Woman’s Wildest Sexuality

“In the sacred, the obscene, the sexual, there is always a wild laugh waiting, a short passage of silent laughter, or crone-nasty laughter, or the wheeze that is a laugh, or the laugh that is wild and animal, or the trill that is like a run on the musical scale. Laughter is a hidden side of women’s sexuality; it is physical, elemental, passionate, vitalizing, and therefore arousing. It is a kind of sexuality that does not have a goal, as does genital arousal. It is a sexuality of joy, just for the moment, a true sensual love that flies free and lives and dies and lives again on its own energy. It is sacred because it is so healing. It is sensual for it awakens the body and the emotions. It is sexual because it is exiting and causes waves of pleasure. It is not one-dimensional, for laughter is something one shares with oneself as well as with many others. It is a woman’s wildest sexuality.” — Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

 Marilyn laughing

I love this quote because we don’t always consider our laughter a part of our sensual energies, something that is wild and sexy about us. And yet, the expression of our most raw emotions including laughter is the beautiful fluid presence of the Divine Feminine. I’m curious, when you read the post above, what reaction you feel within yourself–are you open and feeling the radiant glow of your inner fires? Let us welcome in the true sensual love and sacredness of joy and laughter in our lives as we move into 2014. May we each expand into the beauty, grace and sensuality of who we are and savor every moment of our lives in a whole new way. Much love to you…xoxo


Call of the Divine Feminine

This is an edited version of my original poem ‘Essence of a Woman.’ It still moves me, and indeed is still moving within me. I find myself – and those around me – opening more and more to allow who we truly are. We are embracing the sacredness of our sensuality, the fire of what it is to be a woman in this time. We are reflections of the Goddess, and ours is to invoke healing on behalf of ourselves, all who came before us and will walk this planet after us. Much love, my friends. xo

Every woman is beautiful.

She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. A Goddess in human form.

A warmth emanates from deep within her being, seeking out those who need most the heat of Compassion, Nurturing, Love.

Champion of one who cries out, opening herself fully as Mother; arms outstretched to enfold and soothe even the subtlest of discomforts.

A call comes to her from the Cosmos, to remember who She is; to honor the sacredness of her spirit.


A woman is one who moves with effortless grace. One step can move the hearts of many, beckoning us to want more, to seek the Source of our deepest desires.

When she is confident in the fullness of her being, she glows with a fire that cannot be dowsed, igniting the spark in all who surround her.

She exudes a sensuality, breathing heavy beneath the surface of  normal routine. 

Moving through her day, honoring the tasks  before her, she gives herself fully to the world around her.

And yet, there is a longing, a deeper truth that defines who she is.


A woman treasures her own integrity above all else. When she speaks, each word holds her own truth.

She sees the light in others, understanding it is but a reflection of that which she carries within herself.

Because she understands we are ALL Divine, she honors all Life.

A woman lives in the power of I AM, allowing her inner sacred power to guide her way.

She whispers words of wisdom, received through connection with Spirit and self awareness.

Beauty to behold, her very presence calls forth the awakening of every sense.

With the marriage of softness and ferocity she is Lioness of her realm and pride.

Quiet subtlety moves her onward, lending to her the instinct of how to move next.

These are her qualities. This is her inherited place on Earth.


One cannot overlook the splendor of her form, for it is the gift bestowed upon her from the Heavens.

Vast oceans filled with promise can be seen in her eyes.

Kisses of the sacred flow from her lips.

Hair falls over her breasts  as though it is the arms of love reaching out and drawing us inward.

A beckoning comes through the swing of her hips, calling to us to open ourselves fully to the ecstasy that awaits.

Gentleness of her touch, felt as the heat of Divine Feminine energy.


She is unto herself, yet deeply connected to the ancient sacred energies of this Earth and the cosmos.

She stands strong throughout the course of time, even as history sought to bring her down.

She is strong, courageous, willing to stand firm in the beliefs of her heart.

She will fight to the death for those she loves and what she treasures most.


The essence of a woman is to serve as the chalice, the doorway and opening into a world unseen–yet longing to be felt to the core of one’s being.

Sexually, sensually, intimately she is the siren of Divine connection–medium uniting human and soul.

Object of our desires, the radiant being of our dreams.

SHE is the Goddess. The Feminine.

Voice of our soul, the relentless beckoning to go deeper, open ourselves fully and let the walls come down so that we may enter a space of sacred ecstasy and Divine Presence.


I AM Woman.

She is ME. She is YOU.

She surrounds you, calls to you, aches for you.

Will you answer my friends? Can you become THAT vulnerable?

Are you willing to stand naked with only your soul to bare?

This is the call of the Divine Feminine. These are the whispers of the sacred.

Energy of the Goddess

We all do it. Enthusiastic about a new project or shift in our life, we go full speed ahead, reveling in every beautiful moment of creation and birthing what has grown within us. Only to realize suddenly that the drive, the enthusiasm, the excitement have run their course, and it’s time to step back and quiet our inner self once again.

Here is the space in which I find myself. So much has occurred in a short period of time, opening my self to new energies, new opportunities and ways of experiencing life and myself. I’ve followed the steps along the way and moved with the drive of the masculine energy we all carry. And now…it is the call of the Goddess that comes.

She is soft and warm, welcoming and honoring the spirit within. There is a beckoning to go more deeply within and hear the stillness breathing with the beat of my own heart. So much has been accomplished, changes have been made, spaces of letting go and allowing new life to enter. And now, the silence has come to call.

It’s the castle of our souls we long to enter. The space of sacred presence that is mingled with Divine love, healing and purpose of our being. Here we encounter both the light and shadow of ourselves, the fears and gifts alike. Here we sit in the company of the Divine, soaking in the radiance of purity so brilliant it blinds the naked eye.

We ache for this experience, to be in this place, the sanctuary of our souls. It plays out as a desire to be full, loved, fed, warmed in our physical life. And yet at the depths of our being is the truth: we literally LONG for the Divine to fill us up. Instinctively we seek out a space in which to feel ‘enough’ and connect to the passion of our spirit. And from deep within ourselves, the need to share communion with the sacred is the force that overrides all other thoughts and desires.

Listen my friends. Be still long enough to feel it, to hear it–the energy of the Goddess. She waits for you, opening herself to surround you with grace. She is calling to your soul…..you’ll hear her voice….in the whispers of your heart……