Digging Deep

So much of our growth is about ‘digging deep.’ And the beautiful reality of this truth is that there is so very much inside of ourselves from which to draw courage, strength, hope, inspiration–stamina. And when the opportunity to do so comes along, it’s very rare that we see it coming or have time to ‘prepare’ ourselves for its arrival.

One of the greatest Universal Truths is this: ‘we always have everything we need.’ Even when we may not recognize it to be so, the Universe always provides to us what is necessary for our survival and growth. When we shift our view from the illusory level of this world into the Divine space of our souls, we begin to feel the beauty of this contract we have with the Universe. We are always held in the arms of love, embraced with the sweetness of grace.

This week I took Snuggles, one of our rescue cats to the vet to get his breathing checked. As it turns out, he’ll need medication for perhaps the rest of his life, which in itself is not of concern. However, when Snuggles came to our home two years ago, he was terrified of humans and ran from the room whenever we entered. With much love and tender coaxing, he’s come to realize how much he loves to interact with us and he does allow us to pet him and love on him just a bit. Learning that I would have to take it a step further and find a way to ‘catch’ him and coax him even further into allowing me to hold him still and give him medicine on a regular basis, I could feel my own anxiety arise.

I share this with you friends, because after three days of working with Snuggles to get his needed medication into him, I’ve realized something so very true for us all. WE ALWAYS HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED. Snuggles doesn’t like being ‘cornered’ or ‘captured’ and held. But when I am confident in my ability to lovingly hold him with courage and belief in what we’re accomplishing, the process goes much more smoothly. After a day or two of anxiety over the whole ordeal, I began to just ‘do it.’ And we are making great progress.

We can often not imagine being capable of what the Universe asks of us. Instead we see the obstacles standing between us and the task. How quickly we forget who we are and the gifts with which we’ve been created. Never, never, will we be guided to do something impossible to accomplish. Always we are held in the arms of the Divine, always we are given EXACTLY what we need at any given time, in any given circumstance. Always WE ARE DIVINE, and so carry the sacred energy of being. This is what’s true friends.

Whatever it is in your life that stirs anxiety in your heart when you even begin to consider it–take a moment and really let that thought enter your being. Ask yourself what it is you fear, and what you would need to work through that fear. Listen to the answers. Hear the guidance. Honor your gifts. You have everything you need. You are a Divine being, given the most extraordinary ability of living in this world while connected to a deeper level of presence in your soul. You always have everything you need, and you have only to dig deep to feel those resource–for they are already yours.

We each carry our own beauty and power, we are all reflections of the Divine and each of us is surrounded in grace. We have only to allow these gifts to enter our awareness, to embrace who we are and walk forward in faith. These are the building blocks to engineering a soul with stamina friends. You begin one step, one block at a time–all within your reach….as you listen…to the whispers of your heart……