This piece seems to flow so beautifully.  There is a natural Eloquence to her movement and indeed her very presence.  She speaks without uttering a word.  Her message is one of being true, finding fluidity in the authenticity of oneself.  She is Eloquence, communicated through the language of simply “just being.”


A Touch of Grace

You don’t have to do anything to earn it.  The gentleness of Grace is always within reach.  She lovingly stretches her arms out to embrace you, and whisper into your soul the song of love.

Grace has been defined as the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul. ~William Hazlitt


When I look at this image, to me it represents the life force of our heart.  The redish pink color signifies vitality and love.  The vibrant “motion” of the flower in her outward growth is much like our heart pumping love and life into our every cell and awareness.

Appreciating the Simplicity

There is something magnificently beautiful in the simplest things of life.  Artist Lisa Kubik illustrates this truth in her alluring work of art depicting one of the simplest and most stunning pieces of nature – a flower.  What child is not drawn to a flower when out in nature?  A flower can be an expression of “I love you” or “get well soon.”  There is something about a flower that can brighten our day, bring life into a room or even our entire awareness.

Imagine yourself as a child, running and playing in a field full of wildflowers.  Although they become part of the scenery, there’s something magical in the flowery landscape.  Just as you feel something magical inside yourself when you take a moment to really *see* and *be* with this painting.  Feel it?

If you allow, you will feel yourself smile from within.  Take a moment to observe how your senses respond.  Our eyes can’t help but take in the beauty.  Naturally, we inhale through our lungs as though we can take in the sweet floral aroma.  And giving ourselves the space, we can even imagine what it must feel like to hold this flower in our own hand.  From there – check in with your inner being.  Do you feel the warmth, the appreciation, the gratitude and love that is swirling inside of you?

This is true not only for a beautiful work of art – either on canvas or in nature – but also for yourself.  What do you find of magnificence within?  What Lisa Kubik has done in her artwork is capture the elegance and gorgeously stunning nature of just one flower.  We are given the canvas that is who we are, to paint upon, to gaze upon, to appreciate and love.  Our heart channels the essence of our soul, inspiring us to create the masterpiece that is our authentic self.

Take time today to see into YOU.  See the beauty, the uniqueness, the simplicity that you just ARE.  And really breathe that into your being, awakening all your senses to your own loveliness.  As you become connected to your inner spirit…..pause in this space…..and take a moment to listen…..to the whispers of your heart……