Healing with Pain

Sometimes Love asks of us that piece which is the most difficult to surrender. It is in this moment, we must remember to call on the power of Grace to infuse our every cell, channeling to us the stamina we need to honor Her call. And as we do, even while our heart breaks, the golden power of healing is occurring simultaneously. 

It goes against our very beliefs that we can feel pain and yet be healing all at once. Our ‘reasoning’ minds can’t process this Universal truth. And yet, there are times our greatest pathway to healing is to feel the intensity of what pains us most. We must move through it in order to release it.

How does one begin to understand this? Surely, my friends, there is no possible way for the brilliance of our intellect to grasp something that is true in the sacred space of the soul. Often they appear to be in conflict with one another–thoughts challenging the *knowing.

We must instead allow our deepest, most protected wounds to have voice, to become the gentle and compassionate whispers of our soul’s truth. THIS is the very place in which our human experience becomes consumated with the purity and purpose that lives in our soul. What we see on the other side will amaze and mystify–expanding so far beyond what we could possibly imagine. We become transformed, shifted into an evolved version of our spirit-selves. There is an illumination that accompanies such experiences. We have only to ALLOW it to be so.