Unconditional Love Exposed ~ NoCZ Challenge 2012

If I am convinced it’s love – unconditional love, wouldn’t that necessitate the love pushing any and all fear out so that it could express itself? Maybe it is GRACE that we need, to energize the love to do just that.

The fear of humiliation

FEAR of being Naked

Humiliation and embarrassment are one of the biggest culprits of unfulfilled lives. 

The vortex of self-image – you described it so beautifully. The risk of being who we are and the consequences if we hide.

I Love. I am Love. I do not give it, I be it.

These are some of the provoking thoughts left on my last post, Liberating Love. Although we were away over the weekend, I did read each one and took with me a deep contemplation into the dance between love, fear, humility and humiliation. The notes you each shared left me really searching within for what I feel is true in my own life and how it is that fear and love can move together. 

Because I do believe they can. I’m not certain they can do so elegantly and with a flowing rhythm, but I think we all have a dance that goes around inside of us between these two. The reality, however, is that the love is the TRUTH from a universal perspective – it’s what’s real, who we are, the ‘stuff’ of which we are made. Fear comes from the conditioning we’ve taken on in our lives and/or the lessons we are here to experience. While LOVE is what’s always there in the core of who we are, fear can sometimes mask its presence and overtake any desire we have to let our love Flow.

Isn’t that what this journey is really all about? Aren’t we here to move through our fears and let the love really shine from our souls? It’s not always love of a partner or significant other, our children, our family. What about the ability to love a co-worker? To love ourselves enough to live out loud who we are? Loving our planet, the Life that is contained on it. Love goes far beyond just being unconditional in how we interact with those whom we *know we love. The ability to love without conditions across the board of our lives is something entirely different – and in my world, it requires a soul with stamina to hold that altitude. It doesn’t just happen because I *wish it to be so. It requires a consistent practice of looking inward, seeing and acknowledging the fears and then choosing to take each one by the hand and walk forward together rather than be controlled by them. 

Do you have the courage, the stamina in your soul to let your Love flow unconditionally? No matter how it looks? 

Each of your comments above holds truth, my dear friends. Love what Janece has said about grace – and I do believe you are right on. The grace is the heat we need to melt through the fears and release the love. Love is truth while fear is illusion. But as a human – I believe we can experience both together. We do, however, have to choose which one we will give our power to – and when we call on the healing and releasing power of grace, the love prevails. 

Humility and humiliation. Somehow, somewhere in our lives, we all come face to face with these two. It’s not always someone outside of us who brings the humiliation into our energy field. In fact, we often do so ourselves. WE hold the keys of seeing what it might ‘look like.’ And yes, Miro – it lends to a lack of feeling fulfilled in our lives. We hold ourselves back, preventing the sacred from entering our presence out of the fear of how we might be perceived. When we surrender those fears and step into the guidance we are being given, humility takes over. Humility as in ‘resignation, non-resistance.‘ We SURRENDER and become vessels of service, love, healing for the Divine. 

NAKED. I love that you used this word, Cat because just yesterday someone who is a nudist made the comment that they are not ‘naked’ – they are ‘nude.’ Naked implies vulnerability, whereas nude is a natural state of being. I’m not a nudist myself, however I easily understood what he was saying. Being a nudist is a choice. Feeling naked can be disempowering. Humility is a choice for the mystic who seeks to live in the grace of Divine love. Humiliation comes from the human fear of what I might look like. 

Lee so beautifully summed it up: ‘The risk of being who we are and the consequences if we hide.’ Isn’t that what it comes down to my friends? Isn’t the risk of being who we are worth whatever may come in our lives? That’s where we step into love and out of fear. We stop hiding, we say it openly, honestly, clearly…as Betsy did:

I Love. I am Love. I do not give it, I be it.

When I surrender, let go of fears of being humiliated, invoke grace and step into the energy of my soul, I absolutely AM

~ * ~ 

Writing this post with such clarity and openness is yet another step in my journey of living out loud. I would generally reply to the comments left on my last post and let it be at that. But the conversation was too juicy to leave it there. I’m putting into practice what I believe and letting my soul reply instead. For me – this would have once been risky (very recently) – to so openly say ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’ – even if it might not be what someone else agrees with. I’m honoring the No Comfort Zone Challenge by stepping out of my comfort zone in a whole new way. Letting my love shine, allowing my truth to be spoken out loud, not fearing the consequences. Yes, Joss, we are changing. And I’m reminded of the song from Wicked – ‘You changed me for the good.’ ♥ Thank you to each of you for letting YOUR voice be heard and sparking this conversation to go deeper. xoxo


Just as You Are

As part of the fall program Revolution4Evolution, I’ve been taking classes and preparing myself to stand fully behind my beliefs that WE are the change. One of the teachers and the visionary behind the program Malathy Drew assured us that this work would shine a light on the places where we have yet to align our actions–our outer world, with our beliefs–our inner world. I understood it when she said it, and could see how that would be absolutely true.

I now find myself LIVING it. Part of what I’m currently working on is creating a short ‘welcome’ video for my new FB page. Loving words as I do, it seems it would be so simple: just sit down, set aside the nerves and talk from the heart. Oh dear friends, it’s not going ‘according to plan.’ Try as I might, there’s something I struggle to move past in this process and the Universe has her own Divine timing. My mind understands the message: BE AUTHENTIC. YOU ARE PERFECT just as you are. And yet, something deeper within has taken on a very different belief and is now wrestling to maintain its hold.

This space is unexpected and unnerving. There’s a great sense of frustration and again–my MIND understands surrender is necessary. But here’s the odd paradox contained within this inner conflict: there’s also a Divine timing in the act of surrender. Just knowing it, realizing it’s needed–these are not enough. There has to be a very profound shift within the interior of oneself that alchemically begins to RELEASE the toxic beliefs and dialogue contained within the shadows of our being.

Something so simple–proving to be painfully difficult. Even while I realize there is a transforming presence in this space, I continue to feel exhausted, frustrated and at odds with it. So often, we are transformed and connected to the Divine through the simplest of our life’s experiences. What feels so ‘small’ becomes enormous when we are facing the truth of ourselves and letting go of remnants from our past programming.

I’ve attached a photo of another of our beautiful, Divine feline companions. Pete was a rescue and has brought to us the energy of being enough ‘just as you are.’ He has no idea one of his eyes is missing. His life is no less filled with love and serenity. Pete is always willing to purr a sweet whispers of love and has a very peaceful and content presence about him. My heart fills with love….and I am reminded that I am already perfect as I am. Time to let go of expectations for it to ‘look’ a certain way–even those I didn’t realize were deeply rooted in my being.

I thank you for allowing me to share with you, and ask for your love and prayers. Just being in this space of allowing the truth to be stated and feeling the power of these words and this experience is healing. I’m certain my heart is whispering….and for me the work is to see and release the layers blocking my soul from hearing. My spirit is willing…and my intention today is to connect to the inner voice and just allow it to be so. Much love to you all…xoxo

Unexpected Visitor

I’ve just learned something new about myself! Really, like so much we ‘learn’ about ourselves, I’ve always known it, and so I’ve just RE-discovered it. I’m inspired by Nature–she is one of my greatest guides and today this realization strikes me deeply. A full dialogue to share with you all was already present in my mind as I opened this page to write. And then in the blink of an eye, it all shifted and the storyline has changed. Isn’t this the way of our own journey?

As I prepared to write, I did something I always do–glanced out my window, looking INTO the trees, feeling enraptured in the energy of shadows dancing on green grass beaming in the beautiful sunshine. Follow me, as this journey is taking many turns through the truths playing out in my interior conversation: I began to type ‘beautiful Georgia sun’ and was stopped in my tracks with the Divine cosmic reality of the nature of our planet. The sun here in Georgia is not belonging to her alone, this is the radiating source of energy that shines on us ALL, in every moment. We may not always FEEL the glow and heated warmth she gives, but we are always beneath her light as it washes over, into and around our planet. At nighttime, when our back is to her, she continues to shine. Not feeling her presence is in no way an indication of her absence.

Can you feel this truth my friends, as the truth of the Divine? Always we are in the arms of embrace, always we are held, loved, comforted and guided. Always–even when we have turned our back to the grace surrounding us. Do take a moment to let yourself feel fully the realization of this truth.

Nature. Ah yes, that’s where this post began. My guide and loved one. I’ve known it to be so, but even more so in the way my soul is feeling it in this space. So often we wish to complicate it by wanting to know ‘who is my soul guide?’ So simple, loved ones. One of our greatest is Nature herself. And SHE is everywhere, in every space we enter. There is no way to be separate from her. So the truth becomes that we are always receiving guidance…and when we feel distant from that reality, it is WE who have turned away from it.

There is peace in this knowing–a kind of serenity we all search for and long to feel. Here it is–open, available and ALWAYS shining into the heart of who you are. Be still a moment, close your eyes, feel the warmth of sunshine washing over you. And listen….for you will hear your heart doing what our hearts always do…..whispering words of grace and wisdom…..xo

Digging Deep

So much of our growth is about ‘digging deep.’ And the beautiful reality of this truth is that there is so very much inside of ourselves from which to draw courage, strength, hope, inspiration–stamina. And when the opportunity to do so comes along, it’s very rare that we see it coming or have time to ‘prepare’ ourselves for its arrival.

One of the greatest Universal Truths is this: ‘we always have everything we need.’ Even when we may not recognize it to be so, the Universe always provides to us what is necessary for our survival and growth. When we shift our view from the illusory level of this world into the Divine space of our souls, we begin to feel the beauty of this contract we have with the Universe. We are always held in the arms of love, embraced with the sweetness of grace.

This week I took Snuggles, one of our rescue cats to the vet to get his breathing checked. As it turns out, he’ll need medication for perhaps the rest of his life, which in itself is not of concern. However, when Snuggles came to our home two years ago, he was terrified of humans and ran from the room whenever we entered. With much love and tender coaxing, he’s come to realize how much he loves to interact with us and he does allow us to pet him and love on him just a bit. Learning that I would have to take it a step further and find a way to ‘catch’ him and coax him even further into allowing me to hold him still and give him medicine on a regular basis, I could feel my own anxiety arise.

I share this with you friends, because after three days of working with Snuggles to get his needed medication into him, I’ve realized something so very true for us all. WE ALWAYS HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED. Snuggles doesn’t like being ‘cornered’ or ‘captured’ and held. But when I am confident in my ability to lovingly hold him with courage and belief in what we’re accomplishing, the process goes much more smoothly. After a day or two of anxiety over the whole ordeal, I began to just ‘do it.’ And we are making great progress.

We can often not imagine being capable of what the Universe asks of us. Instead we see the obstacles standing between us and the task. How quickly we forget who we are and the gifts with which we’ve been created. Never, never, will we be guided to do something impossible to accomplish. Always we are held in the arms of the Divine, always we are given EXACTLY what we need at any given time, in any given circumstance. Always WE ARE DIVINE, and so carry the sacred energy of being. This is what’s true friends.

Whatever it is in your life that stirs anxiety in your heart when you even begin to consider it–take a moment and really let that thought enter your being. Ask yourself what it is you fear, and what you would need to work through that fear. Listen to the answers. Hear the guidance. Honor your gifts. You have everything you need. You are a Divine being, given the most extraordinary ability of living in this world while connected to a deeper level of presence in your soul. You always have everything you need, and you have only to dig deep to feel those resource–for they are already yours.

We each carry our own beauty and power, we are all reflections of the Divine and each of us is surrounded in grace. We have only to allow these gifts to enter our awareness, to embrace who we are and walk forward in faith. These are the building blocks to engineering a soul with stamina friends. You begin one step, one block at a time–all within your reach….as you listen…to the whispers of your heart……



Pulse of Life…and Love

There’s a pulse that beats steadily around the world, indeed WITHIN the center of our Earth’s makeup.  Alive with the breath of BE-ing.  Awakened through the powerful force of love.  As the blood travels daily from the heart center of our bodies to the tips of our fingers, so does this love travels into every tiny cell of every living thing. 

We forget in the busy-ness of our lives that the vibration of love and of LIFE is ever present, hovering around us, always ready to enter into the whole of our being.  It is we who put up our hand and ask it to wait a moment…when we finish this or that, when we have time to be still and allow it, when the emotions that keep us tied to past experiences aren’t weighing us down, when we are so exhausted we can’t possibly keep up the pace.  And then we stop.  We begin to surrender and to allow the pulse to beat within our own hearts…in rhythm with the heart of our Divine Mother Earth.  As we fall in step with her vibrations, we become channels of love and healing.  We awaken the quest for peace and consciousness that already lives within.  And we step forward into our own purpose and passion.

THIS is the journey friends.  Pausing, being still long enough to feel the rhythm, to allow our own heart to move in sync with that of our Great Mother.  In doing so, we not only connect to the Source, but we uplift All That Is and become instruments of change. 

And in truth, if you are here, reading this….surely this is your heart’s desire.  You seek to become more and more connected to WHO YOU ARE as a Divine presence walking on this earth.  You open yourself to her embrace and guidance.  She is ever with you…in the breeze through the trees, the rippling of the water’s edge, the song of the bluebird in your backyard.  SHE is all around you.  Waiting, patient, always available to you.  Open your heart….let her voice stir your soul.  She speaks to you directly….often….just listen…she’s in the whispers of your heart….

In Awe

Together with my dear friend Shelly Wilson, we’re holding an event filled with Divine love in our virtual community today.  It began last night and continues on into the evening tonight.  What amazes me beyond anything in that space, in the space of my own interior self, are the vibrations of grace, love and healing felt across continents and around the globe by the people who come together there to share and be as One.

In the summer of 2006, I was blessed and honored to be part of a group attending the Chartres Mystery School in Chartres, France.  As we prepared for our week of “classes,” we joined together in spirit each Sunday a month previous and shared in a meditation.  One in particular resonated with my spirit and has stayed with me ever since.  Close your eyes and visualize our Earth with points of light all around her wondrous lands.  Imagine the people, creatures and all of life living within and around each point of light.  Now see and feel a web of connection, joining each point of light, “connecting the dots” so to speak.  Throughout those silken strands, send the vibrations of love, healing and grace to all who surround that beacon of light.  In doing so, the energy reaches all around the globe, igniting a Divine love for all.

THAT my friends, is the energy emanating from our community in present time.  I believe it’s always there, but with this focused intention intensifying its power, the effect is felt one-hundred-fold.  We are so blessed, and we are feeling the healing power and burning heat of grace in our souls.  Together we are creating points of light, a community of sacred activists around the globe.  It’s inspiring, uplifting and deeply alchemical all at once.  WE are the change the planet seeks and desires.  Not because of WHO we are, but because of the energy we have tuned into and allowed to flow into, through and then reflect back out of our souls. 

This is an amazing time to be alive!  We are given the gift of connecting across worlds, races, cultures, continents without ever leaving the comfort of our home.  WE are the change my friends.  The march is on, the time is now, the course is shifting.  And how will you know what your call to action is?  What allows you to hear the voice of your own soul in this movement toward healing, wholeness and Divine being?  You know it’s true, of course…..just listen now and you’ll hear it….for it comes to you direct….from the whispers of your heart….


*Shelly and I would love to have you join us should you so desire:  Intuitive Spirit Happy Hour.  Truly – I am in awe.  We continue our event throughout the day, with spiritual teacher and healer Darrin Owens channeling messages from the Divine Feminine presence “Gloriana.”  Each one is charged with the power of healing, purpose and love. 

*I would also like to acknowledge the following, who have inspired some of what is in my heart today:  Wisdom University & the Chartres Mystery School, Andrew Harvey–Creator of Sacred Activism, Whispering Energy & the Great Collaboration

Beneath the Emotion

Continuing on from yesterday’s post…

Allowing the emotional flow to breathe and move through my consciousness, there’s a deep well of truth to be learned about myself and my patterns.  Sometimes I forget to love, and indeed get too busy to let myself FEEL how much and how passionately I love.  Even now, I can feel so fully within myself the pure essence of love, and yet, with it comes a bit of guilt that I didn’t show it more while I had the opportunity.  And this is part of what I’m learning about myself–how much guilt I have, take on, create inside.  Then the guilt becomes part of the wall that is unconsciously being built between me and the energy of loving.  It’s beginning to feel a bit complex, isn’t it?  I understand completely.  Somehow, writing it helps to unwind all the twists, turns and knots created by the chaos of my own mind and unhealthy patterns.

If I keep myself in the space of the guilty feelings, I lose the connection to the love that is already filling the “cracks.”  Instead, it becomes a robotic way of thinking:  “I should have, why didn’t I, wish I….”  A deep pool of emptiness from which there is no rescue. 

I’m not choosing to swim in that water.  By becoming an observer to the way my subconscious self is handling the pain of loss, the cracks in my heart and the grief that follows, I’m realizing where I have blindly just moved around my own heartaches rather than through them.  Not this time.  I’m standing right in the middle of it, opening my arms, my heart and my soul to receive the healing that comes through the light filling my emptiness. 

The next piece I’m realizing is my own propensity to begin caring for others in order to not have to feel the sadness.  If I can just take care of them, make sure THEY are ok and have everything they need….then somehow in my twisted monkey mind, I’LL be ok too.  It’s a vicious cycle, a drug of its own.  My addictive habit I’m realizing, although I thought I had kicked it a few years back when I stopped putting myself in the position of always being busy taking care of what I perceived others needed.  I consciously made the effort to take care of ME.  And this my friends, is how our patterns work.  This is how we move through our journey in that cyclical process.  What we feel we have “mastered,” learned or overcome only comes back into our lives through a different route.  Indeed, we have grown through the same “addiction” in another place, through another lens, but then we return to the same truth of ourselves, with new players, a new stage and fresh, vibrant storylines.  The beauty of the process is that with each return, we go a bit deeper in our healing, our self-awareness, our Divine being.

It’s all part of the journey, all forward motion (as forward as we can be while traveling a spherical path)–or perhaps inward motion is a better term, as we are moving deeper into the space of authenticity, where empowerment lives.  We go even deeper from there, to the castle of our soul.  I know for me, I’ll take whatever route needed to get THERE, for that is where I long to be, in the presence of GRACE, Divine love and in communion with Spirit/God.  If it’s through the cracks and harsh doses of self-awareness that I must go to find this place, in the center of myself, then I’m willing to take every step. 

There’s more to what I’m learning, but this is enough for today.  I’m grateful for this process.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to break, to heal, to love.  I’m honored to be here with each of you, who allow me to share the most precious whispers of my heart….xo