Unconditional Love Exposed ~ NoCZ Challenge 2012

If I am convinced it’s love – unconditional love, wouldn’t that necessitate the love pushing any and all fear out so that it could express itself? Maybe it is GRACE that we need, to energize the love to do just that.

The fear of humiliation

FEAR of being Naked

Humiliation and embarrassment are one of the biggest culprits of unfulfilled lives. 

The vortex of self-image – you described it so beautifully. The risk of being who we are and the consequences if we hide.

I Love. I am Love. I do not give it, I be it.

These are some of the provoking thoughts left on my last post, Liberating Love. Although we were away over the weekend, I did read each one and took with me a deep contemplation into the dance between love, fear, humility and humiliation. The notes you each shared left me really searching within for what I feel is true in my own life and how it is that fear and love can move together. 

Because I do believe they can. I’m not certain they can do so elegantly and with a flowing rhythm, but I think we all have a dance that goes around inside of us between these two. The reality, however, is that the love is the TRUTH from a universal perspective – it’s what’s real, who we are, the ‘stuff’ of which we are made. Fear comes from the conditioning we’ve taken on in our lives and/or the lessons we are here to experience. While LOVE is what’s always there in the core of who we are, fear can sometimes mask its presence and overtake any desire we have to let our love Flow.

Isn’t that what this journey is really all about? Aren’t we here to move through our fears and let the love really shine from our souls? It’s not always love of a partner or significant other, our children, our family. What about the ability to love a co-worker? To love ourselves enough to live out loud who we are? Loving our planet, the Life that is contained on it. Love goes far beyond just being unconditional in how we interact with those whom we *know we love. The ability to love without conditions across the board of our lives is something entirely different – and in my world, it requires a soul with stamina to hold that altitude. It doesn’t just happen because I *wish it to be so. It requires a consistent practice of looking inward, seeing and acknowledging the fears and then choosing to take each one by the hand and walk forward together rather than be controlled by them. 

Do you have the courage, the stamina in your soul to let your Love flow unconditionally? No matter how it looks? 

Each of your comments above holds truth, my dear friends. Love what Janece has said about grace – and I do believe you are right on. The grace is the heat we need to melt through the fears and release the love. Love is truth while fear is illusion. But as a human – I believe we can experience both together. We do, however, have to choose which one we will give our power to – and when we call on the healing and releasing power of grace, the love prevails. 

Humility and humiliation. Somehow, somewhere in our lives, we all come face to face with these two. It’s not always someone outside of us who brings the humiliation into our energy field. In fact, we often do so ourselves. WE hold the keys of seeing what it might ‘look like.’ And yes, Miro – it lends to a lack of feeling fulfilled in our lives. We hold ourselves back, preventing the sacred from entering our presence out of the fear of how we might be perceived. When we surrender those fears and step into the guidance we are being given, humility takes over. Humility as in ‘resignation, non-resistance.‘ We SURRENDER and become vessels of service, love, healing for the Divine. 

NAKED. I love that you used this word, Cat because just yesterday someone who is a nudist made the comment that they are not ‘naked’ – they are ‘nude.’ Naked implies vulnerability, whereas nude is a natural state of being. I’m not a nudist myself, however I easily understood what he was saying. Being a nudist is a choice. Feeling naked can be disempowering. Humility is a choice for the mystic who seeks to live in the grace of Divine love. Humiliation comes from the human fear of what I might look like. 

Lee so beautifully summed it up: ‘The risk of being who we are and the consequences if we hide.’ Isn’t that what it comes down to my friends? Isn’t the risk of being who we are worth whatever may come in our lives? That’s where we step into love and out of fear. We stop hiding, we say it openly, honestly, clearly…as Betsy did:

I Love. I am Love. I do not give it, I be it.

When I surrender, let go of fears of being humiliated, invoke grace and step into the energy of my soul, I absolutely AM

~ * ~ 

Writing this post with such clarity and openness is yet another step in my journey of living out loud. I would generally reply to the comments left on my last post and let it be at that. But the conversation was too juicy to leave it there. I’m putting into practice what I believe and letting my soul reply instead. For me – this would have once been risky (very recently) – to so openly say ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’ – even if it might not be what someone else agrees with. I’m honoring the No Comfort Zone Challenge by stepping out of my comfort zone in a whole new way. Letting my love shine, allowing my truth to be spoken out loud, not fearing the consequences. Yes, Joss, we are changing. And I’m reminded of the song from Wicked – ‘You changed me for the good.’ ♥ Thank you to each of you for letting YOUR voice be heard and sparking this conversation to go deeper. xoxo


Traveling Deeper into Authenticity

We are as Dorothy: following the ‘yellow brick road’ only to learn we ‘had the power all the time.’

It feels as though the transformation process is moving at a rapid pace just now. And as I am observing the journey of others, it’s clear this is not true just for me. I believe strongly that we are in a very crucial time of evolution; a space in which our choices carry enormous impact. Making even the smallest decision in our lives seems to release a chain of events that is so much more tangible than ever before.

The deeper we journey into the very soul of our authentic selves, the more our lights shine, the greater the energy we are manifesting. No longer is it just shifting quietly inside us, but the vibrancy of it is animating in a rather wild and miraculous way in our outer lives as well. The two have become intricately intertwined. Where once living a spiritual life meant meditating, burning incense, taking time to be in ‘quiet’–we are now being called to ACT on behalf of our inner truth. The quiet meditation is still part of our practice, but it is no longer enough. CHANGE requires ACTION. And these actions are not merely good deeds.

This energy emanates from the very depths of our souls–the place where our passion lives and breathes, with the brilliance of the perfect diamond. As we encounter enormous acts of inhumanity around the globe, we must turn to something equally as powerful to shift the energy. Prayer is always one of our greatest tools, and I do believe prayer has the power to align us with Universal will. Yet, there must be those of us who are willing to act on the beliefs that fuel our prayers and stand up, speak out and carry the torch on behalf of our planet–OUT LOUD.

As with everything there is a balance, and in no way do I intend to say that everyone must become an activist, taking up a cause and leaving behind our lives in its favor. There are those for whom a quiet inner life is their calling. And I do feel certain they too must live outwardly what they believe as truth in their souls. There are others who stand at the forefront of the movement for change, compassion, ‘Love in Action.’ But what must be true for all of us–however we live our lives–is that we will be asked to stand true in our beliefs, on whatever scale connects to our energies. And when that call comes, we must answer with authentic presence.

For me, the desire to be authentic is reordering so much of how I have lived. OUT LOUD sometimes feels uncomfortable. I can no longer simply keep people happy with quiet resignation of who I am. This is ‘Love in Action.’ And it moves beyond just myself and into a passion to share that love, honoring and allowing others to be their own version of Divine LOVE.

I invite you to travel deeper into your own authenticity and really explore what this all means for you. How do you stand tall in the ‘I AM’ presence that is our sacred being? And what must change in order for you to honor your own personal, inner soul calling? Are you willing to let go of the safety that comes from acquiescing to false truths within yourself? Our time is NOW, my friends. Each one of us is being called. The journey looks different on everyone, but its underlying truth remains the same: I AM a Divine being filled with sacred essence and have been gifted with the grace to live my truth.

Much love.

Opening Up and Stepping Out

Fears will bind us.  Love will free us.  We know this, we’ve heard it so often as we travel in our circles of connection.  And somehow its reality eludes us until a space of our own inner fear is awakened.  

I’m struck by this truth on this lovely morning, as I contemplate my own journey.  Just a few years ago I recall not wanting to talk about the energy of pure Love I felt so strongly within–out of fear that people would reject it.  Seems so silly now, doesn’t it?  Who would reject LOVE?  And yet, in my own dialogue lived the belief that it was too ‘fluffy,’ too ‘positive’–TOO much!  Looking back now I realize how fearful I was to allow love to flow freely within and without.

Caroline Myss talks about the ego’s fear of humiliation as the chain that holds us in place.  To step fully into the grace of who we are, to allow our spirit to shine as it so naturally desires to, to enter the sacredness of our souls and be at peace with ourselves–we often have to let go of the fear we’ll be humiliated for it.  We have to let go and just trust the Universe holds us in her arms and is always there to catch us, whatever may come.  And here’s what has proven true for me friends: the fear is so much greater than any humiliation that has come.  For in reality, the humiliation enters from my OWN monkey mind.  I was my soul’s greatest enemy in those moments.  It was my own ego that silenced the voice of my spirit.

And here’s what else is true:  to take the risk, to let go, to choose to BE me no matter what may come–incredibly liberating and deeply gratifying.  There is a sense of openness, connection, purity, grace that occurs.  So much so, that I struggle to find the words to define it.  And so I’ll leave it at this:  there is so much love in my heart–in ALL of our hearts–that to contain it closes us off from the sacred journey we are here to travel. 

For in truth, the humiliation transforms into humility of spirit.  We see the greatness of our spirit, and recognize the folly of our ego.  Only when we understand the dance of these two, only when we can fully acknowledge both the shadow and light of our presence do we move forward into empowerment, and one of the greatest gifts offered to us: authenticity.

This is my heart’s desire.  To live authentically, connecting with all of Life, offering the service of my soul to uplift and honor our planet.  This is the seed I choose to nurture.  And the result will be the beautiful, bountiful blossoms of Divine Love.  This is my truth.  I know it’s so because I’m listening and I hear it echoed…in the whispers of my heart…..

Emotions Gone Wild

I had an AHA! moment for myself this morning–the kind in which something your mind already is aware of sinks much more deeply into your soul *knowing and a light switch turns on.  When it first came out, we watched Michael Jackson’s “This is It” documentary and were very moved by his talent, spirit and loving presence.  Flipping through the channels this morning, it happened to be on and so we began to watch it again.  It’s been some time since I last saw it, and all over again the chills ran down my spine as I listened to his intensity, felt his passion and experienced the sense of awe and compassion he carries for all of Life and our Planet. 

It hit me in that moment.  He has so much emotion inside of him, and he communicates it beautifully and truly in a very Divine sense through his voice and his artistry.  His emotion is intricately connected to the passion projecting out of him.  Can’t this be true for all of us?

THAT was the AHA!  Sometimes there’s too much focus on working through it, be conscious of not letting our emotions get out of hand, and even getting “over it.”  But sometimes being IN it is where the genius occurs.  THAT is the very place where we surrender ourselves to the Divine power that waits patiently until we can open that door and welcome Her into our intimate space.  Emotions–whether they be heartbreak and sadness or immense joy–and being IN the moment of that emotion, are what offer to us the doorway into our own true passion.  When we embrace what we feel fully and allow it to breathe inside us, something is triggered, drawing us more and more into the sacred space of who we are in relation to our soul. 

Feel what you feel.  Be who you are.  Express the passion that lives inside you.  Let it be felt, heard, seen, known.  In whatever way is right for you.  We ALL have it.  It’s a gift waiting for each of us to accept as our own.  And inside that beautifully wrapped package lives the GRACE to step into it all–our pain, our passion, our power.  We are Divine, every one of us.  To embrace that space of who we are, we have only to let down our guard, tune in to our spirits and listen…..to the whispers of our hearts…..

Your Words Are Your Prayers

In the most traditional sense to many of us raised in the Western hemisphere–prayer consists of getting on your knees, finding just the right words and the right “way” to ask God for what we need in that moment. All too often the desire to “pray” arises out of the desperate need to have a greater power quickly create miracles on our behalf. But truly, does not this concept of prayer at times feel empty, disconnected and without the loving intimacy of joining together with the Divine? Where is the joy? Absent is any sense of being embraced by one who supports us in becoming our most authentic and empowered selves. Instead, it feels as though we stand in front of The Great and Powerful OZ–hoping to be acknowledged and heard, willing to do anything to earn his assistance.

What I believe to be true is that we are always loved and nurtured by All That Is. The Universe WANTS us to find happiness, joy, passion and delight over the course of our lives. Spirit journeys with us into the darkest of our shadows, and celebrates our Divine light of being as our inner spirit shines and thrives. Through all of these experiences, we remain in the arms of Compassion, carried into the depths of who we truly are, with the Universe ever-present as Guide and Caretaker on the journey.

We are Divine, born of the Divine Mother and Father to this entire Universe. The Divine lives IN us–IS us. And so, all of our words, our thoughts, our actions–each one is its own prayer. Indeed we live in a world Divinely created, and so whether we interact with another person or creature, it’s the heart of the Divine whom we meet and engage. If prayer is “speaking to God”–or in our language–talking to the Divine, then it’s true that every word we utter is prayer.

Spirit is always with us, always available to connect with us in whatever way we allow. It’s not something we have to earn or prepare just right for it to happen. It’s our birthright, naturally a part of who we are and what our life IS. We don’t need to do good deeds, sit in the right pose or say the right words to share in the power of Spirit. Nor are we “entitled” to it–it simply IS. Our only choice–to allow it to be so. Wherever we are, whatever we may be doing, we are in a state of prayer–spiritual prayer. A very different form of praying from any religious standard. This is not to say we don’t all have our own rituals, our own preferences and natural style of dialogue. But there are NONE that are necessary to connect to Spirit. That my friends is GRACE in action.

I would invite you to visit the website of a friend, Virginia Ellenson and her site Labyrinth Journal. Virginia has created a unique way of allowing our words to organically form into prayers, much like the meditative walk into the center of the labyrinth and back out. In her labyrinth writing, words flow and create a form of their own that becomes a beautiful prayer. When your heart most feels the desire to deeply connect and you aren’t sure just what the words are, take a moment to visit the Labyrinth Journal and try Virginia’s practice of writing your prayers. All that is needed from you is to allow the words to flow, and you’ll be amazed at what you find within yourself.

What prayers are in your heart today? For these often offer the most profoundly intimate of connection with the Divine. We hear the truth of ourselves, understand our deepest desires and enter into the sacred space of healing through the heart chakra. And the pathway there, loved ones…..is through the quietest and most gentle whispers of your heart…..

Prayer of Service

My eyes are closed–and my heart wide open.

With a soft and gentle spirit


Asking, imploring to know

What would you have me do?

I am yours–to serve, to love, to pray, to support.

Show me the way, for


My soul’s greatest desire is to love, to connect, to share

And bring together the many across this Planet

In harmony, love, joy and peace.




Available to all.


Quiet mind, open heart.

As the waves wash over the shore,

Let Love sweep over me–through me.

Let her tenderness penetrate my every cell, expanding through all of my being.

Let the fire of her Grace warm my very soul.

Let her tendrils wrap around my body in its entirety.


Quiet mind, open heart.

As the bird sings his song,

Let my voice be freed.

Let its melodic tone be played aloud.

Let the lyric of my inner truth be heard.

Let the singing of my own heartsong bring joy to others.

Let the utterance of peaceful bliss inspire a Spirit of Unity.


Feeling.  Loving.  Seeing.

My eyes are opened within–the veil drawn back.

I see me.  Beautiful, glowing, radiant Being of Light.

I am the essence of Love and Grace.

I am a reflection of Divine Presence.

I AM–enough.  Perfect.  ME.


Alive.  Out loud.

In connection with all of Life.

Listening.  Choosing.  Creating.



Follow Your Heartsong

There are times I feel strongly the desire to express through writing, but the words escape me. This morning I decided to pick up an old journal from the middle of 2007 and seek out some of the poetry I had written a few years ago. Reading those lyrics that seem such a short time ago in my life, I was instantly aware of how far I’ve come and how much has been released over the last 3 1/2 years of this journey. The shift within myself was immediate, bringing about a clearer perspective on who I am TODAY. Uncertainties, doubts, worries about where I am on my present path vanished as I began to read the words of a woman who had no voice. Searching desperately she implored God, her soul, her self to step into the light, into authenticity.

“What’s there in my soul, hiding out in the dark? Flames would burst into fire – just give me one spark. Let me just get a glimpse of this delicate space. Step out of the shadows, show me your face. Something within is calling to me – I can’t quite hear its voice; it’s barely a whisper yet it feels like a scream. Crying out in great pain, begging me for its ease. ‘You’re not making sense’ comes my reply. Though your lips move, neither words nor sound can escape. What is keeping you mute, can’t you see, don’t you know? Why can’t you break free from this master of your soul? You want to, I see desperation in your eyes. The message seems clear – this is now ‘do or die.'”

As I look back upon the growing pains of developing my own voice, becoming an authentic expression of who I truly am inside–I can both feel her pain and at the same time feel the love that has grown in its place.  This woman had to want it.  She had to need it, desperate enough to risk all her comforts to find it.

And through her eyes, I can now see how much I have healed the holes in my spirit.  She has a voice now–and sings beautifully her heartsong.

Don’t judge where you are in your journey.  Allow yourself to feel what you feel, experiencing what you must in order to release old wounds and burdens.  Beneath all of that breathes a vibrant, extraordinary spirit, just waiting for your permission to BE.

We each have our own heartsong.  Its sweet sounds can be heard when we honor who we are in this very moment and take the time to listen…..to the whispers of our hearts…..