Holiday Moms ~ Unconditional Love

Love LaurenQuite unexpectedly, I’ve felt a calling from within my being. It wasn’t until a beloved and respected Facebook friend, Robin Rice made a post on her page. She was seeking moms of LGBTQ children to take part in a holiday project. Our oldest daughter Lauren is gay and part of this community. Immediately I sent Robin an email and asked how I could help.

Your Holiday Mom is a website sharing letters, videos and audio messages from 40 mothers (and some fathers too) for 40 days between Thanksgiving and New Years. To take part in this project, to be one of those 40 moms–has felt like an immense honor. Being Lauren’s mom has taught me so much about how people are all the same, we’re all gifted with an ability to love and a fear that we might not BE loved. Lauren is proud of who she is, and in the year and a half since she graduated high school especially, we’ve watched her blossom into this amazing being SO filled with a huge heart and unconditional love. Would I say she’s different? Absolutely – because she is – in many ways. Listening to Sally Field talk about her son being gay today lent validation to my belief that it seems there’s almost something so much more open, vulnerable, unconditional in how these ‘special’ beings inspire us to love.

Learning my letter would be shared on Christmas day brought tears to my eyes. Since I connected with this project, I’ve become deeply aware of a growing desire to be there for people who struggle with feeling ok about who they are, who they love and how they experience life from a different perspective. I’m not sure where this all leads me, but I’m going to be finding ways of connecting locally in my own community. And as I watch Lauren with her first real girlfriend, who doesn’t feel so loved and accepted, I’m feeling the call to just hold space and BE love for these young people – and some who are my age and older. Our world needs love around this community. They’re the same as us, and I intend to share that message with all who are willing to hear.

Here’s my letter….of love…and of loving Lauren. I hope you’ll take some time to read the other Mom letters, and some of the comments left from those who read our messages. It will break your heart and give you hope all at once. Much love to you, my friends. xo



Embracing the ‘Difference’

II absolutely respect and adore this mother’s willingness to step up on behalf of her ‘different’ child. Aren’t we all different anyway? Some of us just allow it to seep into the outer layers, clearly visible to everyone. I believe these children – these people – these human beings who are just like us – are teaching us all a little something about being comfortable in our skin. They are lighting our way into living the truth of who we are, feeling empowered as we stand up and just let it be. We don’t have to flaunt or fuss, but we can grow with grace into feeling liberated and ‘whole’ just by being OURSELVES. Bravo to you, C.J. – and to you – C.J.’s parents. Thank you for inspiring us all. xoxoxo

Raising My Rainbow


I don’t know you and I won’t know you until after Labor Day, but I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and my son to you.  I’m C.J.’s Mom and my son C.J. is gender nonconforming.  I used to shy away from telling people that before they got a chance to meet my awesome child, but, over the years I’ve found that it’s better to tell some people right up front — especially his teachers.  Plus, he has told me that he prefers for me to make the announcement ahead of him.  So, there you have it.

Please don’t think that I’m crazy or that my son is crazy or that we are weird.  It’s okay to think that we are different.  We are different, we own that and hope that people will see us being different and come to realize that our version of different…

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