of conscious open heartedness nearly a year ago, I’m choosing to open myself even more to the love that will surely be present in the people around me. And on occasion remember to close my eyes in awareness, remembering these are Divine beings that grace my presence. We are so very blessed.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank each of you who share this space with me. It’s been nearly a year since I began writing (blogging, but I really don’t like that word so much) again. Feeling your love and support on this journey is a gift indeed. I so appreciate you. Thank you all for the authentic presence you have brought here…and for opening your heart to me. When we open our hearts, we support others in doing the same. I’m feeling┬áthe grace of your gift that is YOU.

May your hearts be filled with love
Your homes with laughter and warmth.
And may you, too feel the brightening of quiet corners
Where the Light shines through.

All my love to each one of you.